What Do Mature Women Find Attractive


Women are far more emotional than men and they usually find a lot of other things attractive in men other than their appearance. This is especially true for mature women and milfs of all kinds. If you are wondering what mature women find attractive about men, you have come to the right place. I’ve decided to share some insight with you to give you an idea of what really can turn a woman on!

I’ve spoken with different women to find out what really attracts them to a man and I was surprised to hear what they had to say. I’m sure you will be surprised to hear what some of them had to say as well. Don’t forget, I’m an expert when it comes to attracting naughty milfs. Listen up and listen good!

Things Mature Women Find Attractive

Things Mature Women Find Attractive In Men

The general rule about attracting a female is not just having good looks, it’s much more than that. Keep reading below to find out what women find to be the most attractive qualities.

Guys That Stand By Them
I know, it sounds a bit cheesy, especially since this is a casual dating blog, but women find a man very attractive if he “stays with them” so to speak. The key here is to do this honestly and not make it seem like you’re putting on a show for her. If you take her out some place on a date and you’re being super nice especially to her or if she thinks you’re putting on an act to portray yourself as being different in front of her than you actually are, she will probably lose interest in you.

Try your best to be yourself in front of the woman you want to hookup with and watch how much quicker she becomes attracted to you. Being fake AF is something no one likes and it’s not going to get you laid.

Listening Good
One thing mature women find attractive is a good listener. Mature women love men who can quietly listen to what they have to say and occasionally talk back and carry the conversation. When she is talking to you about something, make sure you carefully listen to what she has to say and talk back to her from time to time.

Just don’t become an advice giving machine throughout the conversation. Listen to her, talk her back and give a bit of advice but don’t overdo it. Most importantly here, don’t over extend a strong opinion. Some women are easily offended and if you say the wrong thing your not getting fucked that night.

Have A Few Hobbies
This is a weird one but is true. At least for most of the women that I know. Women like the fact that a man has hobbies, no matter what they are. She also surprisingly likes listening to you talk about your favorite hobbies. It goes to show that you can be passionate about something and it might mean you’re also passionate in the bedroom. If you both share the same hobby , then you will be surprised how much more attractive you will be to her. This worked very much in my favor on one date. I’m an avid hiker and I met a smoking hot milf that liked hiking too. We had sex mid hike on our first date. It was crazy.

Dress To Impress and For Success
Women love a man who knows how to dress well. By a man we mean actually wearing stuff that real men wear. Stuff like a good buttoned down collared shirt with a nice jacket and a pair of well-pressed pants will do the trick. They also are attracted to men that accessorize well. It makes a difference so do so and go high end if you can.

Your shoes also play a super huge role in your attire so never ignore them. Just don’t wear sneakers in front of woman because she really doesn’t like and it gives a feeling of dating a teenager. Go with simple shoes that complement your dressing.

That about sums things up. Those things mentioned, in my opinion are the things that mature women find attractive in men!