Review: Don’t Believe The Hype!


I’ve been flirting with the idea of meeting milfs using multiple dating sites. One thing that I learned recently was that a site called exists and it’s not a good site at all. Here’s what you need to know about it and why I suggest avoiding FlirtBuddies and every other scam site out there…

FlirtBuddies screenshot

My Review of FlirtBuddies

Dating sites and their scams are pretty well known to the average consumer. But many people are surprised just how many of these types of scams exist and just how reputable they are able to appear. With flirt buddies, their dedication to recreating a format and style that is typical to dating sites lets you know how seriously they take this scam. They make it seem like this is a place where an endless sea of hot girls are desperate for any kind of male attention possible.

This should raise some red flags for you, but sometimes the allure of a beautiful girl is just too much, and that is how sites like this end up making their money. They suck you in to lower your guard, then try to have you stick around for no reason while your card gets charged on a monthly basis. Flirt Buddies uses a variety of textbook tricks to pull off their scam.

Fake Profiles Everywhere has some features that you would expect from a dating site. There are messages, search functions, and local matches that claim to find women in your area. They claim to offer packages that are at a lower rate than other dating sites, offering a variety of small day packages. However, they fail to mention that signing up for a few day trial automatically upgrades to a monthly trial after it ends. The reality here is that everything on the site is fake.

The pictures you will find on here are of beautiful model quality women, with professional headshots. Why would these women be so desperate for action on this site? It doesn’t stop there, as the messages you are receiving not from real people at all. They are from computer software that’s designed to spam you with the same messages over and over, that’s why they all seem the same.

It’s All An Elaborate Scam

This is how the scam plays itself out. The moment you sign up, you will be hit with over a hundred messages. This may excite you and lead you to believe that there are people interested in your account. You’ll see that there are many views being logged on your account and your email is also filling up with girls who want to talk.

However, you’ll notice that you get these messages regardless if your profile is properly set up or you even have a picture. What sense does it make that all these women want to talk to you when they have no idea who you are?

Conclusion: A Dirty Business Through and Through

You have to understand that every interaction on the site is fabricated. Sites like this normally employ third-party contractors to run profiles so that you get stuck talking to strangers you will never meet in real life. All so they can keep charging your card every month.

They steal the images of the women from across the internet and without consent. They just care about creating an illusion that makes you feel like it’s worth it to hand over your credit card number. It’s a very disgusting practice but it’s so common because it works. You have to be able to read the signs and then it will become clear to you just how dangerous these sites are.

If you’re looking for a winner – start here playa!

Cheating Cougars Review: They Cheat You, Quite Possibly!


I’m a fan of cougars and if you didn’t pick up on that, then I’m sorry but what else would you expect? The Cheating Cougars website is one that I recently came across and I can confidently say that it’s not one you want to mess with. Do you like spending time with mature women on the prowl? If you tell me no, then I know for sure that you’re 100% lying to me. Every guy fantasizes about banging cougars like Stifler’s mom.

We all do! That said, there are sites out there that cater to people searching for these types of women. This one does just that but not in a good way. Here’s what you need to know about the site and everything that it stands for.

cheating cougars website

My Review

There’s no telling how many times a man has sat back and fantasized about banging a hot, undersexed cougar. It’s part of our natural make up. This poor woman isn’t getting what she needs in the dick department at home.

You, being the altruistic, young stud that you are, pledge your throbbing junk to her never-ending service. You’re doing God’s work, really, you are. The problem is that this passion for older pussy gives the internet itself a scam boner. Sites like Cheating Cougars pop up all of the time to separate you from your money. You go into it thinking it’s all about docking your wang into cougar Jane, but it’s all fake. Here’s how it always goes:

You get immediate attention

The first thing you do is make a free profile. It’s what everyone does. Maybe you’re skeptical or maybe you’re so high on married poontang that you don’t give it a second thought. These women need your dick, dammit! What you’re going to notice is that you’re not entering any real information.

You’re giving them an email address and telling them you like chicks. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and entering your birth date, obvious. Never trust a penis over forty. Anyway, you haven’t even uploaded a picture when you start getting a ton of messages. They keep flooding in and you start imagining your love juice covering all of these sexy ladies. The problem is that you can’t respond to them. Ah, son of a bitch!

