Cool Science: Facts About Sex And Exercise


I completely understand that the title of this article does not sound like something you’d read on a milf blog. I get it, I really do. However, one thing you need to understand is that most milfs absolutely love to exercise. In fact, it often becomes an obsession with some of these older women. Guess what, they also love to have sex! I’ve decided to mashup the two topics and investigate whether or not sex is considered to be a fat burning activity. Sweating and getting your heart rate up has never been more exciting.

facts about sex and exercise

Does Sex Equal Exercise Or No?

Let me lay out some facts about having sex and what it does to your body. Then you can be the judge as to whether or not it constitutes are exercise.

Let me start by sharing some evidence that was published way back in the 60s. There was a study that confirms when someone has sex, their heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate all tend to increase. Guess what, the same thing happens to someone as they exercise. Does that mean that if you increase all those things mentioned while doing it doggy style means that you can skip the gym? I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

For all the people that like to watch those fit milfs burn calories in the gym, now you can watch them burn calories in your bedroom. All you have to do is share this one fact with them…

Back in 2013, a study was conducted and that study proved that sex qualifies as being a moderately intense activity. It’s basically equivalent to walking uphill. It doesn’t quite burn as many calories as running or exercising on a treadmill does but it does help.

Having sex isn’t going to get you ripped. However, if you put forth some effort in connecting with any one of the hot milfs at your gym I guarantee they’ll want to fuck once aware of the health benefits.

I don’t personally recommend replacing daily exercise with sex. Instead, I suggest you start including it in your daily routine. Heck, it’s for your health! In the event that you do not have time to workout then I think you’re a fucking liar. Everyone has time to workout. It’s a known fact that everyone has the same amount of hours in the day. It’s just a matter of using your time wisely and accomplishing goals you’ve set. For example,  I’ve set a goal to fuck 30 new cougars before the year is over. That means I have just shy of 4 months to make that happen. I’m pretty confident that I can reach my goal too. If I didn’t workout my body and mind, I would never be able to do so.

Why I Love Dating Fit Milf In My Area


I absolutely love dating a fit milf. The ones that work out like crazy and love to have fun. I get turned on thinking about milfs working out. Honestly, there’s not another type of woman that I would prefer to date other than a hot milf that likes to attend gym classes like it’s her job. Here’s a list of reasons why I love dating super fit milfs and why you should too!

Local fit milf taking a selfie

A fit milf is the best kind to date!

Reasons I Like To Date A Fit Milf

I’ll be as straight and to the point as possible here as to why I date fit mature women. Here goes nothing…

Hot Bodies

A fit milf has a better body than most women that you will ever meet. I’m taking the perfect physique! There’s something to be said about a smoking hot milf with curves, a gorgeous booty, and a flat stomach.

It makes me just want to find one to bang as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever gawked at the older cougar on the treadmill that looks like she could kick the shit out of you and you’d still be attracted to her then you know who I’m referring to.

Fit Milfs They Have Energy

Fitness moms have energy and lots of it. There’s no reason why they can’t accomplish everything because they have so much of it. It can be a bit much sometimes but the energy that one can feed off of them is incredible. I love mature women with energy and a fit milf is one that can contend with the likes of many.

They Love Sex
Women in shape love to have sex. Funny thing is, so do I! I always read individuals’ profiles online before I message them and I do this to find out if they’re in shape.

If they are, there’s a good chance that they will get things done in the bedroom that you’ve never had done to you before. I met a fitness chick on a dating website and she could do things with her mouth and body that I thought was impossible.

They Fuck For Days

This reason kind of goes with the reason mentioned above but when it comes to banging, women can fuck for days, literally. I’m not joking either.

Especially those in their mid to late 30s and 40s. They love banging and will basically do anything they can to keep you in the bed getting after it. At least, that’s my experience with things.

They Are Flexible

What’s better than having sex with someone that can bend themselves into a pretzel? Guess what, fit milfs can do this and they do so on a daily basis. I’ve seen it in my yoga classes even.

Fun To Be Seen With

Last but not least, the final reason I like dating a milf that’s into fitness is that they are fun to be seen in public with. I got out on dates with these milfs and a lot of these women that work out, especially where I live will turn heads because they are so damn hot.

Most of them are not only hot but they are in fact actually fun to be around even if I only make it through the first date with them. However, chances are that I will have sex with them. That’s just how I roll.

Conclusion: Fit Milfs Are The Best Of Them All

Look, there is absolutely no other way to state this other than coming out and saying – fit milfs are better than unfit ones. Simple as that. They are all-around better and more enjoyable. You’ll never find a horny mom out of shape who is more fun to hook up with versus a super fit horny mom. If you think otherwise, I’d love to hear why.