Learn The Average Frequency of Sex By Age


If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might wonder how often other couples have sex. Researchers have tried to answer this question over the years. According to a study published in 2017, the average American adult has sex about once a week, or around 53 times per year.

The study also found that younger people in their 20s and 30s tend to have sex more frequently than older adults. However, no perfect number exists for how often couples should have sex. It varies from couple to couple, and most importantly, both partners are happy.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on maintaining a satisfying sex life with your partner. Age and overall health can influence sexual desire, but no set rule exists. Everyone is different. If you’re going through a dry spell in your relationship, there are tips and techniques to reignite the spark.

sex frquency by age

Factors That Affect How Often Couples Have Frequent Sex

Sex therapist experts have examined various factors influencing how often couples have sex. Here are a few:


People in their late teens, 20s, and 30s tend to have more sexual intercourse than older American adults. Sexual activity declines with age.


The sexual frequency is generally similar throughout the United States. However, there are some regional differences. People in the West have sex more often (around 60 times per year), while those in the East have sex less frequently (just under 50 times per year).

Relationship status

Couples who live together or are married usually have more opportunities for sex compared to those who don’t. People who have been celibate (not sexually active) may have more or less sex depending on their relationship status.


Full-time workers tend to have sex less frequently (around 45 times per year) than non-workers or part-time employees (around 62 times per year).

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Average Sexual Frequency of Sex By Age

As people age, their sexual frequency of sexual activity tends to decrease. Here’s a general overview:

  • In their 20s, people have sex more often, averaging over 80 times yearly (about once every five days).
  • By age 45, the average sexual frequency decreases to around 60 times per year (about once a week).
  • Around age 65, most married adults have a frequency of sex of around 20 times yearly (less than once every two weeks).

Remember, these numbers are averages, and individual experiences may vary. The most important thing is to communicate with your sexual partner and find a sexual frequency that works for both of you.

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

Many people believe that sex becomes less frequent once you get married. This belief might be true because many relationships slow down after the honeymoon phase. However, the idea that married couples have less sex than unmarried couples is not always accurate.

In the past, married people had more sex than single people. But since the 2000s, the gap between married and unmarried individuals has narrowed significantly and, in some cases, reversed. In 2014, married people had slightly less sex than unmarried people (55 times a year for married people compared to 59 times for unmarried people).

Experts aren’t entirely sure why this difference exists now or why the advantage of more sex in marriage has diminished. Some believe it may be due to people getting married at older ages. As we mentioned earlier, age and sex are closely connected, and younger people tend to have more sex on average than older people.

In 1990, on average, women got married at the age of twenty-three. By 2016, the average age of marriage for women had increased to twenty-seven. This shift in the average age of marriage might be responsible for the decline in sexual frequency among married couples over the past few decades.

Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is important for your well-being, quality of sexual life, and your physical health and mental health. Here are some health benefits of having sex:

Better Cardiovascular Health

Sex is a form of exercise. While it may not be as intense as running or weightlifting, it still keeps your muscles and heart pumping. This can contribute to better cardiovascular health.

Stress Reduction

Sex is relaxing and enjoyable, making it an effective way to relieve stress. Research suggests that sex can help reduce exposure to stress, influence the body’s stress response, and promote recovery after stressful events.

Intimacy and Emotional Connection

Engaging in sex fosters sexual intimacy, which is crucial for building and maintaining a strong emotional bond with your sexual partners. This connection provides support that can make certain aspects of life easier to handle.

Remember, these are just a few of the benefits associated with sex. Prioritizing open communication and mutual consent with your partner is important to ensure a satisfying and healthy sexual relationship.

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How Often Should Couples Have Sex?

Sometimes, couples have questions about their sex life. They wonder how much sex they should be having and if their sex life is normal. They might worry about not having enough sex and if something is wrong with their relationship.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, there’s no specific number of times you should have sex per week. It varies from person to person and couple to couple. Some sex people like to have sex every day or even more than once a day. Other age groups prefer sex every other day, once a week, or less frequently.

There’s no right or wrong answer regarding how often you have sex. However, remember a few things to remember for a healthy sex life.

First, if you’re not having as much sex as you’d like, it’s important to talk to your partner about your feelings. Communication is key in addressing any sexual issues or sexual desires you have.

Second, it’s important to discuss with your partner if you feel there’s a difference between the amount of sex you want and the amount of sex they want. Understanding each other’s needs and finding a balance that works for both of you is essential.

Milfs Near Me: How To Find Them


Summary: This is an article covering everything I know about all the milfs near me and finding them as efficiently as possible. After all, the goal is to meet hot moms and hook up without any extra effort or commitment. That said, if you’re struggling with where to go to meet hot milfs nearby, then this is the article for you. Read it, understand the process, and get busy!

milfs near me

Meeting Milfs Near Me: The Secrets

Meeting older women, often referred to as MILFs or cougars, can be an exciting experience for many individuals. In this article, we will explore various everyday settings where you can meet MILFs near you. Whether you prefer outdoor activities, shopping, or socializing at bars, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, we’ll provide expert advice on approaching and connecting with these women in a respectful and genuine manner. So, let’s dive in and discover the possibilities of finding MILFs near you.

Outdoor Connections: Meeting MILFs at Parks

If you enjoy the outdoors and prefer to meet women without relying on cheating and affair apps, visiting a local park can be a fantastic option. Parks are often frequented by individuals seeking relaxation and recreation. Look for older women who are walking their dogs or jogging and strike up a conversation.

Compliment their pets or inquire about their exercise routine. Bringing a frisbee or ball with you can be a great icebreaker. See if anyone is interested in joining you for a game. Connecting over shared interests, such as a love for nature and physical activity, can pave the way for a meaningful connection.

Unexpected Encounters: Meeting MILFs at Local Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can be excellent places to meet older women outside of the realm of escort sites. When visiting your local grocery store, keep an eye out for women who are shopping alone. This indicates that they may be more open to conversation.