The scam

This is where you’re getting scammed. You can’t respond unless you upgrade your account. Once you do that, you’re going to see the messages stop. Even if you send out your messages, you’re never going to hear back from anyone.

It’s like all of these cougars suddenly retired from the world of cheating on their husbands. How could that possibly be? Well, to get your answer, you should have read the terms of service. You would have seen that the site is populated with “online cupids.”

Online Cupids

What’s an online cupid? Well, sir, an online cupid is a bot. It’s a profile created by Cheating Cougars. It’s designed to send you messages when you sign up. It doesn’t matter what you say about yourself or how much you fill out your profile. All new, free members are going to be getting messages from them. The profile pictures you see have all been taken from other sites. After you get enough messages, you can’t help but upgrade your account to respond to them.

It’s natural human curiosity mixed with a genuine need to help out women that can’t get by without a good dicking. It’s all thought out and planned by the site. They create a need to give them money, then let you do it. It’s that simple. The site is nothing more than a scam and should be ignored by anyone who values their money and time. There are plenty of real cougars out there who would gladly accept your erection into their lives.

Conclusion: Avoid The Cheating Cougars Site

This website isn’t going to help you win the milf dating game. I’m convinced that they’re simply out for your money and nothing more. That said, it’s in your best interest to step up your game and use the Milfplay site instead of Cheating Cougars because it actually works. Don’t waste your time with the nonsense at Trust me, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

HookupHangout Review: No Spicing Up Your Life!


Hookup Hangout, Hookup Hangout, try saying that five times fast! I bet you can’t and by the time you’ve finished reading this site update, you won’t want to say it. I’ve been using the website for a couple of weeks just testing things out and I learned that it’s nothing but a waste of time and energy but know that I’m super picky!

Look, before you shoot the messenger, I want you to give me a chance and let me tell you what I know about this dating website. It’s not what you think and not one of the better ones. Not. Even. Close. homepage

My Review

Most “off-brand” dating sites are a scam. You can usually tell it’s not on the up and up because of their charging practices, the pictures on the profiles, or the lack of features. In investigating, it appears that this may be one of the legit off brand dating sites around. This site is not perfect, but it does not have some of the telltale red flags most dating scam sites feature.

Thankfully No Messages Galore

For one, you are not immediately hit with a variety of messages once you sign up. This is a typical feature of dating scam sites because they employ computer software that immediately harasses you once you sign up. You normally begin to receive a variety of private messages and emails that claim to be from women wanting to hook up.

Likewise, you will see a bunch of stats that claim that women have been checking out your profile or flirting with you. This is almost never truly the case, and the moment you try to talk to anyone, you are asked to upgrade to a paid membership. does not have this problem. You do not receive several messages from women who haven’t even seen what you looked like. This is a good sign because it means that the site isn’t littered with fake bots and that there may be some legit women here. The membership package is pricey, from about thirty five dollars for a month up to about a hundred and sixty five dollars for a year.

However, they are true to their word that you can sign up for an account for free. Other scam sites make you put in your credit card information just to sign up for a free account, and claim they want to verify your age. They just want a way to hit you with recurring charges. This site does not do that.

No Fakes Actually

Usually these sites rip photos from across the internet and use them as fake profiles. There are many software programs that help you reverse image search these photos to let you know if they are real. This site actually had no problem with fake photos. Nothing fraudulent came back up when we ran the program. When you combine this with the lack of fake messages, this does appear to be a good sign.

I’m Not “For” The Terms

The main concern that I have here is with the terms and conditions, they let you know that some profiles on the site may be fake. However, they are not claiming to run fake profiles like most dating scam sites do. They are actually warning you that other people might be on the site trying to defraud you, and that you should be careful about giving out your personal information to profiles on the site.

This is a respectable business practice and is not typical behavior for most dating scam sites out there. For these reasons, we can assume that the women on the site are real. Whether or not you will have success is up to you. But this does not appear to be a site that only exists for financial exploitation.

Did I Get Laid?

The proof is always in the pudding and I’m going to come right out and admit that I personally didn’t get laid using this website. As much as I’d like to have done so, it just wasn’t in the cards for me I guess. If you’re looking for advice on how to get laid, well, I’ve got to share my personal thoughts on that and it’s all about the network.

The network you should be using is this one and no others.

