Friends With Benefits Tips And How To Do It The Right Way


If you’re using a milf dating site, then chances are you’ll have the opportunity to connect with some horny milfs looking for a friend to fuck. This is quite common. People are enjoying having friends with benefits relationships that have been established as a result of using this website. In fact, according to a study that was done in the UK, one-third of the people below 40 say that they have a casual, NSA sex with friends. However, friends with benefits don’t always work out the way that you want it to. That’s where our guide to doing FWB the right way comes in handy.

friends with benefits tips

Simple Friends With Benefits Tips For Mature Dating

Dating mature, casual women, you need to know how to approach them and what to do if you want to avoid building a serious relationship. Staying in the “sex friends” zone is important. These tips should likely help you out.

Don’t Hug After Sex

If you are banging a hot milf, don’t hug or cuddle after sex. People that are FWB don’t do anything like this. Also, it should go without saying that saying, “I love you” is also a no go. You cannot be too involved with the person you are having this type of relationship with. However, as far as the sex is concerned, you can do as much experimenting as you want. Don’t be afraid to stick in in that filthy milf’s asshole or even skull fuck her. Heck, she might be into that type of thin. That’s the best part of it all.

One Benefit Is Healthy

When it comes to friends with benefits, it is important and wise to just focus on one FWB. You can have other hookup partners, but it is always better to go for one as it is more healthy. Moreover, in the meantime, if you have found someone else to have a relationship with, you can always hop from FWB to FWB without considering your previous friend’s feelings. I guess it’s an added benefit that many mature women check their feelings at the door (for the most part).

Getting Attached

It is always better to not even attempt to develop friends with benefits relationship if you are getting attached. Attachment is a no-go and there are ways to prevent this from happening. You shouldn’t make any comments or remarks that could cause attachment. It is wise to not say anything too mushy or sensitive to your sex partner. It is important to steer clear of anything that could make you more attached. If you need to fuck someone harder or treat them like a slut just to keep things more physical versus emotional then do just that. Heck, she’ll probably appreciate that more actually!

Act Like A Good FWB

Good FWB’s know what to expect and they also know what to provide their friends. Thole whole idea is that both individuals behave in such a manner that’s beneficial to both parties from a sexual perspective only. Be sure to play your part or role in this friends with benefits situation.

What’s There To Do

You can pretty much do anything and everything you want with these types of bang friends. Whatever you do, keep it low on the emotional side. Use your best judgment and just focus on fucking versus anything else.  That said, what you can do is send selfies, enjoy dinner or drinks, fuck each other and enjoy your relationship. Simple as that really!

Having friends with benefits relationship is great and with the above tips that I’ve laid out for you, I’m pretty certain that you’ll have the time of your life. Meet some slutty milfs and play with them for hours every day.

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