If you notice someone browsing a specific aisle or looking at a particular product, offer to help them with their groceries or ask for their opinion. By engaging them in a friendly and non-intrusive manner, you create an opportunity for a natural conversation to unfold. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of their personal space and comfort levels.

Retail Adventures: Meeting MILFs at Marshalls or HomeGoods

Retail therapy is not exclusive to younger generations; MILFs love it too! Stores like Marshalls or HomeGoods attract a diverse range of shoppers, including older women. When browsing the aisles, keep an eye out for someone who catches your interest. Approach them with a friendly smile and strike up a conversation.

You can ask for their opinion on a home decor item or offer to help them carry their finds to their car. By showing genuine interest in their tastes and needs, you can establish a connection that goes beyond mere surface-level interactions.

Healthy Connections: Meeting MILFs at Local Farmer’s Markets

If you are interested in health-conscious older women, farmer’s markets can be an excellent hunting ground. These markets offer a variety of fresh produce, organic products, and homemade goods. Strike up conversations about the products being sold or ask for recipe recommendations.

This demonstrates your shared interest in healthy living and culinary delights. If you hit it off with someone, consider suggesting cooking a meal together using the fresh produce you both find at the market. This shared experience can lead to a deeper connection and potential sparks.

Fitness and Flirtation: Meeting MILFs at the Gym

Gyms are not just for the younger crowd; they are also prime locations to meet fit and active older women. If you spot someone who catches your interest, strike up a conversation about their workout routine. However, it’s crucial to respect their boundaries and focus on your own workout as well.

Mutual interest in health and fitness can create a strong foundation for a potential connection. Be observant and approachable, and you might find yourself engaging in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals.

Bar Scene Allure: Meeting MILFs at Your Local Watering Hole

For those who enjoy the bar scene, heading to a local watering hole (especially bars in Las Vegas) can offer opportunities to meet older women. Approach an older woman sitting alone and strike up a conversation. Be respectful, confident, and attentive. Offer to buy her a drink and engage in genuine conversation.

Ask about her interests, experiences, or any topics that you genuinely find intriguing. Remember, respect and consent are paramount in establishing a connection. It’s important to be mindful of the atmosphere and ensure that both parties are comfortable with the interaction.

Targeted Pursuit: Seeking Out Cougar and MILF Bars

If you’re specifically interested in meeting MILFs, consider researching milf dating sites like Milf Play. These platforms cater to individuals seeking connections with like-minded individuals. Look for cougar or MILF bars in your area.

These establishments are designed to attract older women and younger men who share a common interest in age-gap relationships. Visiting these bars can increase your chances of meeting women who are actively looking for companionship. However, it’s crucial to approach these interactions with respect, sincerity, and genuine interest.

Do Mature Women Really Use Dating Sites?

The world of online dating has evolved significantly in recent years, catering to various age groups and preferences. But do mature women really use dating sites? The answer is a resounding yes! Mature women, often seeking companionship or romantic connections, are actively participating in online dating.

These platforms provide them with a convenient and discreet way to explore potential matches, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on new adventures. From well-established dating sites to niche platforms catering specifically to older demographics, mature women are embracing the digital dating landscape. So, if you’re interested in meeting mature women, don’t hesitate to explore the world of online dating.

Are Milfs Looking for Hookups and Casual Sex?

The topic of MILFs (Mothers I’d Like to Fuck) often brings up questions about their dating preferences, including whether they are interested in hookups and casual sex. While it’s important to avoid generalizations, it’s worth noting that MILFs, like any other group of individuals, have diverse desires and preferences.

Some MILFs may indeed be open to casual encounters and hookups, seeking exciting experiences and connections. However, it’s crucial to approach these situations with respect and open communication, ensuring that both parties are on the same page regarding their intentions and desires. Ultimately, each person’s preferences and boundaries should be acknowledged and respected.


The concept of meeting MILFs near you opens up a world of possibilities for genuine connections and companionship. Whether you’re exploring everyday settings like parks, grocery stores, or farmer’s markets or seeking out specific venues like cougar or MILF bars, it’s important to approach these interactions with respect and sincerity.

Building connections based on shared interests and mutual respect increases the chances of finding fulfilling relationships with local MILFs. Remember to treat these women as individuals with their own desires and boundaries. With the right approach, you might discover meaningful connections and create lasting memories with MILFs near you.

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Doublelist Review – Does It Really Work?


Okay, I don’t up-talk many dating platforms out there because nearly none of them are close to as good as MILFPlay.com. That being said, I’ve come across this Double List and I definitely think it’s worth reading this review in 2024. There is no doubt about that! But seriously, you need to check out MILFPLAY

Are you ready to unlock a whole new level of online dating excitement? Get ready to double the fun with Doublelist.com! This groundbreaking platform revolutionizes the way people connect and explore their desires. It is where connections are made, passions ignite, and inhibitions fade away.

In this comprehensive Doublelist review, we’ll delve into the world of Doublelist and uncover its unique features, pros, and cons. And that’s not all! We’ll also introduce you to some fantastic free alternative sites. So, you can broaden your horizons and discover even more exciting avenues for meeting like-minded individuals.

doublelist review

Doublelist.com Review: A Brief Overview

Doublelist.com is an online classified ad platform focusing on personal ads and dating services. Launched in 2018, it quickly gained popularity among individuals seeking casual encounters, friendships, or romantic relationships. The platform’s user-friendly interface and streamlined ad-posting process made it accessible to a wide range of users.

Is It Easy to Use Doublelist.com?

Using Doublelist.com is a straightforward process that offers several features to enhance your experience.

To utilize Doublelist.com effectively, here is what you need to do:

Create an Account to Post Ads For Free

To get started, create an account, which allows you to post ads for free. The website has an intuitive design, making it easy to navigate.

Initiate Conversations with Other Users through the Chat Feature

The website also offers a chat feature allowing users to initiate conversations with anyone on the platform. Connecting with other users is straightforward—simply send a message to anyone you’re interested in using the messaging option available within the ads.