Anyway, that’s my personal advice and what I suggest doing. If you’re still not satisfied, then by all means please reach out to me and let me know your thoughts. I’ll be glad to help. In fact, you can read some of my blog posts on topics such as squirting and hot mom facts then perhaps maybe you’ll feel more confident about things.

XDating Will Cost You Time & Money, No Milf Hookups


I’ve been known to take a few baths on things from time to time. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m basically saying that I’ve gotten hosed more than once using various dating sites. They overbill, don’t deliver, and are nothing but problems. Well, not all of them, but one that definitely falls into that category is Having said that, I’ve done what I always do and that’s pinpoint every single issue that I find with a site like this and you’re going to want to get the low down for sure before joining. Homepage

The very first question that you should be asking yourself or at least thinking about is whether or not there are milfs using this network. I hate to burst your bubble, but there’s no way in hell that there are any real milfs sitting around waiting for you to message and bang them.

burst your bubble

Sure, you can decide for yourself but do me a solid and read this first. I don’t want you blaming me for your foolish antics.

My Review While In Search Of Milfs

Okay, so here is the full rundown and everything that you need to know about this XDating website. You’re going to want to pay close attention here… is one of those scam sites that reveals itself because it partners with nothing but other scam sites. Anybody who knows anything about dating sites knows that it is not common for there to be partnership pairing of sites in this type of way.

This is a red flag that there is fraud going on here. uses the same tired playbook of all dating sites.

They will do their best to appear like a legit dating site by offering common features like chats, match systems, and a curious option described as “meet and fuck” that immediately redirects you to other sites. This is the first among many clues that this site is dangerous and fraudulent.

Meet & F**k Me, I Got Roped!

What you have to understand is that options like meet and fuck, and even the live cam option, is completely unheard of on legit dating sites. They do their best to not appear like sex solicitation sites, and avoid things like live cams because they don’t want to be confused for porn. Xdating is happy to do these things because they are not really selling a dating site. They simply want you to hand over your credit card information no matter what.

I got robbed!

Messages Come In @ Hyper Speed

It’s easy to see that the site is a scam because of how quickly you are hit with messages once you sign up. Literally the moment you complete the free membership, you will get a variety of notifications.  You will find multiple private messages of girls who claim they want to hook up, and your email inbox will be filled with other women saying they want to hang out as soon as possible.

All of this is an elaborate ruse. You don’t have to have a picture up or fill out a single section in your profile to receive these messages. How is it possible that all these hot women want a piece of you when your profile is literally blank?

It’s because none of the women are real and the entire thing is a scam to force you to upgrade your membership. The only way to read or respond to these messages is to go to a paid membership. These type of scam sites will do anything to get your credit card information.

No Real Photos? No Problem (For Them)

They don’t even bother to get legit photos to fill up their profiles. Literally, every picture on the site is likely stolen from somewhere else. Some of these pictures are of real cam girls or amateur porn stars. Other photos are ripped straight off social media sites.

Terms State The Truth

The site will admit to these fraudulent practices right in their terms and conditions. That’s how they get away with it. They admit that many of the profiles on the site are generated by the staff and only exist to spur promotion and interaction on the site.

They will admit that notifications and messages you receive are not necessarily coming from real people. Sites like this may do more with your credit card information than just run up charges for membership. has been out here for years because their model works and makes them money. You should avoid this place at all costs.

Conclusion: Is Not Worth Joining

Look, I’ll be as blunt and upfront with you as possible. The website is a waste of your time and money. Do not spend a single penny on this site. In fact, joining it is a really bad idea and it’s bound to cause lots of personal and financial stress. If you want to bang milfs, then the only thing you need to do is read this page here and take action. Simple as that really.

Best European Cities To Travel To Help You Find Love


I love traveling to Europe. It’s so easy to get lost in everything that’s going on there and in fact, I try to do just that while I’m over there. One of the things that I always try to do is find love in Europe. Whether it be short term love or long term, I’m searching for it because I love European women. If you’re looking for Euro girls that are willing to hook up and maybe even a few that you can fall for during your travels, then you need to know which cities to travel to for the best chances.

Best European Cities

Find Love In These European Cities

There are so many travel destinations around the world that it can be difficult to pick your next visit. It should really all come down to what you’re looking for. Lots of people are just hoping to have a good time and that’s fine. There are other people, like yourself, who are in search of love.

