Milfs and Young Guys: Reasons Why Milfs Love Guys In Their 20s


I’ve been pondering this for quite some time now and after doing some serious research and by research I mean banging local milfs, I’ve finally determined why most milfs love guys in their 20s. There are some things that just turn mature women on and for one reason or another they all love to fantasize about fucking young guys. Fortunately for me, I’m a milfaholic┬áthat loves mature pussy and I had the opportunity to experience that and then some during my research.

Trust me when I say that I had to meet about 30 hot milfs in a 10-mile radius to come up with this solid list. I’m pretty certain that you will agree with me on a few factors. Read them, digest them and understand why you need to be trying to hook up with a milf today! By the time you are finished reading this list you will likely want to join a dating site almost immediately if you haven’t already.

milfs love young guys

Milfs and Young Guys: Reasons Why Milfs Love Guys In Their Mid 20s

Here are some reasons milfs love younger guys in their 20s…

1. Milfs know that younger guys can fuck better than men their own age. For that reason alone they prefer younger dudes.

2. They like to be the ones with more financial power.

3. Guys in their 20s appreciate milf pussy more than older men.

4. They put in more work to please a milf versus just getting off quickly.

5. Guys in their 20s love eating pussy and milfs love getting their pussies licked.

6. They can re-up and go again a lot faster than older guys.

7. Most guys in their 20s don’t have hairy backs. Milfs hate hairy backs.

8. Younger guys are generally in better physical shape and they are easier on the eyes (according to some horny milfs).

9. They don’t argue about stupid stuff on dates nor do they try and play a dominant role.

10. They make milfs feel like they are doing the world good by fucking younger guys and teaching them a thing or two in the bedroom.

11. They compliment women much more than an older guy.

12. They let the woman make the choices when it comes to date spots and the plan.

13. Milfs don’t feel obligated to fuck on a date with a guy in his 20s, so they do them more.

14. Cougars and milfs love the catch feeling that they get when dating younger men. It’s more thrilling to them.

15. Younger guys take pride in grooming and milfs appreciate that to the fullest extent possible.

I honestly could go on and on here with this list but if these reasons alone are not enough for you to want to hook up with some hot mature milf in your local area then I don’t know what to tell you really. These reasons make me want to log into Milfplay and other mature dating sites right now to meet a horny milf.

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