Utilize Filters For Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Location To Find Suitable Matches.

For added convenience, the platform provides filters that enable you to refine your search and connect with individuals who share your interests or have similar preferences.

These filters include options to specify gender and sexual orientation, allowing you to narrow down your choices according to your preferences. This way, you can easily find people who align with your desires.

One of the filters available is based on your location to make it easier for people to connect. You can meet with individuals in your local city. Rest assured that the profiles you encounter belong to real users, as each profile of the Doublelist members undergoes verification through a phone number. This phone verification helps avoid bots.

Doublelist.com: Advantages and Disadvantages

With Doublelist, say goodbye to uncertainty. Here, you will find people who are upfront about their intentions. The convenience factor is off the charts—no matter the time of day, these sites are accessible at your fingertips. Plus, the registration process is fairly simple.

With many features tailored to enhance your matchmaking experience, it’s no wonder this modern method has become the go-to choice for countless individuals today.

Now, we must address the one downside: Doublelist.com doesn’t have a dedicated app. But fear not! The site has a fantastic solution to keep you connected on the go. It’s incredibly mobile-friendly, ensuring seamless access from your trusty mobile device. So, you can continue your exciting journey towards meeting new people anytime, anywhere!

Notable Features of Doublelist.com

Below are some of the interesting features offered by Doublelist.

User Interface and Design

Doublelist.com features a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to navigate the site effortlessly. The design is visually appealing and ensures a seamless user experience.

Ad Posting Process

Posting an ad on Doublelist.com is straightforward. Users can create an account, select the appropriate category, and provide relevant details about the ad.

The platform offers various categories such as casual encounters, dating, and services, ensuring users can find the right audience for their ad.

Safety Measures

Doublelist.com places a strong emphasis on user safety. The platform has implemented a strict verification process to reduce the presence of fake or spam accounts.

Additionally, users can report suspicious activities or inappropriate content, allowing the community to self-regulate and maintain a secure environment.

Active User Base

Doublelist.com boasts an active user base, ensuring a steady flow of new ads and potential connections. This feature makes the platform engaging and increases the chances of finding like-minded individuals.

Who Can You Find On Double List

This wide-ranging personal community caters to diverse wants and needs. Whether you’re seeking a date or a casual hookup with someone who understands your struggles, Doublelist.com has got you covered. This is where you can meet like-minded people.

Online dating sites, like Doublelist, eliminate the unfairness of mismatched expectations—clearly stated personal ads ensure both parties are on the same page from the start. With improved security, filtering, and enhanced communication options, Doublelist.com offers a safer and more engaging experience than other sites.

Say goodbye to scammers, fake accounts, or fake profiles with this platform. Now, you can enjoy peace of mind with secure services provided by Doublelist.com and similar trusted alternatives.

What are the Hottest Doublelist Cities? 

Discover the hottest Doublelist cities across the United States! After analyzing trends and demands in 50 cities, here are the most popular locations where members flock:

  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Tampa
  • Cleveland
  • Dallas
  • Nashville
  • Philadelphia
  • Tulsa
  • Kansas City
  • Knoxville
  • Phoenix
  • Orlando
  • San Diego
  • Fort Meyers
  • Cincinnati
  • Memphis
  • Albany
  • New Orleans
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Miami
  • New York City

What are the Common Misspellings of Doublelist? 

There’s a common frustration when accessing the Doublelist website: misspellings. It’s astonishing how often people misspell the brand name, jeopardizing their chances of finding the connections they desire.

Don’t worry; we’ve done some research and compiled a list of the most frequent misspellings of Doublelist. Check them out below.

  • Double List
  • Doblelist
  • Doublelst
  • Doubllist
  • Dublelist
  • Doubelist
  • Doubleist
  • Doubllelist
  • Doulbelist
  • Doublellist

Now that you know these common slip-ups make sure you spell it right and maximize your chances of finding what you’re looking for. Don’t let a simple misspelling get in the way of your hookup success.

Top 11 Alternatives to Doublelist 

In this Doublelist review section, you will find a list of personal ads sites you can use as alternatives to Doublelist, and they are free to use:

  1. Fling 

Fling is a highly popular alternative to Doublelist personals, renowned for facilitating casual encounters. It’s the top choice for those seeking no-strings-attached encounters, making it easy to connect with like-minded individuals or talk about kinky topics. Trust us; it’s the best option for hookups!

  1. Adult Friend Finder 

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) has a vast number of active users that cater to various interests and desires. Primarily focused on hookups, it also offers additional features like blogs, forums, chat groups, live cams, and remote sex toy interactions. It’s the perfect platform to find your new adult friend.

  1. Ashley Madison 

Ashley Madison remains a top choice for finding hookups and adding excitement to relationships. With strong privacy features, it caters to those seeking purely sexual encounters or extramarital affairs. For hassle-free affair sex, this is the ideal platform.

  1. InstaBang 

InstaBang is a straightforward platform for finding instant casual partners. The user base is open-minded, with explicit content prevalent throughout the site. It is one of the top hookup sites that offer features like live streams, member ratings, and interactive games for a fun casual sex experience and sexual fulfillment.

  1. Fuckbook 

This platform is dedicated to casual hookups. It offers convenient communication features, particularly its messenger feature. The site’s matching algorithm and filter options are impressive. Additional features like live cams are available with paid membership. Please note that FuckBook exclusively focuses on finding flings to spice things up.

  1. Wellhello 

This online platform facilitates interactions among like-minded individuals for dating, conversation, or sexual encounters. Users are encouraged to express their desires openly. The site offers excellent search and filtering options, but incomplete profiles may lead to mismatches or missed connections with conflicting interests.

  1. Uberhorny 

This well-designed site offers outstanding features and responsive customer support. It provides excellent search, filter, gallery, and live stream options. Premium live cams are available for a fee. The platform caters primarily to hookup seekers and may not be suitable for those seeking a long-term relationship, friendship, or a committed relationship.