That’s a daunting task.

Trying to find it in a European city is a great start for you. The people are warm and friendly and the men and women are extremely inviting. That doesn’t mean any old city will do, though. Here’s a breakdown of the best European cities to find the love you’re looking for.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city that practically vibrates on its own. It has a bustling nightlife and an incredible underground. It rivals other cities such as London and New York for its culture and liveliness. The city center is where it all happens, so that’s where you should stay.

You can make your way anywhere you want with the city’s incredible transportation system. The people are nothing, if not, regimented in their daily lives. That means that the fun starts and things get crazy as soon as the sun goes down. You won’t need to access any of those call girl sites if you’re in Berlin. The locals are perfect and looking for love 24/7.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is a city that was built by and for lovers. You can’t go more than a city block without finding someone looking for someone else. The typical Parisian can never pass up the opportunity to fall in love and no one can blame them. Romance is in the air, on the streets, and in the language.

If you like a person who loves to job, check out the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. You’ll be able to join them at all hours of the day and night. There’s nothing like a French milf either, trust me. They are deliciously perfect.

London, England

London, England

London is an amazing city where you can walk past a brand new high rise building on your way to visit an ancient Roman ruin. The area has been settled for thousands of years and has the history hanging in the air and coming in on a breeze off the Thames.

Just like Germany, the people really love to let loose after the workday ends. If you ever find yourself in a club, you can expect to get an eyeful. Students and general pub-goers have no problem with letting their passions flare up in the middle of a crowded bar.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

When one of the best modes of travel involves a romantic Gondola ride, you can rest assured that the people who live in Venice are looking for love. They also have a full understanding that all things are fleeting. The entire city itself will someday be under water.

That gives its citizens a sense of never letting the important things pass them by. You never know when you’re going to lose what matters most to you. Even if that thing is the very city where you live and love.

Try Them All

Ready for takeoff

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to try out every single one of these destinations. Life is a short thing and no one ever knows when it will end. Find the love of your life and visit the rest of the destinations with them.

The cities are romantic when you’re alone, but they’re also romantic when you’re with the one. Until that happens, find someone new in each city and let them show you around. Seeing the world through their eyes will give you a brand new appreciation of what it means to truly be alive and able to feel passion.

How To Squirt Guide For Milfs


I love mature women. Want to know what I love even more than just your average mature lady? One that can make herself squirt like crazy! It’s such a turn on and I’ll almost always take a milf squirter over a non-squirter. Sure, it’s messy and there’s some cleanup involved but the sex is fantastic! That said, this article is for the mature women out there using my favorite sex site who don’t know how to squirt but want to learn!

There comes a time in every woman’s life that she has to learn how to make herself squirt. Trust me, women out there like Jenna Shea most definitely can squirt and they do it like professionals! If you’ve tried it, but been unable to make the waterworks flow, there a few simple tips that you can follow. It doesn’t really take a whole lot to get yourself where you want to be, either. You just need to think about your body a little bit differently. There are so many ways for the female body to experience the pleasure that no one should ever have to ignore one of their abilities. It has the power to put you in control of the exact type of intensity and feeling that you want.

how to squirt

How To Squirt (Simple Steps To Follow)

The first thing that you want to consider is playing with a partner. You may know your body better than anyone else around, but you want to be able to focus. If you’re too busy trying to figure out what to do next, then you might lose the opportunity to squirt. The best thing that you can do is simply lie back and enjoy all of the sensations that are coming your way. If you can hand yourself over to pleasure, you might be surprised at just how easy it is to get where you want to be.

Try While Banging

Next up is to try to squirt during sex. Once you learn how to do it, making it happen during actual intercourse is one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll ever feel. It’s going to take a while to get there, though. If you haven’t squirted yet, then you need to take things one step at a time.

Stimulate Like Never Before

You’re going to want all of your stimulation to come from fingers, toys, and mouths. This way, you’ll be able to focus exactly where you want to focus. Some women need a lot of vaginal stimulation and others need a lot of clitoral. Which one you need is up to your body. It’s not better one way or the other. You just need to focus on where the pleasure is the best and ride it all of the way to an orgasm.

