Fast And Furious Tips To Connecting With Milfs Looking For Sex


So many men want to date mature women┬áthese days. You would really think that many of them are experts when it comes to connecting with milfs and getting them to date you. Let me put it this way, most guys don’t have a chance in hell when it comes to hooking up with milfs. Although I’m not the world’s best pick up artist, I can certainly shed some light on things for you when it comes to meeting the milf of your dreams. These tips that I’m about to share will help you connect much faster than most men on the prowl for mature pussy.

connecting with milfs fast and furious style

Fast And Furious Tips For Connecting With Milfs

I love dating older women. I’ve done my share of local slutty milfs and I know that there are literally thousands in every town roaming the streets looking for dick. I shit you not! They literally are roaming the streets. Here are a few fast and furious tips for connecting with milfs in your neighborhood or somewhere close by.

Know End Goal

I know it sounds strange but you need to know your end goal. Most people’s end goal will be to have sex with a mature milf. You need to get deeper than that. Determine whether or not you’re are looking for an alpha or a beta milf. The alpha milfs are those which look and act super sophisticated. They are extremely intelligent and they definitely posses a certain level of power and entitlement. On the other hand, betas are typically not as smart nor do they care to look professional. They just want to find a young guy that will stick their dick deep inside them. Betas aren’t afraid to dabble in just about anything. You need to knpw whether your goal is to pick up an alpha or a beta. Sure, you can want both. Just have a goal in sight.

Understand That Thrill And Chase Matters

When it comes to hooking up with some milfs, the moment you realize that they like to be chased, the more sex you will have. It’s really that simple. You need to remember that lots of milfs have already chased down guys. They did all that stuff in their younger years. Now it’s time for you to do the chasing. You are for certain going to have to earn that milf.

Don’t Waste Their Time

Most mature women do not have time for games. They have lives and family to worry about and they cannot be bothered with young guys that waste their time. If you give a mature woman even the slightest vibe that you’re a time waster I can guarantee you will not end up going any further with her. Instead, communicate with her. Be sure to text her and take action. Let her know you wanna fuck.

Milfs Love Foreplay

Most milfs that I have been with love foreplay. They can’t seem to get enough of it. Just because you are young doesn’t mean that you should just go for it. Instead, so any milf that you make it to the bedroom with that you know how to sexually please them by incorporating some foreplay into the mix. Don’t be afraid to hand a mature woman a fresh glass of champagne and then go down on her for an hour. She’ll literally be ready to give you her all if you do this!

No Drama

Milfs and cougars absolutely hate drama. They will do just about anything in their power to avoid drama. If you’ve got some dramatic shit going on in your life, do not bring it up to her. It just makes things way more complicated than necessary.

Fuck Money

Don’t try and flaunt any money to these mature women. They honestly do not give a fuck about the amount of money that you make. In fact, these women have had an opportunity to get their hands on more cash than you’ve ever come across. Money isn’t everything, good sex is what matters most.

Well, I said these would be fast and furious tips and I meant it. Do not fuck any of these things up or you will not get laid. I can almost guarantee it. Simply do what I say and you will successfully connect with some hot mature women in your local area.

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