  1. SoNaughty 

SoNaughty is an online dating website catering to both naughty encounters and friendship/love. Users can customize their interface for a personalized experience. Additional features include live cams, adult chat rooms, and more, helping you find a potential partner more quickly. The platform offers quizzes to tailor the user experience and provide optimal matches based on preferences.

  1. AssTok

AssTok is a sex-oriented version of TikTok, excelling in classifieds. This viable alternative primarily focuses on hookups and boasts an almost equal gender distribution. Female users enjoy free access to premium options, adding to the site’s appeal. Users can find matches when seeking a casual encounter, friendship, or committed relationship.

  1. Plenty of Fish  

PlentyOfFish.com has a large user base, reflecting its name, and focuses primarily on facilitating hookups. The free options are impressive, offering numerous choices for easy and tailored hookups. The user interface is simple, prioritizing effective matching and streamlined hookups over flashy visuals.

  1. Bedpage 

The final entry is Bedpage, a website resembling Doublelist.com with plenty of personal ads. It is a great alternative due to its similar functionalities, including categories and search options. The site features effective filters and geo-location searches for finding local matches. The primary focus is on sex meetings rather than dating or relationships.


Doublelist.com is a top personal ads site, serving as a Craigslist Personals alternative. It offers diverse options and extra features, prioritizing verified profiles for safety. But there are also other hookup sites like Fling, Adult Friend Finder, InstaBang, FuckBook, and Backpage, all facilitating casual hookups and dates. These platforms provide excellent features, including limited free membership options, enabling you to find partners for intimate encounters. Hopefully, this Doublelist review helped you a lot.

Milfswiper Review


Are you seeking thrilling encounters with horny MILFs and eager to explore the world of MILF sex? Look no further than Milfswiper, our revolutionary app that grants you a unique opportunity to turn your fantasies into reality. With our user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features, you’ll find yourself mingling with local MILFs in no time.

Milfswiper was specifically designed for individuals like yourself who value their time and want to cut to the chase. By downloading the app, you gain instant access to a pool of the hottest local MILFs imaginable. Say goodbye to wasting hours on irrelevant profiles and hello to an exciting MILF dating experience.

This app allows you to seamlessly connect with intriguing MILF members who share your desires. Whether you’re seeking casual encounters or something more long-term, Milf Swiper offers a diverse community of passionate individuals ready to explore their desires.

Milfswiper Review

What is MilfSwiper.com?

Milfswiper is a popular dating site that caters to individuals seeking connections with older, experienced women. This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the platform, including its offerings, purpose, user experience, trustworthiness, and membership costs.

Embrace the world of milf dating by engaging with its vibrant community of like-minded individuals. With Milfswiper, you can unlock thrilling conversations, stimulating connections, and unforgettable experiences. This dating app is here to amplify your dating journey and provide an immersive platform tailored to your desires.

Join Milfswiper today and embark on an exhilarating adventure with local MILFs who are equally eager to explore their passions. It’s time to take your MILF dating experience to new heights and discover the limitless possibilities that await you.

Note: While engaging in online dating, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. Exercise discretion, practice safe interactions, and be mindful of personal information when engaging with others on the platform.

Purpose and Target Audience

Milfswiper is designed for individuals who are specifically interested in dating or engaging in relationships with mature women, commonly referred to as “MILFs” (Mothers I’d Like to F…). The site focuses on creating a space where younger adults can meet and connect with older women who possess confidence, life experience, and a sense of adventure.

Features and Offerings

I’ll start with the profiles and creating one that can help you get laid…

Profile Creation

Milfswiper offers a straightforward registration process, allowing users to create detailed profiles. Members can provide information about themselves, their interests, and their preferences, as well as upload photos and videos.

Instantly Access Nude MILF Pics: Join Now for Free!

Experience the thrill of receiving enticing and seductive nude MILF pics straight from the source. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sign up for free today and indulge in a world of sensual delight.

The platform connects you with eager MILFs who are waiting online, ready to share their intimate photos with you. By joining now, you gain exclusive access to a treasure trove of captivating visuals that will fulfill your desires and leave you craving for more.

Registration is quick and easy, and with our free signup option, you can start exploring these tantalizing MILF pics without any cost. Don’t hesitate—to sign up now and unlock a gallery of alluring MILFs who are eager to share their sensuality with you.

Embrace this unique chance to delve into an enticing world of visual pleasure. Join our platform today, and let the intimate journey begin. Remember to treat all members with respect and engage in consensual interactions while exploring the exciting realm of MILF pics.

Advanced Search Filters

The site provides a range of search filters to help users find compatible matches. These filters can include age range, location, physical attributes, interests, and more, ensuring that users can narrow down their options according to their specific preferences.

Messaging and Communication

Once a connection is established, members can use Milfswiper’s messaging system to initiate conversations, send private messages, and explore potential relationships at their own pace.

Discover the Ultimate Milf Sex Finder: Fulfill Their Desires!

Are you prepared to fulfill the deepest desires of the MILFs on our app? They are seeking one thing only: thrilling milf sex. If you’re ready to provide them with the satisfaction they crave, then look no further. Join our app now and embark on a scintillating journey that will leave you both wanting more.

This online dating platform is designed exclusively for individuals seeking passionate encounters with MILFs who share their desires. These experienced women are eager to explore their sexuality and indulge in unforgettable moments of pleasure. By joining our app, you gain access to a community of like-minded individuals who understand the art of satisfying milf sex.

Discover New Hot MILFs Every Day: Sign Up to Ignite Their Desires!

Every day, alluring new hot MILFs in your local area are joining our platform, eager to explore their passions. Don’t miss out on the chance to please them! Sign up now and become the source of their ultimate satisfaction.

