How To Dress To Get More Women To Notice You


How you dress and what you wear in your dating profile does matter. It may not seem like it matters much but I promise you that it does. If you want to attract more women then you need to know exactly how to dress in order to do so. That’s right. You’ve got to avoid some common mistakes if you want to be successful when it comes to dating.

how to dress

How To Dress To Get More Women To Notice You

Here’s how to dress and what to avoid wearing if you want to get noticed in your dating profile.

Don’t Wear A Suit

I don’t want you heading to the dry cleaners to get your suit dry cleaned. Save your money! According to Askmen, “22% of men wear suits in their Tinder profiles.” That’s absolutely ridiculous given that it’s a dating website. You’re not going on a job interview, just trying to find someone to hookup with. Don’t be a douchebag, lose the damn suit!

Don’t Wear Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are great in concept but wearing neutral colors isn’t going to help you stand out. According to a recent study, “73% of men wear neutral colors in their profile pictures.” Do you think this helps or hurts you? Well, notice how more people that go against the grain get noticed more? That’s because they do. I’d suggest that you stay away from neutral colors.

Lose The Blue Shirt

I had a blue shirt that I loved. It was a button down shirt and I would wear it almost weekly. Guess what, every time I wore it I never met women. That’s because it’s so fucking typical that women just pay no mind to guys dressing like this. Posting a photo of you wearing a typical blue button down shirt isn’t going to get you laid, ever. You need to through some color into the mix here and do something that’s a bit different.

Wear Accessories

Women notice guys with nice accessories. No, I’m not telling you to start wearing a bunch of jewelry. I’m telling you to simply start incorporating some high-quality accessories to your wardrobe. That goes especially if you’re trying to meet a milf. They will notice a nice expensive watch on your wrist. That’s all you need. Maybe some nice shoes as well.

That should put you in the right direction when it comes to dressing for dating online.

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