Difference Between Dating A Mature Woman Versus A College Girl


If you hadn’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge fan of hooking up with women, not young girls. There are so many reasons why I love banging horny, middle-aged women versus young college girls these days.

Girls are great to have fun with in high school and college and they can even be a good way to sow your wild oats before you mature but that’s about it. There comes a time in every man’s life when we stop dating girls and start dating women. I’ve been doing this for years on Milfplay, but some choose other networks to connect with women. It’s their prerogative I guess but I’m telling you it works great.

One thing I must make clear is that this doesn’t necessarily mean age. Some hold on to the “girl mentality,” even when they get older. Here are the main characteristics that show you that you are not dealing with a girl. You are dealing with a woman…

mature women versus girls

Dating Mature Women Versus A Girl

Here are the things that you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to dating mature women today. I’m a firm believer that they do just about everything better and many of them will gladly prove it to you if you call them out on it.

She doesn’t have selfish tendencies. A woman thinks about others and not just herself. A girl is wrapped up in her own drama, but a woman is done with drama. This might be one of the many reasons that I’m such a milfaholic today. It’s because they live to please and they do it so damn well!

She speaks more positive about people than negative. A woman will talk about the people that she likes, but a girl will complain about people she doesn’t like. Another testament that women don’t like drama.

She doesn’t beat around the bush. A woman will be straightforward and tell you what’s on her mind, good or bad. Even the older Vegas milfs that I meet up with for a drink and bang at the Wynn pool are all about keeping things upfront and legit. A girl will play games and make you guess what you did to upset her.

She doesn’t act like she’s up to something. Women don’t leave you wondering what’s going on in their heads because they don’t see the need in hiding their feelings. Girls will leave things unsaid and come off as shady when it’s clear they’re hiding something.

She makes you feel appreciated. Women know how to make you feel like a man and appreciate you for who you are. A girl will take you for granted and demand appreciation when she doesn’t give it.

She is comfortable in her skin. Mature women are naturally sexy, sensual, and cool. Girls are just trying to be sexy, sensual, and cool.

She is rational in arguments. Most aged women make the effort to try to understand where you’re coming from in a disagreement. Girls think they are right all the time and allow their emotions to rule over rationality.

She appreciates stability. Women get with you because they are attracted to who you are. Many times, girls will get with you because of who they want to change you into.

She doesn’t have a wandering eye. Women are focused on you and having a good time with you. Even if you’re in an NSA relationship with an older lady, she’s all about you at that very moment and nothing else. Girls are always watching out for something better and get off on attention from other guys.

She has ambition and focuses. Women know themselves and know what they want to do with their lives. Girls don’t know who they are yet or where they’re going. They’re just along for the ride.

Those are the main reasons why I love older women that are mature and experienced versus dating the younger college girls. If you’re looking to switch things up and be with an older lady, then join a milf dating network and your life will change forever.

A Mature Big Booty Is Way Better Than A Flat Ass!


For some reason, lately, I’ve been obsessed with big booty milfs. When I travel to Las Vegas, I literally only search for mature women with junk in the trunk. I can’t explain it, but what I can say is that I’m loving hooking up with these women that “got back” if you know what I mean. I’m sure I don’t need to say it but there are a lot of guys out there who love a woman with a big butt. There is more than one reason women with big asses look so sexy to so many men. The curves are not only visually attractive, men are subconsciously drawn to them because wide hips represent a woman who can move in the bedroom. I’m going to get a bit scientific here and I should warn you that this post is primarily for the older women out there that are looking to increase the size of their booty. This should give you even more of an incentive to do so.

I Love Big Booty Milfs

Don’t hate on the Cosby Meme. Spend your time finding milfs to smash instead.

A Big Booty Is So Much Better, Here’s Why…

Well, it turns out that there’s, even more, an incentive for a girl to want a big, round ass than just being attractive to guys. According to scientific studies, women who have a large booty are smart, healthy, and less likely to get a chronic illness.