The platform is a hub for exciting connections with fresh, irresistible MILFs. By joining, you’ll gain access to a growing community of stunning women who are seeking pleasurable encounters. These MILFs are ready to embark on thrilling adventures with someone like you, and you have the opportunity to fulfill their deepest desires.

Experience the Thrill of Milf Connections

Are you ready to embark on a journey where like-minded individuals seek the same passionate connections? The dating app brings together members who are eager to indulge in unforgettable moments. Start exploring today and discover the world of milf pleasure!

On this platform, you’ll find a vibrant community of individuals who share your desires. They are all seeking the same thrilling experiences and are excited to connect with someone like you.

Engage with these enticing members and unleash your desires for intimate connections. The app provides a secure and discreet environment for exploring milf connections. It’s time to satisfy your cravings and indulge in the pleasures that await you.

Privacy and Security

Milfswiper emphasizes user privacy and employs measures to ensure a safe and secure environment. The site implements encryption protocols and encourages users to report any suspicious or inappropriate activities.

User Experience

Milfswiper offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the navigation process. The platform’s intuitive design makes it easy for members to browse profiles, search for potential matches, and engage in conversations. Additionally, the site often includes helpful tips and suggestions to enhance the user experience and improve chances of success.

Trustworthiness: As with any dating site, caution is necessary when interacting with others online. Milfswiper strives to maintain a trustworthy platform by implementing verification processes and encouraging users to report any concerning behavior. However, it’s important for individuals to exercise their own judgment, practice safe online dating practices, and be mindful of their personal information.

Membership Costs: Milfswiper offers both free and paid membership options. Free members have access to basic features such as profile creation, browsing, and limited messaging. Paid subscriptions unlock additional benefits, including advanced search filters, unlimited messaging, and enhanced visibility. The pricing structure may vary, with longer-term subscriptions often offering better value for money.

Pros of Milfswiper

  • Dedicated to MILFs: Milfswiper is specifically designed for individuals interested in dating or connecting with mature women, providing a targeted platform for those seeking such relationships.
  • Variety of Members: The site attracts a diverse user base, offering a range of profiles and potential matches for users to explore.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Milfswiper boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for members to navigate the site, create profiles, and initiate conversations.
  • Advanced Search Filters: The platform offers advanced search filters, allowing users to narrow down their options and find compatible matches based on specific criteria.
  • Privacy and Security: Milfswiper emphasizes user privacy and employs security measures to create a safe environment for members.

Cons of Milf Swiper

  • Limited Niche: While Milfswiper caters specifically to individuals interested in MILFs, this narrow focus may limit the dating pool for those seeking a broader range of relationships or preferences.
  • Verification Process: While the site implements measures to ensure user safety, the effectiveness of the verification process may vary, and users should exercise caution when interacting with others online.
  • Paid Features: While basic features are available for free, accessing additional features and enhanced functionality often requires a paid subscription, which may deter some users who prefer a completely free experience.
  • Potential for Inappropriate Content: As with any dating site, there is a risk of encountering explicit or inappropriate content. Users should be mindful and report any concerning behavior or content they come across.
  • Regional Limitations: Milfswiper’s member base may vary in different regions, and some users may find fewer potential matches depending on their location.

Is Milfswiper Free?

Milfswiper offers both free and paid membership options. As a free member, you can create a profile, browse through other members’ profiles, and potentially initiate limited communication with them.

However, accessing advanced features, such as unlimited messaging, enhanced search filters, or premium benefits, often requires a paid subscription. The specific pricing and membership plans can vary, so it’s advisable to visit Milfswiper’s official website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information regarding their free and paid features.


Milfswiper provides a dedicated platform for individuals interested in connecting with mature women. With its user-friendly interface, privacy measures, and a range of features, it aims to facilitate meaningful connections in a safe environment.

However, it is important for users to exercise caution and follow safe online dating practices. Prior to joining, it is advisable to review the current membership costs and decide if the additional features offered by the paid subscription are worth the investment.


Sites Like Milfplay (Alternatives To Consider)


This post covers EVERYTHING you need to know about all the sites like MILFPlay. Let me get one thing off my chest, no site is as good as MILFPlay – understand that before we move forward here. Now, since we’ve cleared that up, we can keep rowing. If you happen to be looking for other sites similar to MP, then you will want to keep reading to learn about the ones I’ve shared below.

Sites Like Milfplay

Websites Like MILF Play

A dating platform catering to mature women and younger men offers opportunities for them to explore their desires and potentially form meaningful connections.

When people envision a MILF (or “a mom I’d like to f***”), they often imagine a confident and attractive woman who appears much younger than her age.

An iconic example is Stifler’s mom from the “American Pie” series, a captivating older woman who enticed the eager Finch. She represents the ultimate image of a desirable MILF and serves as a popular archetype among MILF enthusiasts.

The great news is that you don’t have to search extensively to find your attractive older woman or younger man. Simply refer to the compilation of the top free MILF dating sites below.


With its launch in the 1990s, AdultFriendFinder has established itself as one of the most enduring MILF dating sites in the online dating industry.

It offers a range of features, including browsing through enticing algorithmic matching, personal ads, live porn videos, chat forums, private messaging, and all the desirable functionalities typically found on top-notch cougar dating and MILF sites.

The MILF dating site boasts an impressive paid membership of nearly 100 million hot moms and single women from diverse backgrounds and with varying sexual interests worldwide. You can create a free profile in just a few minutes by providing a few essential details about yourself.


Match is a dating platform designed to foster compatibility and ignite meaningful relationships. Since its establishment in 1995, this MILF dating site has successfully connected attractive and mature women to various potential matches.

Although it does not explicitly position itself as a cougar dating site, a significant portion of its user base comprises individuals over 35.

During the signup process, older women or younger men can specify their preferred age ranges, and Match will take care of the rest by presenting compatible matches within those parameters.

Match members can engage in free chats with their Top Picks and enjoy the advantages of mingling in a mature dating environment, ideal for connecting with elite singles and establishing mature MILF relationships.


