BeNaughty Review: FYI, Real Milfs Don’t Contact Blank Profiles!

What can I tell you about my life and hooking up with milfs? Let’s see… I have LOTS of crazy stories that I can share with you. Most of them involve steak dinners, classy hotels, and mature cougars with appetites for young meat. I wish I could say that all of the stories were positive and awesome, but I can’t. Which brings me to BeNaughty and my experience using this site. Quite frankly, I’d rather go dumpster diving for crackhead milfs than give this site another nickel.

Don’t worry, I’m sharing every detail and all the evidence that I have to help you not waste your time like I did. There is literally nothing worse than dating someone that doesn’t exist. You’ll know what I’m referring to shortly. Scam

BeNaughty Experience – Fake Female Users?!?!

I’m holding NOTHING back here in this review. I’ve been burned far too many times by sites promising more milfs than I can ever imagine. I’m sick and tired of the hogwash that these people spew out, so I’m cutting to the chase today…

But first, let me put a scenario in your head…

Let’s think about the typical BeNaughty user and see if she makes any sense to us. She’s probably an extremely attractive woman, somewhere in her 30s or 40s, who has an undying love for having sex with younger men. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, so let’s check out her motivations.

She clearly wants to hook up with someone, but she doesn’t quite know how. There are probably tons of guys around her who would kill for the chance to jump right into bed with her, but for some reason, she’s not going to go the easy route. Instead, she’s going to make a profile and see what happens.

She then goes through the trouble of writing about herself and posting her best pictures. Instead of searching the other users in her area and starting a conversation or two, she waits for new members to pop up. As soon as she sees someone who’s brand new, she types as fast as her fingers will let her and sends them an instant message to break the ice.

The people that she decides to message have no information about themselves and no pictures at all posted. Fortunately, this girl is totally okay with that. She could easily hook up with someone that she knows, but she prefers to invite someone she knows absolutely nothing about into her bedroom for a little bit of naughty fun.

Now, if you think ANY of that makes any sense, you’re dead wrong.

No mature woman is going to go out of her way to connect with someone that has a half-ass profile setup. That said, when you set up your profile (without a photo or bio) and you get tons of messages, chances are they are not from real girls. No real woman is going out of her way to connect with a guy without a photo and bio.

Naturally, at Benaughty, you have to upgrade your membership before you can even send a message to someone. Therefore, you’ll have to go through the whole payment process to be able to send her even a single response. Not surprisingly, she gets tired of all of the waiting and simply disappears when you eventually get back to her. This would explain why you never get anywhere on BeNaughty. You upgrade, and that’s it. Money lost, no meetups, no banging hot milfs, NOTHING.

Rocket Science? I Think Not.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of analyzing to realize that this is so far beyond the realm of reality that it’s ridiculous. But, it’s exactly what would like everyone to believe. It’s the only way to explain away all of the messages that free users immediately begin to receive. These messages are clearly chatbots designed to convince you to sign up. The entire site is a scam, and it uses fake pictures and conversations to lure you in. Once you’ve paid, no one cares about you. They’ve already gotten what they want, so you don’t have to stick around anymore.

Conclusion: Is Awful.

The simple fact is that BeNaughty is a total waste of time and money. They start working on you the second you register. They don’t let up until after you’ve paid for an upgrade. The website has been running this scam for over a decade and they show no signs of slowing. There’s no reason for anyone to get themselves involved unless they love to throw money away. No amount of time or effort will ever lead to you meeting up with anyone because they simply don’t exist in the real world. The only reason for someone to check them out is to contact the BBB and try to get their money back or to shut it down.

TL;DR – You won’t get anywhere with this site. Try this one instead – CLICK HERE.