Lean w/it Rock w/it

When you finally get close, you’re going to want to lean into it. It will feel like you are about to urinate. You’re not, though. You’re simply about to squirt. It might help if you push as well. It will force the liquid to start to gush and bring your nerve endings right to the edge of stimulation.

If it feels weird at first, don’t worry about it. This is where you want to be and it’s what you’ve been looking for. The more you squirt, the better it will feel. The sensations will heighten each time you get yourself to the edge.

Conclusion: Squirting Is The Best, Practice To Make It Happen!

There are a lot of women out there who can squirt and you’re almost certainly one of them. All you have to do is let your body go. Follow the pleasure and don’t hold yourself. It knows where it needs to go and it wants you to come along for the ride.

Six Reasons To Avoid Escort Review Sites


If you hear your buddies talking about escort review sites, I want you to completely block them out. I get it, you’re anxious to hook up with local milfs and you’re willing to pay for it. However, I’m telling you that you should most definitely NOT pay any escorts and therefore you should also stay away from escort review websites. Please trust me on this. Read what I’ve got to say and take the appropriate action accordingly.

avoid escort review sites at all costs

Avoid Escort Review Websites For All The Reasons Below

I typically don’t mess around and get straight down to business. Since I believe in keeping things simple that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. I’ve got a list of reasons why you should not rely on sites that publish reviews of escorts. There are plenty more reasons but I’ve stuck to these main reasons here…

Most Aren’t Legit

You heard that 100% correctly. Most of these escort review sites are not legit at all. In fact, they’re nothing but sites with a bunch of unverified information. It’s very difficult to confirm the legitimacy of any of these escort reviews.

Think about it, most are free to use and with “free” often comes scammers.

Your Data Isn’t Safe

Assuming that you come across one of the review sites that charge consumers for using the site, then you need to realize that your data is not safe. Sure, it might be encrypted, but if the site gets shut down, seized or raided, then you better believe that any law enforcement agencies will have your name and information on file.

Should you be worried? HELL YES, BE VERY WORRIED. You have no idea what they are going to do with this information. So, instead of connecting with milf escorts, you end up getting a knock on your door from some police officer. All because you paid for access to hooker reviews.

No Proof They’re Real Girls

Some of these reviews listed are not even real girls that are being reviewed. I’m dead serious. There have been occasions where people comb these escort review sites and they end up relying on some stellar review of a mature escort only to be let down when they realize it’s someone trying to rob them blind, not have sex for money.

Risk Of Diseases

Your risk of catching a disease increases tenfold when you use an escort review site. Think about it, if 8,000 guys are reviewing a girl, that means she’s slept with all of them. If she’s allowing them to go in raw then you better believe that she has diseases, even deadly ones.

They Aren’t Exactly Legal

Sure, freedom of speech exists but admitting that you’re partaking in illegal activity is just foolish. Hiring women to have sex with you in exchange for money is completely illegal. That said, I think you’re a fool if you admit to doing any of that and even more of a fool if you do it, period.

They Want Money

The escort review sites exist because they want to make money. They are not here to help you out or just make your life easier. There’s always financial gain involved and if you do believe me, then you’re in denial. You think these sites are posting reviews for their health? Hahaha, Don’t be a sheep!


The bottom line is quite simple, avoid any and all escort review websites. There are plenty more reasons to avoid sites like Erotic Monkey and The Erotic Review and many other sites. Whatever you do, just take my advice based on the info above and steer clear of all of them.

Want to meet with an escort still? Then you better go with a high-end girl like Jenna Shea. However, if you just want to bang some local loose milf, then join a casual dating site – perhaps this.

Reasons To Avoid Milfs In Massage Parlors!


Some people make really stupid decisions, especially when it comes to massage parlors. Most of these people are the same people that have been watching way too much free porn online! They spend hours watching all those milf massage clips and sure enough, at some point, they start to think that it would be a good idea to hit the streets and have the real thing.

Do NOT do it.

I will be the first to tell you that they are the absolute worst and I’m laying out all the reasons why right here below.

But first, before I do that I want you to know that I undoubtedly trust only one network when it comes to hooking up with local milfs and that’s this one right here – click here.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s what you need to know about these massage parlors and why I avoid them.