BeNaughty offers a platform to connect with horny MILFs for casual encounters, including one-night stands, affairs, threesomes, open relationships, and more.

The MILF dating site allows attractive and mature women to use its services for free. At the same time, younger guys can upgrade to a premium membership for enhanced chatting capabilities.

The hookup search filters, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, and location, are user-friendly and efficient. Rest assured that all user information is safeguarded through SSL encryption.

BeNaughty was established by Together Networks Limited and is designed to be mobile-friendly, enabling you to access it conveniently anywhere.

Cougar Life

Cougar Life, a dating site specifically designed for hot and perverted MILFs, was introduced in 2008 to cater to attractive older women and enthusiastic younger men. The MILF dating platform offers free access through desktop computers and is also available as a free app on both Google Play and the App Store.

Cougar Life has distinctive features, including virtual gifts, priority messaging, private photo exchanges, real-time chat, exclusive videos, advanced search capabilities, and the “Find a Date Tonight” feature.

By joining this casual dating site and embracing Cougar Life, attractive and hot MILFs can easily connect with numerous younger men who share their interests.


MILFtastic is one of those vibrant online dating sites designed exclusively for hot MILFs and those who admire big tits and sexy women. The platform’s team understands the unique desires and sexual fantasies shared by mature women and the younger men they date.

MILFtastic provides a safe and judgment-free space where older, attractive women and younger men can explore their connections and find success in dating. The online dating site offers a vast database with millions of hot cougar dates available free of charge.

To join this best MILF community, create a username, provide your email address, and enter your birthday. MILFtastic was created with MILFs in mind, offering a delightfully sensual environment to browse for exciting dates and unleash your imagination.

The MILF Dating Club

At the MILF Dating Club, a UK-based MILF porn and dating site, the motto is “There are no rules.” Established in 2013, this MILF porn platform has rapidly grown into a thriving online community for single moms seeking no-strings-attached fun.

By joining the MILF Dating Club, you can freely add your personal information and photos, explore profiles, receive daily matches via email, and engage in specific communication methods at no cost.

With thousands of active members, including older women, the team behind the MILF Dating Club diligently verifies each dating profile (no fake profile) to ensure authenticity and prohibits the presence of fake profiles. Rest assured that genuine connections await you on this site.

MILF Near Me

True to its name, MILF Near Me is a dating website dedicated to connecting young men with attractive local MILFs. This platform allows individuals to specify their dating preferences, including appearance, ethnicity, age, and lifestyle.

It enables them to meet like-minded individuals interested in intimate encounters such as swinging, casual dating, BDSM, etc. A single MILF can join the platform without any payment required. Since its launch in 2016, MILF Near Me has gained popularity as a go-to platform for MILF dating and arranging discreet hookups with younger guy users.

MILFs Hookup

If you’re seeking discreet hookups or casual sexual encounters, MILFs Hookup is a viral website designed explicitly for MILFs. This platform enables you to explore and fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Simply indicate your gender, the gender you’re interested in, and your ZIP code on the online dating site, and you’ll be granted a free basic membership automatically. With the provided tools, you’ll have everything you need to establish connections and arrange that exciting first meetup with a local MILF or a younger man.

Thanks to this dating platform, connecting with an attractive stranger for an enjoyable and effortless hookup experience has never been easier!


Well, that’s about it and all I have to say about that. Do yourself a solid and check out one or a few of each of these sites listed below. Learn about them and find out what they are each about. Either that or just join MILFPLay.com. The choice is yours!


Black Friday Milf Meetup Tips For 2024


I love Black Friday, not because I go shopping for product deals but for the number of milfs out and about. In my opinion, it’s a holiday to be more grateful for versus Thanksgiving. It’s one of those events that you need to get out there and experience in order to fully grasp the concept of what I’m referring to.

What you need to understand is that there are plenty of milfs out there roaming the strip malls and bars looking for guys to hook up with. Many of them don’t just go out to buy gifts for their kids, they got out to meet people too. I’ll share some insight and pointers that have helped me meet and hook up with hot milfs year after year.

Black Friday Hook up with Milfs

Black Friday 2024 Milf Hookup Tips To Remember

Assuming that you’re on the prowl for a hot milf to get deep inside, then you want to read this article. I’ve got the exact steps that you need to take if you want to meet and eventually have sex with a milf on Black Friday. A couple of things I need you to understand first though…

It’s not 100% free.

It’s not easy.

It’s well worth the effort!

Here’s what you need to know, so start taking notes today…

Be Proactive Early

If you want to connect with hot local milfs out shopping during the biggest discount day of the year, then you need to take action early. I always connect with these mature women about a week before the actual holiday.

You want to put out some feelers to see what your efforts might lead to. Remember, you don’t want to connect with some hot milf that’s not willing to meet for a drink because she’s shopping for 12 hours straight.


Instead, put the work into learning which women are planning on being around during the holiday and available to hook up for a couple of drinks.

Send Messages To Them

These women are stressing out over shopping and getting good deals, so you need to be the proactive one and jump on things by messaging them first. Put it in their heads that meeting at the local bar is a perfect way to destress after shopping all day long.

Upscale Drinks

Speaking of drinks! You want to hang out at a bar that offers some upscale drinks. I prefer to spend time at bars without shopping malls on Black Friday because they have the most traffic for the most part.

I basically hang out at the bars and message or connect with mature women that are in the area. This allows me to connect with them and casually invite them to meet me at the bar.

Reconnect With Travelers

Another thing that I like to do during Black Friday is to reach out to all the hot milfs that I know have been traveling during the holiday. The reason I do this is quite simple.

It’s a perfect time and chance to connect with women who want to have a quick bang and nothing more before returning home. Lots of horny single milfs will travel without their kids and husbands during holidays just to get away. Take full advantage of the women that do this!

The most important thing to remember is to not be scared or nervous about any of this. Instead, you need to be confident and put forth the effort if you want to fuck a local milf on the busiest shopping day of the year. I do it every year and you can too. Trust me!

