At Milfplay.net, all the experiences, dating tips and tricks that I share on my website are completely real. As I stated on the homepage, I’m an avid user of this site and I have had so much success using the site that I felt it was only right to give back to the community. I created this blog to document my experiences using Milfplay and I intend on sharing everything be it good or bad. I wasn’t anticipating this to become a popular site but it grew like wild fire and I’ve been helping others get laid for a long time since launching. Now, I need to say this in order to cover myself from being liable for things that you do. It’s your own personal responsibility to use your best judgement when using any online dating website service. It’s important that you do research before you become a member of any website and be sure to protect your personal information from people.

Most importantly, be safe and make sure you protect yourself from any personal harm when having sex with partners you’ve just met. If you feel comfortable with everything that I’ve shared, then I’d suggest that you read my review on the homepage that I wrote!