How To Have Phone Sex With Milfs


If you’re not having sex on your smart phone today, then you don’t have a healthy sex life. When you can’t connect with that hot milf you meet online in person, the next best thing is to be with them over the phone. If you are apart for an extended period of time, or can’t meet, then phone sex can be effective. If you want to keep you and your desperately horny milf satisfied then I suggest you give it a shot. Don’t worry, given that I’m your trusty friend, I’ll fill you in on everything you need to know.

Great Phone Sex Tips

How To Have Awesome Phone Sex With A Local Milf

There are a couple of components to this process and the pieces don’t fit exactly. It’s best that you just sit back and read the article before taking any further action. Here’s everything I’ve got that can help you, but first, let me  answer the question, “What is phone sex?” for those that don’t know. Phone sex is an intimate conversation that takes place between two individuals over the phone. It’s of sexual nature where two people describe the perfect scenario of them have sex and they narrate the entire thing to one another. Trust me, having sex on the phone with a mature woman is wonderful. You’ve got to try it for sure!

Knowing When To Make The Call

The time is not always going to be right to have sex. You can’t just call your partner and start breathing heavily and ask what they’re wearing. It’s best to plan a time that you both agree on, so both of you can find a proper place to do it. If it’s a last-minute thing; send a text or sexy pic and ask them to call when they have time to talk.

Slip Into A Role

This is your moment to show off a side of you that your partner may not see often. Become a decidedly more sexual version of yourself and don’t be afraid to talk dirty. If either of you have an erotic fantasy that you have discussed; play it out over the phone and watch the sparks fly.

Show Lots Of Interest

Show her how much you are thinking of her and let her know that you are interested in what she’s doing and how she is feeling. She will appreciate that you are so invested in her and it shows that you think about her and what she’s up to when you’re not around.

Let Her Know You Want Her In Person

In order to turn her on and get her emotionally invested in phone sex; tell her how much you miss her. Let her know that things aren’t the same without her around. Tell her exactly what you would do to her if she was standing in front of you at that moment.

No Gaps In Conversation

Silence is not your friend when it comes to this type of sex. It might leave room for either of you to start feeling awkward and you could derail any passion that you were building on. If there is a gap in conversation; fill it with some noises like your quickening breath or a moan.

Calm, Cool, and Exude Confidence

Don’t allow yourself to become restless or uncomfortable. The more stressed or awkward you become, the less likely you will be to maintain a level of passion. You must relax your mind and body and it will be apparent in the way you speak and maintain a sexy conversation. Confidence was likely an important part of you getting with her and it’s just as important when having phone sex. Take charge of your sexuality and it will work toward elevating her arousal.

Now, you’re ready to make the call. You should now have all the ammunition you need to have successful and steamy phone sex with your significant other. Be prepared before you call. Your phone should be at full battery and you should be in a place where you are comfortable to make sexy sounds. Stay calm stud. You got this.

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