How To Hookup With A Hot Mature Teacher


A large percentage of young guys out there have had that teacher that’s a little older and a touch hotter than the rest. I remember when I was in college I had one myself and she was older but had that dirty look to her. You know, the one that looked like she’d taken her share of young college man meat. Yes, I’m dead serious. Anyway, lots of guys out there today fantasize about being the object of this mature teacher’s affections.

One thing you need to know right out of the gate is that it’s possible to hook up with your mature teacher. I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it and everything that you must know to best prepare for this type of thing. The first thing you need to do is join this milf hookup network. If you find that your teacher is on there then you have luck on your side for sure! Here’s a rundown of a few more things that you must know…

Milf Teacher Hookup Tips

Everything You Must Understand About Hooking Up With A Mature Teacher

The first thing you need to do is wait until you get to college. Anything before college is inappropriate and sexual relations could get your teacher in a lot of trouble. It can be a slippery slope in college as well, but it’s much more achievable in college without getting caught. It’s also not against the law. Here’s how to make it happen.

Be sure that she is always aware of you. If you want to eventually become the teacher’s sex toy, you must first become the teacher’s pet. Sit in front where she has to look at your face every day and she is constantly aware of your presence. You might sit in the back in the rest of your classes, but you need to be front row center in this one. Just be sure to act casually and don’t stare at her or you’ll come off as a pervert. She can’t know what you’re doing, at least in the beginning.

Be a good student, that makes her job easier. To put yourself in any teacher’s good graces, you need to be a good student. Participate in class and contribute as much as you can. Show her that you care about what she is teaching and you are an intelligent young man. Don’t be afraid to be the one that raises their hand and volunteers to read or answer questions. You are already making her aware of your face. This will keep her aware of your name and your eagerness to participate.

Flirt with her and subtly let her know you want her. Now that she is aware of your face, name, eagerness for her teachings, and intelligence, it’s time to show her that you are a man and she is a woman. Flash her a subtle smile now and then without lingering on it too long. Come up with creative ways to let her know that you are a desirable and confident young man. Flirt with her innocently and act aloof about trying to impress her. Make it friendly at first and pay close attention to how she reacts. The better she responds, the more obvious you can be about flirting. I should mention that flirting is a staple if you want to make women horny!

Make it happen without screwing it up. Once she starts responding well to your flirting, all you have to do is not screw it up. She knows that you are interested now and she continues to talk to you. You don’t have to try as hard to show her. Hint around about meeting outside of school. As long as you don’t rush it, she won’t be able to help but be attracted to you and want to spend time with you.

I’ve had some luck asking a teaching to grab a coffee off campus and even a beer in a quiet location. That’s helped move things along a bit faster. I’ve had the best sex ever with mature teachers and I passed the class with very little effort, LOL! Well, I passed all the classes for those that I lasted in bed for, which is super important!

Ways To Get An Online Dating Hookup


Look, I tell you about this all the time but I’ll say it again. Online dating is all the rage in this technological age! Hooking up online has become one of the most popular ways to find casual sex partners. It is especially effective and convenient when trying to meet milfs in your local area. It’s still new to a lot of people who may not know how to properly navigate through this huge and often strange new world. I’m going to help a few of you out that are still a bit confused or shy about hooking up using these sites. Below I will give you 5 ways that you can increase your chances of getting an online dating hookup.

dating hookup advice

Ways To Get An Online Dating Hookup That Leads To Sex

Create an irresistible profile – I’ve mentioned how important a great dating profile is literally all the time. You absolutely must have one! Find the right hookup site for you and upload 2 to 5 of your best pictures (no shirtless selfies or dick pics). Describe your interests in a clear and concise way and try to insert a little humor if you can. Just be honest and brief and sell yourself. Accentuate your best traits and be genuine and you shouldn’t have a problem getting some attention.

Know how to spot a scammer – This goes for the site you find and the girls you interact with. If you sense that most of the girls you interact with are fake or trying to scam you, get out of there. The better you get at spotting the fakes, the higher your chances will be of making more genuine connections.

Act confident, not desperate – You should always be confident when trying to hookup and not appear desperate. The same goes for an online dating hookup. Always be sure of yourself without being cocky and don’t rush anything. If one girl doesn’t seem interested, try the next one.

Make your intentions known – If you find a site that makes it obvious that everyone is there to hook up, it makes this a lot easier. You should never push the issue, but you should both make it obvious that you are looking for a hookup. It should be clear what you both hope to get from your exchange.

Pay attention and act, don’t just react – By this I mean, take the initiative to connect with a milf and always pay attention to how she is responding to your flirting. If she seems to like it and responds well to it, turn up the heat a little bit. If her responses don’t sound that enthusiastic, back off a little bit. She’ll let you know when it’s time to hookup by giving you signs that it’s okay to move forward. If you’re paying attention, you will know the moment that she is ready to hookup.

These are just a few things that you need to be on the look out for when you are using any dating websites or services (just don’t hire escorts). Always make sure you are being proactive and that you’re doing everything you need to in order to get laid.