Overcoming Dating Anxiety When Meeting Local Women


Some people prefer to take pills. Others might turn to booze or other substances. All of this may sound foreign to you but to those guys that get anxiety when meeting women, you know what I’m talking about.

If you see a woman that you are attracted to and you feel anxiety when you try to approach her, you are not alone. Many men suffer from this problem and it’s easier to get over than you think. Much easier than dealing with erection issues in the bedroom, that’s for sure.

A lot of men try to overcome this anxiety by practicing what they are going to say or memorizing some pick-up lines that they heard were effective. This is not the best way to handle your anxiety and it’s only going to make you appear less genuine. Strike that, you’ll look like a complete asshole to some women and even a loser living in his mom’s basement. Not the vibe you’re looking to give off. Instead, here’s what you need to focus on.

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Dating Anxiety And Dealing With Like A Boss

Women aren’t going to stand around and wait for you to grow a pair. You can’t hang out too long, when you notice them, trying to muster up the courage and talk to her. She might be flattered, but you would be approaching her in a way that shows you lack confidence. This is not the way to start a conversation with a woman. Confidence is one of the main things that is going to bring you success with her.

If you are in a bar or at a party and an attractive woman makes eye contact with you, don’t hesitate to walk over to her and start talking. Get over the fear of approaching her because there is nothing to be afraid of.

Try to avoid thinking too much about what you are going to say before you approach a woman. If you think too much, you will overthink it and you will make yourself anxious. You need to cut out your hesitation and you will get better with each woman you approach. The main thing you should keep in mind when approaching a woman is that it’s not a big deal if she’s not interested.

Don’t dwell on the ones that are not interested because there are plenty others out there that will be. It’s crucial that you move on and don’t get discouraged by the disappointments or you’ll never get anywhere.

One effective method for overcoming anxiety and approaching a woman is to shift your focus in the moment. Think about something that makes you feel happy and confident. Maybe it’s one of your favorite movies where a male character is the smooth ladies’ man that you desire to be. Think about that character in the moment. Something as simple as taking your mind off your anxiety can make the anxiety stop immediately. It can give you the distraction that you need which helps you gain the confidence. Simple as that really.

It doesn’t have to be a movie character. You can use just about anything that makes you feel good when you think about it. The key is to shift the focus of your mind and you will forget about what it was that you were feeling anxious about. The anxiety was created by you and you can easily stop it if you train your mind to divert away from it in the moment.

Before you go judging me here, I want you to take what I’ve said to heart and just give it a shot. My guess is that you’ll be successful. Try it out and let me know what happens! If you get lucky as a result, you’re welcome.

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety


Dating an older woman can be stressful at times. Believe it or not, if you are younger, you may find yourself anxious when dating older hot women. It’s something that happens, but fear not, there are ways to overcome the anxiety and have a successful date night!

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Ways To Get Rid of Anxiety On A Date

These tips are clutch for reducing the anxiety that dating a hot milf can bring on. Read carefully and you’ll understand what I mean.

Relax On The Setup Call
The first step is to show that you’re relaxed on the call to set up your date. Sometimes the anxiety is all in your head and if you work hard enough try and overcome that feeling and force yourself to relax it can very well be the result. How do you relax on the call? That’s easy, make sure you take some time to plan on what you’re going to say and how you’re going to approach the hot milf on the other end of the call. Be sure to sound enthusiastic and happy about meeting up with her.

Be Prepared
Once you’re on your date, you’ve got to be prepared. Being prepared is by far one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. I can tell you that on most occasions where I’ve been unprepared are the times that I’ve been most anxious. the good news is that being prepared will not only show that you care but it will also reduce your anxiety and likely result in a better casual date. It’ll probably help you relieve yourself from those first date jitters.

Take The Lead
Taking the lead shows that you aren’t a sidelines type of guy. It also gives you something to focus on and take your mind off of your anxiety. I’ve spent a number of years dealing with being anxious and it wasn’t until I started taking the lead on dates that I finally started to calm down. I think it has something to do with being in control. Most of the mature women out there like to be in control. If you can gain the control then you’re going to be far less anxious.

These may seem like three simple things but I’m telling you the truth when I say that these things will help you get rid of anxiety that you might be having. When all else fails, you can try to have a couple of drinks to take the edge off but keep it under control. If you get too drunk, you’re not going to make a good impression, I guarantee it!