Milftastic Review: Does This “Free” Milf Dating Site Really Work?

Hey guys, Tony here back at it and ready to drop some knowledge bombs on you to help you hook up and meet more milfs. Every so often I come across an awesome dating site like but most of the time, all I see are terrible dating websites. I hate to say it but 9 out of 10 are often horrible and don’t even work that well. When I landed on the Milftastic website, being the milf addict that I am I had no other choice but to try it out.

It would be in your best interest to read my full review of the Milftastic site and learn everything there is to know about it. You definitely want to do this before joining.

Milftastic review

My Complete Review of Milftastic

Okay, so I hate to completely burst your bubble here but you might not like what I have to say about the site. Sure, it sounds fantastic but it’s not at all.

The first thing that I noticed when investigating the site was that they required a credit card yet they claim to be 100% free to use. I don’t know about you but that sounds like total bull if you ask me. Before I bash the heck out of these guys, let me know get carried away here. Instead, I’ll explain the details of the site features and what they do to people that subscribe.

First off, The Features

The very first thing you need to know about this site is that they do have some features they offer. Below is a list of all of them:

Requesting: The site allows you to request to connect with people to become friends and even request to go on dates.

Messaging: You can see all the messages that you received from users. You can even reply to them on certain occasions.

Profile Viewer: This feature allows you to see who’s viewed your profile.

Feed: The news feed lets you know what’s happening with regards to profile views, emails sent, and more.

General Site Overview

It is not the first time the company behind this has launched a website. They’re actually pretty well connected within the industry and they have many others based on some research I’ve done.

They are actually the same people that own one of the Fuckbook sites. I haven’t used the others because I want milfs, not college girls. This is why I decided to try this site out.

The Credit Card Charges

One thing that I hate is learning that I’m being swindled out of money when signing up for something. The Milftastic website tries to obtain your credit card information almost immediately after joining.

They offer you to join and create a profile free of charge, but then they want a CC to validate that you are who you claim to be.

The huge problem with all this is that the free membership is completely false. They end up charging you $39.95 monthly when you enter your information. The payments continue to pull from your card so long as you continue to use it as well.

Milf Stars

One thing I really hate about this site is that they use “Milf Stars.” This is simply another term for a fake user. No lie, the company creates fake profiles in order to make it look like more milfs use the site than they actually do. All of the milf star profiles are operated by contractors that have been hired to communicate with you. Oh and to top things off, the company admits all of this within their terms and conditions.

Random Milf Photos

Take a close look at some of the Milf Stars and you will soon notice that many of them look familiar. That’s because the company has likely ripped these photos from other social network sites and online dating services.

They’ve done a good job of strategically selecting milfs unlike some of the other sites out there but nevertheless, they’re still “fakes.”

Fake Messages and Friend Requests

You read that right, the site uses fake messages and fake friend requests to try and get you to interact with the Milf Stars.

They are able to communicate back and forth with you because they’ve got technology in place that can help with that. Once you communicate long enough, you’ll notice that they ask you to pay money in order to upgrade. More evidence that this company just wants your money and nothing more.

Be sure to read the Milftastic terms and conditions before doing anything else. You certainly do not like what you read and for that, I apologize.

Contacting The Company

Want to reach out to the company and cancel your membership? Check out below and you’ll find out what you need to know.

Here are the phone and email for the company: +1-905-203-0174 and

Conclusion: Milftastic Is Not A Site Worth Joining

Don’t begin to even think about using the Milftastic site. It’s not worth your time and money. There are many other sites that you can join which are far more effective than this one.