Reasons To Avoid Milf Massage Parlors

Reasons To Avoid Milf Massage Parlors

All the reasons are listed below, just read them and understand them all…

Way To Pricey

The first reason that I typically avoid these massage parlors is that they are way too expensive. For what you’re essentially trying to get out of it, you’re going to be paying an arm and a leg. There’s no way I’m paying $200 for a massage and then an extra $50 for a rub down from a clothed lady. Hell no! What a waste of time and money.

Secret Cameras

Did you know that most of these milf massage parlors set up secret cameras to keep track of your every move? Think about that for a second. You’re literally on cam being videotaped or possibly streamed live without even knowing it.

You wouldn’t know the difference but I’m telling you right now it happens more than people think. It most definitely happens in the shady joints for sure.

Sting Operations

Have you been watching the news? If so, then chances are you’ve seen all the busts taking place in establishments like this. Massage parlors are not to be run like brothels and neither is Backpage (which is why the Feds shut that down).

Local government officials set up sting operations on a regular basis and they arrest people for trying to get extra services from massage therapists. Unless you want to go to jail or be put on the raided list, I suggest you stay away.

Zero Hot Milfs

If you do choose to get services, they will be given by ugly women. There are no hot milfs working in these massage parlors. If anything, they are fat and ugly women looking to make a quick buck. Heck, they’re not even licensed most of the time!

Bad Massages

Did I mention the massages are downright awful too? Seriously, they are horrible as can be and getting a bad massage can lead to more harm than good. I’ve heard some real horror stories about these massages guys go in for. I’m all set, seriously!

So, the bottom line is quite simple. You’ll have no fun, possibly get arrested, and get the worst massage of your life if you’re lucky for way too much money. How’s that sound for fun?

Don’t waste your time, seriously. If you’re going to go out of your way to hire someone for sex services, make sure it’s someone that’s as hot as Jenna Shea. Either that or do not do it, please!

Are Milf Escorts On Backpage Worth It?


I get asked this question a lot by most of the people that email me. They constantly send emails asking what I think about Backpage and the women that parade themselves on the site. Listen, if you’re looking for advice on how to hire a milf escort, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Sure, I am in love with the one and only Jenna Shea, but she’s at a whole other level, really.

I’ll be the first to tell you that milfs on Backpage are 100% not worth your time and effort. Not even the slightest bit, seriously.

You’re probably scratching your head wondering why on earth I’m reporting it like this but it’s the honest truth. There’s nothing but trouble to be had and no fun on Backpage. I’ll cover all the reasons why I feel that these mature escorts are a huge headache and pain, nothing more.

milf backpage escorts

Reasons Milf Escorts Posting On Backpage Are Not Worth It

Rather than waste your time, I’ll go over some of the many reasons you must avoid milfs on this classified personals ad. There are lots of reasons that you’ll want to avoid this site but those discussed below are perhaps the most important.

Not Actually Milfs

Most of the milfs on are far from what they call themselves. In fact, some of them are using fake photos just to lure men in. So, when you see some hot Playboy model in an ad, chances are she’s not even close to that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were 30 to 40 pounds heavier than the photo posted.

Legal Issues

There is risk involved here and when using an escort site. It’s illegal and chances of you getting caught hiring some mature woman to have sex for money is high. In fact, it’s way too high if you ask me. Many of the ads you’ll come across are posted by law enforcement officers trying to entice you to take action. They want to catch you trying to pay for sex and rightfully so because it’s illegal.


In the event that you do end up meeting some hot and horny milf, there’s a good chance that she will have a bunch of sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, she may be HIV positive which can lead to you possibly contracting the virus. The bottom line is that these escorts put themselves at high risk of catching STDs and it’s all due to the number of unprotected sex partners that they have.

Wallet Stolen

Believe it or not, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re about to get robbed. It’s happened before and does so on a regular basis to users of the site. I’ve heard horror stories of men getting robbed at gunpoint and having their watches and money stolen. Make no mistake about it, you’re going to find yourself in a bad position for sure.

Drugs Are Bad

Some of these milfs are certified drug addicts shooting dope and turning tricks to support their habits. If you mess with a drug-induced woman, she might snap and hurt herself or you. Best to now put yourself in that position, really.

These are just some of the main reasons why I avoid hooking up with milfs on Backpage. Actually, I should rephrase that, it’s why I avoid hiring milfs posting on There’s no reason to use escort sites when all these consensual adult dating networks exist today.

Use your head, just join this instead.