Best MILF Dating Sites & Apps


A MILF is an older woman that younger men desperately want to have sex with. They’re the step in age right before cougar. That’s a woman who’s even older than a MILF but still wants some young man action. These women can be single, married, dating, and with or without children. The only common thread is the age difference and it turns a whole lot of people on. That’s why you get so many dating sites dedicated to bringing younger men and older women together. I’ve covered most of the sites here and will fill you in on which I believe are the best MILF dating sites and mobile apps you should consider using.

best milf dating sites

The Top 6 MILF Dating Sites (Desktop & Mobile Networks)

There’s just something about the experience of the woman that drives the guys crazy. It’s also the energy, stamina, and need to please the younger men that make these older women go wild. The takeaway is that the attraction is mutual and these men and women want to meet up with each other.

It’s difficult to do it out in the real world, so the internet has it covered. With so many sites, it’s difficult to figure out which ones are going to work the best for you. Each site has its own pros and cons and will cater to its own user base. Here are the best options for a relationship with an age difference.



I’ve explained exactly what the MILFPlay site is all about. You can read up on that here on this page. If you’re looking for a quick rundown, I’ll fill you in. It’s filled with perhaps the hottest and most responsive MILFs that you will ever find on any app or site in the United States. I promise this is the best network for finding women that are moms who are looking to hookup.


Cougar Life

Cougar Life is one of the largest dating sites for younger men and older women. There are millions of members who spend all of their time looking for someone. You can find both women looking for long term relationships and short term hookups.

The thing to keep in mind is that it’s dedicated to cougars, not MILFs. That means the women will be on the older side of the spectrum. Think of the MILF age range ending at 45 with every woman older than that being in the cougar age range.

adult friend finder

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is basically a hookup site for people who are up for anything. It’s not specifically designed to find older women, but they make it very easy. You can set your preferences for any age range. There are millions of users on the site, so you’re going to be able to find anything that you’re looking for.

It’s easy to use and you can check it all out for free. It’s been around for many years and there’s a reason for that. It works for the people who use it and that’s all that really matters.

elite singles

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a dating site that’s dedicated to professionals who make a very good living. They’re wealthy and they’re looking for a mate of the same ilk. There are over 13 million members and the user base is always growing.

It’s one of the best places to find an independent, older woman who’s in the mood to have a little fun with a much younger man. When you’re looking for an older woman, you can’t do much better than a wealthy girl who wants to go slumming with a tight bodied young man who looks good on her arm.



eHarmony is a site that just attracts older women. It’s not geared toward them, but the user base tends to be of advanced age. That means that a younger guy can have a whole lot of luck on it.

They’re almost guaranteed to find women who want to see what it’s like to step back in time and have fun with someone half their age. The thing to keep in mind is that you have to pay for your access here. You can check it out for free, but you’ll need a subscription to actually send out messages.

cougar date

Cougar Date

Cougar Date is a site that older women use to hook up with much younger men. It’s not a traditional dating site. You’re not going to be finding a long term relationship here. It’s not what the women are after. They just want to have a good time with someone and you get to be the lucky guy to have it with them.

It has hundreds of thousands of cougars that are constantly on the prowl for their cubs. It’s one of the best options for younger men to get lucky with the experienced women of their dreams.

Find An Older Woman Now

Those are the best sites for any younger man to find an older woman. They’re also perfect for any mature woman who wants to have some fun with youth. There’s nothing wrong with a little kink in your relationship.

An age difference can be just what you need for that extra bump of passion. Try out the sites and see which ones work best for you. You’ll never know how much fun a relationship like this is going to be until you try it out and realize that it’s the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.

Benefits Of Using Cougar Dating Hookup Sites


Sometimes you need someone more experienced. Yes, I’m talking about in the sack. Oftentimes, it’s simply not enough to just get some random ass. What I like to do when I need something extra is to go for some cougars. There’s nothing better than a cougar hookup and it’s something that I do almost daily.

Cougar Dating

Why Hooking Up With Cougars Is The Best (Benefits)

There’s just something amazing about dating a cougar. These are older women who just love to date younger men. It can always be a big decision as to whether or not you should do it. Older women can be really intimidating. They know things that you’ve never even thought of before. They can show you things that you never even though existed.

Most of all, they’re going to be much better at sex than you are. It’s only natural. They’ve been having it for a whole lot longer than you. They can be so much better at it that it doesn’t seem to make sense that they want to have it with you. They’re not after skill, though.

They’re after the enthusiasm that you just can’t get with the guys they’re age. That’s why sites like this exist. Cougars go out of their way to find the younger guys like you that want to have fun and this site is where you can get yourself found.

Cougars Hate The Drama

The biggest problem with dating younger girls is all of the drama they bring into your life. It’s almost as if they need it to survive. There’s going to be drama every single time you turn around. If there isn’t any, they’re going to create it. That’s not what cougars are all about.

Just message any of the women that you find here and it will be obvious immediately. You can start talking to them about anything that you want and you’ll always be able to meet up with them if things go well.

The women here are on the site to have a good time and that’s it. You’ll get responses to your messages and they’ll be more than willing to meet up.

There’s No Pressure

With the number of cougars on the site and the number of younger men who want to date them, there’s never any pressure here. You don’t have to feel obligated to talk to someone or meet up with them.

Your inbox won’t be filled up with messages a few minutes after you sign up. You can take your time and talk to the women that you want to talk to. These women have plenty of options here. If you don’t want to meet up with them, they’ll be more than happy to find someone else who will.

Conclusion: Cougar Dating Hook Up Will Get You Cougars

Cougar Dating Hook Up is just a great site to get yourself involved with. It’s easy to use and there are tons of older women on it. They all want to have fun and that’s about it. Nothing is ever going to turn into unnecessary drama here.

You won’t get tons of messages that you can’t respond to. The profiles pics that you see will always show the goods because older women know exactly what you want from them. Give it a try and you’ll see just how much better an older woman is to date. Oh, if you’re looking for cougars, start on this network here.

