My Personal Experience Hooking Up With MILFs on MilfPlay

I’m a pretty regular reserved guy that doesn’t like to show off or share my secrets when it comes to dating online. I recently joined a new site called Milfplay and my dating life has taken a turn for the better, perhaps even a turn for the best! It happened in a strange way too. I wasn’t hunting around for a website to join. I heard a few women at a local martini bar talking about it and I instantly became intrigued. I made it a goal that day to determine exactly what the site was all about and it changed my life. So, I started this website to spill the beans with you about everything.

Okay, let me get started with the important stuff here, the MilfPlay website. The website features a smoking hot milf on the homepage and the name says it all, ‘Milf’ and ‘Play’ which is all that it took to convince me that this website was one that I wanted to be a part of. In fact, I instantly thought to myself, “Horny milfs that want to play…what’s not to love?” and when you have your mindset right, you almost always get what you want. This is exactly how I got things started. Here’s the name that jumps right out at you.

milfplay logo

The website logo.

Before I digress, I want to quickly share my exact plan here. I have a couple of things that I plan on doing here on this website. I’m first going to make this personal site a place where I’ll be able to record and share all my dating experiences, good, bad and everything else in between. I can’t reveal any of that great stuff without sharing some background on who I am and what I’m all about. I’m a recent college graduate in my soon to be mid 20’s. I love concerts, a good steak and women that wear sexy outfits. Lastly, I love to have sex as often as possible. I’ll be opening up a bit more to you in the near future on an about page where I get personal about things. You’ll have to check that out if you want to know the nitty gritty. For now, let me get back to the meat and potatoes of this post!

So, as you’ve probably already learned by now, I joined Milfplay. Since joining the site, it’s done wonders for my sex life and overall casual networking experience. Before joining this site, I used to spend time trying to hook up with local college girls on campus. Just for disclosure purposes, I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve gotten laid on numerous occasions both on and off websites. After going through a period of time hooking up with college girls, I got sick and tired of the bullshit games they played. Everything was always a competition with them and I was over it. I was hanging out one night in a local martini bar in San Diego when I heard some women talking about

After going through a period of time hooking up with college girls, I got sick and tired of the bullshit games they played. Everything was always a competition with them and I was over it. I was hanging out one night in a local martini bar in San Diego when I heard some women talking about Milfplay. I had no idea what it was all about or what one would use it for. Having spent some time on dating sites before, I knew they were great tools to help you hook up so long as you find the right ones to do so. After seeing how sexy these two milfs were that were talking about it, I knew it was only a matter of time before I joined. After checking the site out for a few minutes, I quickly joined. The first few mature women that I saw on the website were gorgeous and they wanted to get laid. I knew at that point in time this site was going to become my new best friend and wingman when it came to connecting and banging older women.

Join Milf Play

Profile Photo of Members at Milfplay

If you’re wondering the caliber of mature women that use the Milf Play website, then I’d suggest that you keep reading. I hooked up with multiple women that were even hotter than the one shown below. However, this should give you a solid indication of the quality that exists on this site. When you join Milfplay, you’re going to find thousands of hot profiles of women just like this and many of them are even more upfront and revealing. After all, there’s nothing better than a naked Milf with her legs spread in a dating profile picture. I think it simply speaks volume in terms of what she’s trying to accomplish.

milfplay profile photo

This is a typical Milfplay profile photo. You might find sexy mature women like this that are looking to have sex.

If you’re looking to cut the bullshit out that comes with dating college girls and younger women then I’d suggest you give this a shot. But don’t join just this second! Instead, read my full review on the site and my entire experience. I’ve laid it out for you below. I always suggest trying to find reviews to get someone’s personal experiences on any site before joining. I typically recommend doing searches like “Milfplay Reviews” and “mature dating sites” to find out what’s out there to join.

I did the same type of searches and did not find a single milf or cougar dating site that was better than this one. I’d be willing to guess that 95% of the members of this site would have to agree with me on that as well. But let me share my entire experience with you before you make any decisions. To not beat around the bush, my overall rating of the site is: 5 out of 5 stars

My Full Review of Using MilfPlay

Forget about being vague, I’m here to give you the real deal Holyfield as far as reviews are concerned! My experience on has been more than interesting. I’ll start by stating that I’m still a member of that site. I’ll do my best to leave nothing out and start with the signup process. The signup process was so damn quick that I don’t even remember how long it took. I had to answer five questions and soon as I did so I was literally a member. Simple as that really! The questions asked were pretty basic such as my gender, the gender I wanted to meet, my zip code, age and email address. It was literally that fast. I toggled quickly to my email account in order to confirm and activate my membership and I was ready to use the site. If you like brunette mature women with big tits then the woman on the homepage of the site is sure to catch your eye. I didn’t let her profile distract me from completing the task though! Here’s a glimpse of what the homepage looks like…

milfplay reviews

The women on the homepage below the signup form were all so damn hot. I couldn’t believe how incredible their bodies were. Soon as I saw some of these Milfs I knew I was making the right choice joining this site. I wasted no time trying to search for some of the girls that I first came across on the homepage. I’m pretty persistent and I was going to make it a goal to have sex with as many of these mature women as possible. I’d suggest that you visit the site to find out just how many milfs live in your area that are looking to get laid.

Let me get back to the review. I was now an official member of Milfplay and was redirected to the members area of the site. Knowing how important it is to have a great profile, I took a few more minutes to fill out my dating profile to the fullest extent. I added a picture of myself that didn’t make me look too young but I also didn’t want to look to old, knowing that some of these women were probably just looking for some young guys to have sex with on the side, I wanted to be a part of the group they were seeking.

