The Best Places To Meet Women


News flash everyone. I’m here after a weekend of pounding pussy and I’m here to help you better understand how and where you can meet women. Traditional local bars are not the only place where you can meet women. There are plenty of other locations that work. If you have been out of luck to find good women, here are the top places that will surely help you meet one.

places to meet women

Places You Can Meet Women Locally

Here’s a rundown of some of the best places that you can meet local women and eventually connect for sex.

Dog Park

You must have driven by a dog park in the past and it must have been full of cute, beautiful women with their dogs. Yes, it is true that you get to meet some fantastic women at dog parks but what’s even better is that it is very easy to strike a conversation with them when you are out and about. The one piece of advice you should know is that remember to make sure that your dog is not scary and it actually lovable.

The whole idea and point behind dog parks are for people with common interests to come and take their dogs for a ride. Dog parks are usually full of young women and it is a great place to find someone you love.

Art Walks

Nearly every major town has a functioning art district. You will find art walk in some of these areas and they happen to be the hippest towns in the locality. You can easily wander around and then find the best opportunity to meet the people you want to bang.

What is special and unique about art walks is the fact that you get to meet women who share the same interests as you, which in this case would be art. Moreover, you will be sure of the fact that you do not miss out on a chance to meet great women because they are usually there with all their art interests and more.

Art walks are, therefore, are a good place to visit if you want to see things that interest you and at the same time meet someone who knows that your and her interest will be the same.

Social Media

You probably didn’t see this one coming but you can meet a lot of great local women on social media, given that it isn’t a fluke. When talking to people on social media, make sure that you talk to them about everything that interests you and pushes them to do the same. Millions of women use social media such as Facebook and Twitter and your chances of finding a good friend there will be high.

Amongst the social media sites that you can visit and have some fun are Facebook and Twitter because they provide a platform for you to talk to women directly. The best part about social media is that you don’t have to start dating right away. You can talk to them first and get to know them better and then proceed further.

Dating Sites

There’s no way I could publish this article without mentioning Milfplay and other milf dating websites. I’ve been only using dating sites to meet women locally (and lately) and it’s one of the best things that I’ve done for myself.

While there is a range of other places where you can meet women, the top three have been listed above. Each place presents a unique opportunity for you to interact with women both on the web and in person to see what they are bringing to the table and finally date one.

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