FlirtBuddies.com Review: Don’t Believe The Hype!


I’ve been flirting with the idea of meeting milfs using multiple dating sites. One thing that I learned recently was that a site called FlirtBuddies.com exists and it’s not a good site at all. Here’s what you need to know about it and why I suggest avoiding FlirtBuddies and every other scam site out there…

FlirtBuddies screenshot

My Review of FlirtBuddies

Dating sites and their scams are pretty well known to the average consumer. But many people are surprised just how many of these types of scams exist and just how reputable they are able to appear.

With flirt buddies, their dedication to recreating a format and style that is typical to dating sites lets you know how seriously they take this scam. They make it seem like this is a place where an endless sea of hot girls are desperate for any kind of male attention possible.

This should raise some red flags for you, but sometimes the allure of a beautiful girl is just too much, and that is how sites like this end up making their money.

They suck you in to lower your guard, then try to have you stick around for no reason while your card gets charged on a monthly basis. Flirt Buddies uses a variety of textbook tricks to pull off their scam.

Fake Profiles Everywhere

Flirtbuddies.com has some features that you would expect from a dating site. There are messages, search functions, and local matches that claim to find women in your area.

They claim to offer packages that are at a lower rate than other dating sites, offering a variety of small-day packages. However, they fail to mention that signing up for a few-day trial automatically upgrades to a monthly trial after it ends. The reality here is that everything on the site is fake.

The pictures you will find here are of beautiful model quality women, with professional headshots. Why would these women be so desperate for action on this site?

It doesn’t stop there, as the messages you are receiving are not from real people at all. They are from computer software that’s designed to spam you with the same messages over and over, that’s why they all seem the same.

It’s All An Elaborate Scam

This is how the scam plays itself out. The moment you sign up, you will be hit with over a hundred messages. This may excite you and lead you to believe that there are people interested in your account. You’ll see that there are many views being logged on your account and your email is also filling up with girls who want to talk.

However, you’ll notice that you get these messages regardless if your profile is properly set up or you even have a picture. What sense does it make that all these women want to talk to you when they have no idea who you are?

 Flirt Buddies Reviews Conclusion: A Dirty Business Through and Through

You have to understand that every interaction on the site is fabricated. Sites like this normally employ third-party contractors to run profiles so that you get stuck talking to strangers you will never meet in real life. All so they can keep charging your card every month.

They steal the images of the women from across the internet and without consent. They just care about creating an illusion that makes you feel like it’s worth it to hand over your credit card number. It’s a very disgusting practice but it’s so common because it works. You have to be able to read the signs and then it will become clear to you just how dangerous these sites are.

If you’re looking for a winner – start here playa!

Cheating Cougars Review: They Cheat You, Quite Possibly!


I’m a fan of cougars and if you didn’t pick up on that, then I’m sorry but what else would you expect? The Cheating Cougars website is one that I recently came across and I can confidently say that it’s not one you want to mess with. Do you like spending time with mature women on the prowl? If you tell me no, then I know for sure that you’re 100% lying to me. Every guy fantasizes about banging cougars like Stifler’s mom.

We all do! That said, there are sites out there that cater to people searching for these types of women. This one does just that but not in a good way. Here’s what you need to know about the site and everything that it stands for.

cheating cougars website

My CheatingCougars.com Review

There’s no telling how many times a man has sat back and fantasized about banging a hot, undersexed cougar. It’s part of our natural make up. This poor woman isn’t getting what she needs in the dick department at home.

You, being the altruistic, young stud that you are, pledge your throbbing junk to her never-ending service. You’re doing God’s work, really, you are. The problem is that this passion for older pussy gives the internet itself a scam boner. Sites like Cheating Cougars pop up all of the time to separate you from your money. You go into it thinking it’s all about docking your wang into cougar Jane, but it’s all fake. Here’s how it always goes:

You get immediate attention

The first thing you do is make a free profile. It’s what everyone does. Maybe you’re skeptical or maybe you’re so high on married poontang that you don’t give it a second thought. These women need your dick, dammit! What you’re going to notice is that you’re not entering any real information.

You’re giving them an email address and telling them you like chicks. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and entering your birth date, obvious. Never trust a penis over forty. Anyway, you haven’t even uploaded a picture when you start getting a ton of messages. They keep flooding in and you start imagining your love juice covering all of these sexy ladies. The problem is that you can’t respond to them. Ah, son of a bitch!

The scam at Cheating Cougars

This is where you’re getting scammed. You can’t respond unless you upgrade your account. Once you do that, you’re going to see the messages stop. Even if you send out your messages, you’re never going to hear back from anyone.

It’s like all of these cougars suddenly retired from the world of cheating on their husbands. How could that possibly be? Well, to get your answer, you should have read the terms of service. You would have seen that the site is populated with “online cupids.”

Online Cupids

What’s an online cupid? Well, sir, an online cupid is a bot. It’s a profile created by Cheating Cougars. It’s designed to send you messages when you sign up. It doesn’t matter what you say about yourself or how much you fill out your profile. All-new, free members are going to be getting messages from them. The profile pictures you see have all been taken from other sites. After you get enough messages, you can’t help but upgrade your account to respond to them.

It’s natural human curiosity mixed with a genuine need to help out women that can’t get by without a good dicking. It’s all thought out and planned by the site. They create a need to give them money, then let you do it. It’s that simple. The site is nothing more than a scam and should be ignored by anyone who values their money and time. There are plenty of real cougars out there who would gladly accept your erection into their lives.

Conclusion: Avoid The Cheating Cougars Site

This website isn’t going to help you win the milf dating game. I’m convinced that they’re simply out for your money and nothing more.

That said, it’s in your best interest to step up your game and use the Milfplay site instead of Cheating Cougars because it actually works. Don’t waste your time with the nonsense at Cheatingcougars.com. Trust me, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.