Eye Contact And Cougars: What Does It Really Mean?


If you think that hooking up with a cougar is as simple as making eye contact, you got another thing coming. Many older women are often complex creatures who can say a lot with one look. They have many types of looks that mean different things. Here are the main types of eye contact you can expect to see from cougars and what each type is saying to you. Please pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you. Like I said, cougars and mature milfs are not easy to understand. Every little bit helps for sure!

eye contact with cougars

Tips For Making Eye Contact With Cougars

If you’re looking for tips that actually work, then you’ve come to the right place. These tips most certainly will help you connect and hopefully bang a couple of horny milfs in the near future. There are certain things to look out for and these are all of them…

She deliberately looks away to avoid eye contact. This means that she has noticed you and determined that she is not into you. This type of look means that you should move on.

She doesn’t seem to know you are there. This simply means she hasn’t noticed you. If she has not noticed you yet, don’t get discouraged. Just move to a spot where she can see you better without being obvious.

She seems to make eye contact without meaning to. Don’t assume that this means that she is interested or not. She probably inadvertently looked at you while looking around the room. You should wait and see if she gives you one of the following looks.

She whips her head around when she sees you looking. The meaning of this look depends on what she follows it up with. If she follows up with an eye roll or annoyed look, you bombed. If she looks shy and tries to fight a smile, she’s interested.

She looks right at you and holds eye contact before looking away. This means that she noticed you and she’s still deciding if she is attracted to you. This means you at least have a chance.

She keeps looking at you and looking away. If you see her looking at you this way, you better not wait too much longer before approaching her. This means that she wants you to talk to her.

She looks you in the eye, smiles, and doesn’t stop looking. She is telling you that she is interested in you and wondering why you haven’t approached her yet.

She stares at you looking mesmerized. This look comes when she has made it clear that she is into you and you still have not approached her. She’s starting to imagine being with you.

She stares at you looking mesmerized and smiles. A smile usually follows the previous look and it means that she wants to make it obvious that she wants you.

She undresses you with her eyes. This look means that she wants to jump you then and there. She is going home with you later if you don’t wait too long to approach.

She looks at you with the look of love. This look means that you look like just her type and that she not only wants to sleep with you but may want to fix you breakfast tomorrow morning.

Keep your own eyes open and be ready to pounce on any hot older woman that you find staring you down. It’s your responsibility to take action when necessary. If you don’t you’ll have missed opportunities that pass by regularly. Start by seeing who’s around you that’s using Milfplay and connect with them first.

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