It was determined that big booty women tend to have a higher amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your brain. Fats are also trapped in the tissue which helps prevent cardiovascular disease. These ladies tend to have lower glucose and cholesterol levels as well.

On top of these health advantages, they have larger amounts of dinopectina. This is an anti-inflammatory hormone that is known to help prevent diabetes. All these aspects of having a big ass contribute to healthy heart function. Body fat on the lower part of the body has been proven to have protective properties. The fat in a big butt is yellow fat which is benign and does not harm organs or cause high blood pressure like other fats. Not to mention, it gives me something to grab onto when I’m drilling a big booty milf from the back!

Worried about hurt her lower back carrying all that cushion? No need to worry! You might assume that a large butt would hurt a woman’s lower back, but it actually protects it. A strong butt helps to lengthen hip flexors to keep the back aligned, promoting good posture. Women with small butts don’t have as much in the caboose to push their legs forward when they walk. This causes smaller muscles to work harder than they should.

In fact, this is exactly how many women strain their back and knees. The muscles on the back of their thighs are prone to injury, but a strong butt will protect these muscles by helping with certain movements that affect the thighs. A woman with a hefty backside is also less likely to get injured if she falls on it too. Now, chances are some mature woman is going to fall on your “Johnson” if you play your cards right by using Milfplay, so good news is they won’t get hurt, LOL. If a woman with a tiny ass falls down, she could fracture her pelvis bones because there is not enough padding there to protect it.

So, walk tall and proud big booty women. Proudly continue to use those mature dating networks to connect with cubs and you’ll continue to live that happiest and healthiest life possible. How do I know? Well, let’s just say that I’ve had my fair share of big mature ass and it’s been breathtaking. So many of them seem to get better as they age and their booty gets bigger as well.

A perfect large ass gives a woman great posture. They typically end up straining people’s necks from turning heads. That’s what swinging that butt around town will do. Now, if you’re a young cub and you are not on the market for some older cougar with a big butt, then good! More for me to get a hold of I guess! I’ll just come out and say that I’ve been a big butt “milfaholic” for months and I can’t seem to control my urges. The only thing that helps me get past it is to get deep inside some mature hottie. Good news for me is that this is pretty much effortless with the dating connections that I have.

How To Find Hot Cougars In Atlanta Georgia


This past weekend I ended up taking a trip with some friends of mine. We went to Atlanta, GA for a long weekend trip and I must say that it was much more fun that I’d expected it to be. I’ll start by saying that it’s not at all what you think. If you’re thinking this place is boring or uneventful, then you’re without a doubt wrong as can be!

Atlanta might be in the south, but it’s the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States with over 5 million people. The bustling southern city also boasts some of the hottest cougars in the country. If you come to ATL and want a sampling of these lovely ladies, there are more than a few places to find them. Here are the best places to find the hottest cougars in this city.

Atlanta Cougars

Hot Spots To Meet Cougars In Atlanta, Georgia

Now, keep in mind that I’ve done a significant amount of research on the area prior to traveling. This helped optimize my time in the city and only go with my gut feeling and what my research told me to do. I’m laying it all out on the line here for you so you don’t have to waste time or money. Just stick to the places suggested and you’ll do just fine.

ATL Bars

One place that will never fail to supply horny cougars in any city is a bar. Some of the best bars to find cougars in Atlanta are Seasons 52, Establishment, Houston’s, The Ivy, The Albert, or Whiskey Blue. I met some sexy local black milfs while on my trip at The Ivy. Give that place a shot and you will not be sorry, I promise you that much!

Coffee Shops and Bookstores

Stop by any Starbucks or visit a cool bookstore like A Cappella Books or Atlanta Vintage Books and you are likely to find plenty of cougars just hanging out, giving you a chance to approach them in a quiet setting.


Whether you visit Piedmont Park, Centennial Olympic Park, Grant Park, or Historic Fourth Ward Park; you are likely to see more than a few southern belle cougars taking in some sun and relaxation.