The Searching

If you want a good site experience then you must have a good search function. The good news is that you will get this when you join Milfplay. It might be the site with the easiest search function that I’ve ever used. To be blunt, it’s simple and effective which is exactly what you want when it comes to searching for someone to bang. The website does have some advanced search functions but I honestly didn’t even need to get in as deep as using the advanced features. The basic search proved to be well enough to connect me with some local milfs. Within about ten minutes, I was already chatting with one local milf less than two miles away from me. Soon as I saw that she was online, I sent a pretty basic message letting her know how attractive she was. Yes, I kept it classy during the messaging and apparently that was all it took. We started exchanging some pretty intimate messages!

Meeting Up

So I met with a smoking hot brunette that I encountered during my first day of playing on Milfplay. She was in her early 40’s, was recently divorced and had an hourglass figure that would stop an 18-wheeler in their tracks. Her first name was Kristen and she wasn’t the typical Southern California woman. She was horny and flirty as can be. I didn’t have any idea how this was going to pan out but things went pretty well. We didn’t get too personal about things, which was kind of nice. Other than talking about why we joined the site and what we enjoyed drinking or doing on the weekends, we kept personal chatter to a minimum. I met Kristen at a bar next to a hotel in downtown San Diego and she suggested that we grab a drink in the lobby at the bar. I immediately knew where this was headed! Thankfully, I brought a condom and some cash. After three dirty martini’s we decided to get even dirtier, so I rented a hotel room to spice things up a bit. We had sex that night and I even have Kristen in my “hookup rotation” still today when I’m up for a dirty martini. I knew that this was only the beginning of the fun that I was set to encounter on Milfplay.

Milfplay member I fucked

This is the profile pic of Kristen (the milf I hooked up with).


milf play mature

This is an example of a mature member in my local area.

Specifics Things I Like About The Milfplay Site

I like a lot of things about this site. I’ll try and keep this as specific as possible and not go off on a tangent, though. For starters, I like search capability and video chat features that the site has. It makes it pretty easy to connect with members, even if you’re on the go. I also like the photo galleries that I had access to as a premium member. The images and even some of the videos were smoking hot! If a girl wasn’t interested in dating me due to not being into it or because she was too far away, I was still able to connect with her and enjoy her photos. I also liked how this site was targeted to connect individuals with MILFs. Being niche specific made it much easier to make connections versus trying to do so on a broad-based dating site. Lastly, they had a guarantee that meant I was either going to get laid or get my money back. Of course, I didn’t want my money back. I wanted to get laid and I did! But it was comforting knowing that the site owners and company stood behind their product.

Things I Did Not Like

I didn’t like how snobby some of the women were on the website even though they were on it to hook up. I think that’s just due to my location though. Living in sunny Southern California and being a young guy doesn’t make it easy. Most women out here want money and a big D. Unfortunately, I can only give them one of the two and I am not Richie Rich’ if you catch my drift! That being said, I was able to weed through those women pretty quickly and it didn’t really have too much of a negative impact on my experience.

Join Milf Play

Would I Recommend  That You Join? 

Well, that all depends. If I was a smart man and wanted to keep the number of guys I have to compete against down then I would say no but since I’m an honest and my objective is to share the truth then I have to say “Hell yes!” If you’re looking to specifically hook up with milfs, cougars, or mature women that just want sex without the bullshit then I’d suggest you join.

I have to give Milfplay an official 5 out of 5 stars when it comes to getting laid. I’ve gotten lucky with the finest mature women around and without a doubt, it’s been primarily due to using the site. Visit the website and register to try out the site. You’ll be thanking me soon after!


I created the following section of the site because I seem to be getting lots of the same questions from individuals emailing me. To save everyone time, I decided to share some answers with you right below here. I’ll be adding to this section of the site as things progress.

Why try a milf dating website?

Throughout the United States, there are tons of single moms and divorced milfs. In fact, there are even lots of milfs that are looking to have an affair or more than one for that matter. That divorce rate has never been higher and the number of single horny older women is at peak level.

Advanced tech such as smartphones, video chat on iMacs and other cool software stuff has made it much easier to meet mature women, chat and then fuck. A casual milf dating site helps you do all that much faster than a traditional site. It’s really as simple as that. That is the main reason you should try one. It’s far more efficient than any other hook up method out there. You know all those hot milfs you see in gifs on Tumblr having sex? Yup, they are all using sites like Milfplay to try and meet local fuck friends.

How do I choose a site?

Most dating sites today are self-explanatory. You can join them for free and register as a user. Then you can upgrade for better features. The sites are primarily subscription based and they even come with bonus offers these days. To answer this question, I would say the best way to choose a site is to decide what type of women you are looking for first.

If you want to meet older women or the local soccer mom that wants dick, then join Milfplay. If you want to meet some boring prude then join eHarmony, Match or one of those other sites.

What are the keys to a successful online dating experience on Milf Play?

Another simple question! There are a few things that you really need to take into consideration if you want to have a great experience using this site. First, you need not be shy about putting yourself out there. Upload a really attractive photo and create a profile that speaks volumes. Don’t have ass it. Next, you need to be somewhat patient.

Some mature women are great to date but they are busy and may take some time to respond. Hang tight and keep cool while you wait to hear from them. They will come, I promise. The real key here is to have as much fun as possible. Don’t be too uptight. Just enjoy yourself and the time you have with the milf you’ve connected with. Whether it be a video date or a first sex date, the goal is to have as much fun as possible here.



While I love using the Milfplay website, I’ve had to, unfortunately, try other sites before I found this one. Guess what happened when I joined many other sites?

I got taken for a ride in many ways. What I mean by that is the sites listed below were either ineffective or they charged my credit card way too much or they incorporated fake users into the members area.

Either way, you need to make sure that you avoid using the sites below at all costs. Feel free to read my site reviews if you’d like by clicking on the images below:

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