Hot Single Mom Facts You Definitely Missed

There’s a lot to learn about single moms living in the world today. You don’t become a milf Jedi master overnight. No, my friend, not even close. I’ve spent YEARS mastering my skills and researching things. You’ve seen the pinky and the brain, right? Well, 10x that and that’s me but I hook up with hot moms. Anyway, I tend to digress so time to get back to the facts.

Hot mom facts of 2018

Oh, and by facts I mean those that are all about single moms living in the United States today.

I’ve done the research.

After spending weeks documenting it all.

Here’s my summary of notes.

Hot Mom Facts You Must Know (Updated 2024)

If the thought of sliding yourself deep into a MILF gets you harder than the diamond that’s very conspicuously not on her ring finger, then you need to get your facts straight. Single mothers are hot and they deserve to be treated with the sexual generosity they deserve. The more you know about them, the more you’re going to like them.

Fun fact #1 – Millennial Milfs Up!

milf rates are on going up

First and foremost, millennial MILFs are on the rise. With more and more women who were born between 1981 and 1999, reaching their 20s and 30s and having children, they now account for over 16 million American moms.

They’re responsible for most U.S. births, even though they’re waiting longer to have children. On top of that, divorce rates continue to rise, making more available MILFs by the day.

Fun fact #2 – They’re always looking.

Milfs always looking for action

Even if they don’t get divorced, 57% of babies born to millennials never had married parents in the first place. These sexy freewheeling ladies see no problem in keeping their options open when it comes to getting their vaginas stuffed.

There’s no sense in boxing yourself in when your box is involved. And no, not the moms in the image above, that’s for visual purposes only.

Fun fact #3 – Jump in aged women’s birth rates.

older moms having babies later in life

There’s been a 48% jump in birth rates for single women aged 35-39 and a 29% jump for women aged 40-44. If you like your MILFs seasoned, then it’s never been easier to find one. They’re single and have all the experience necessary to make your dreams come true.

Fun fact #4 – More foreign hot single moms in the U.S. than ever before.

more foreign hot moms living in United States

For a little bit of flair in your hot mom fantasies, more and more foreign-born women are having children in the United States. While the rate of U.S. born women having babies has declined slightly, the rate of immigrants having kids has increased.

If you like her with that sexy accent and passion for life, you can find her a lot more easily now. I’ve got a lot of Latina moms at my gym. They’re the bomb dot com, no lie!

Fun fact #5 – Stilfer’s mom scenarios are more prevalent.

stilfer's mom

How much a MILF enjoys parenting depends on the age of her child, and it helps other things make a lot more sense. A woman with a child 5 or under is more likely to say that she enjoys being a mother some of the time. Whereas a woman with a child between the ages of 13 and 17 is more likely to say that she enjoys being a mother all the time.

Naturally, her amount of alone time and stress will improve as her child ages, and therefore be reflected in her view on motherhood in general. This also explains why so many horny MILFs bring their son’s 18-year-old buddies into manhood. They’re just happier about life and willing to share themselves with some young dick.

Fun fact #6 – Hot moms are working more.

single mom working hard

Finally, the number of MILFs in the workplace has been increasing steadily. Not only does this mean that you’re much more likely to meet one, it also means that she can support herself. She can afford to stay single and sexy and have as many whirlwind romances as she wants. Nothing’s holding her back but the amount of chaffing that comes from banging all day long.

Okay, so I did my best to keep things on the clean side but slipped up (sorry not sorry). Anyway, if you’re looking to meet local hot moms and want to support them, you can do so by sharing this post. Trust me, all single moms out there WILL appreciate your efforts in spreading the word!

Full disclosure: The research for this was done by me and in no way reflects the opinions of any others out there in the world. 

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