Rules Of Snapchat Late Night With Milfs


Some people think that Snapchat is an app that’s only used by young college girls and guys. I can’t tell you how wrong that is! Milfs use Snapchat almost daily and they do so in order to connect with real guys. Heck, sometimes it results in an all out late night fuck session. However, there are rules to this game that you must understand about the 10-second photo sessions.

Rules of snapchat with Milfs

Important Rules Of Snapchat With Hot Milfs

I want to share a few guidelines that you need to be aware of if you want to be successful and have a late night hookup with some mature hoes. Properly snapping is the name of the game here!

Send Ugly Snaps

I know it sounds completely ineffective but it’s totally true. If you send ugly snaps to milfs, then they will feel closer to you.

It will seem as though you’re close enough to be real and being real with a horny milf means that you’re going to get more pussy.

Don’t send some raunchy, ugly-ass Snapchat though. Make sure that you look decent, just send grainy, real deal snaps for the most success.

Don’t Be Too Quick

If you’re too quick to open a snap or respond to one, then it makes you look way too desperate. Don’t open the snap right away.

Instead, leave some lag time to show that you’re not sitting around waiting for her. Responding too soon makes you look like a total creeper.

Don’t Send Too Many Snaps

If you send too many stupid snaps to a mature woman, she’s going to think you’re a complete loser. Do not even think about it for a second.

Sending stupid shit to them is going to lead to failure. FYI, sending three snaps of your puppy isn’t going to make her pussy wet.

Never Download or Screenshot Them

This one is super important because it can really make you look like a completely crazy asshole. If you screenshot a photo then you’re not going to get laid. The person that sent it gets notified that you saved it. Guess what they think about that? They think you’re a douche bag for doing that!

Conclusion: Horny Milf Snaps Are In Your Future

These tips should help you have a fun late-night snap chat session with some hot moms on Milf Play. Don’t discount these milfs they will fuck you if you play your cards right!

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