Shopping Malls

t’s a little more of a challenge to find an available cougar in a mall, but Atlanta malls like Copley Place, Antique Row, or Philips Plaza are chock full of mature ladies if you don’t mind looking for the single ones.


The Atlanta History Center and The High Museum of Art are wonderful places to find smart and cultured cougars that might use you as an excuse to get a little wild.


The Forum Athletic Club and LIV Fitness are wonderful places to find a tight and tone cougar who is looking to show off her body to a younger man and give him more of a workout than the gym can.

Cougar Hookup Sites

Check out some of the more popular nationwide cougar hookup sites and narrow your search down to the Atlanta area. Trust me, you will have more than enough to choose from and a chance to hook up with all of them, one at a time. I’ve been using this one site for years and it worked while on my trip. Give that a shot and let me know how you make out.

Personals Sections

Places like Atlanta Craiglist and the Classifieds are among the seediest places to find cougars. This without any question should be used only as a last resort! That is, unless you are willing to pay for cougar sex. Every once in a while, you can find a mature lady who just wants sex and doesn’t mind advertising. You can also choose to post an ad of your own letting the ladies know you are available to be ravaged by an older woman.


If you’re unable to find any willing cougar that’s looking for some young stud to fill her up,  then you’re doing it all wrong! Atlanta is filled with so many hot and horny mature cougars that I can’t begin to tell you how damn simple it is to bang in Atlanta.

Hot Instagram Milfs That I’d Love To Bang


I’m a huge fan of using Instagram to connect with horny and willing milfs. I can’t say that it works as good as I’d like it to work but it does work quite well. I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite IG milfs that I message from time to time. These women are always on point and ready to chat if you’re willing to be nice to them.

Hot Milfs on Instagram

List Of Hot Instagram Milfs I’m DTF

I’d be down to fuck each and every single one of these women any day of the week. There’s a reason why I’ve included them in this list and for the most part, it’s because they make my dong hard as can be. Check them out and let me know what you think.

I should mention that Instagram doesn’t come close to being as good at Milfplay for meeting and hooking up, but it’s another alternative to think about incorporating!

Please remember that these are not the only IG milfs that I want to hook up with but they’re the easiest to find online.

Milf #1: Maniesmiles

Instagram Milf

This is @Maniesmiles and she’s got perhaps the hottest mommy Instagram account that I’ve ever laid eyes on. In fact, if this mom doesn’t make you want to make a baby with her then I don’t know what your problem is to be honest. She’s a fitness junkie, fashion designer, dime piece and just all around beautiful looking. I’ve literally never seen anything sexier than her, end of story.

Milf #2: Ainslee_divine

instagram milf 2

I’m sure you’re going to love @ainslee_divine if you connect with her. The updates that she posts are awesome. I love it when she’s in public trying on sexy lingerie and filming it all via photo or video. Sometimes you can catch her nipples or tits peeking out. Who knows, maybe she’ll let you fuck her if you ask nicely!

Milf #3: Meowmeowkittenchow75

instagram milfs

I’m beginning to think that @meowmeowkittenchow75 is something that’s sweet and innocent yet naughty as well. If you like checking out pics of sexy legs, food, and blonde girls in selfies then you need to follow this Instagram milf. Sorry, she’s married and not cheating so you’ll have to use another milf sex service if you want to play with someone.

Milf #4: Curvypetitefit

Hot Instagram milf

I love curvy petite fit blondes so that’s why I’ve decided to showcase this mature fitness babe today. She’s all about flexing and showing what she has to offer this world. For that, I’m nothing but 100% grateful. In fact, I’d be so happy if I was able to just have even one hour with this beautiful babe in the bedroom. Mature women have lots they can teach young guys like myself and I’m sure of it that she’s nothing but a professional in the bedroom.

Anyway, those are some of the hottest mature milfs that I’ve been following on Instagram and I believe you should do the same. As you can tell, I did not choose porn stars or anything of that nature here when you know I could have done so. Instead, I went straight up milf next door on you!