How To Get Laid By An Older Woman


I’m sure you think you’ve got a good chance of getting laid by an older woman, but your chances aren’t nearly as great as they’re going to be after reading this article. There’s a science behind this and I’m going to teach you how to get laid by an older woman without putting in too much effort. Do yourself a favor and forget everything that you’ve learned over the years I’m going to re-teach you the right way to do things if you want to stick your dick inside some mature pussy.

These simple steps will help you accomplish just that. The good news for you is that hooking up with mature women isn’t all that tough and it can really be a fantastic date night if you do as I say. There’s absolutely no second guessing here. Just follow the steps in order and you’ll be orgasming in no time.

how to get laid

Steps On How To Get Laid By An Older Woman

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get laid on the regular with minimal effort put forth. It’s more than likely going to be easier to fuck older women using this technique versus taking other people’s advice. Follow these steps…

Step 1) Join a good dating website. Use milfplay, because it works so damn good.

The very first thing that you need to do is join a milf dating website. Assuming that you’re not a member of Milfplay, then I suggest you join this site first and foremost. Getting a Milfplay login takes literally less than 30 seconds to accomplish. Open up a new tab and do it before you do anything else.

Step 2) Search within your zip code.

Find some mature women to chat with in your local zip code. The beauty of these milf dating sites is that you can easily connect with some women that live for meeting guys that like to just fuck. You should always look to connect with someone close by so that you can message each other and increase the chances of you meeting one another to have sex. Don’t be afraid to ask this horny mature lady if she’s free for lunch or even dinner tonight. Be active and open to meeting as soon as possible in person.

Step 3) Meet her.

Set up a place to meet and chat. This should be a strategically close to your house or a hotel of some sort. Why is this important? Well, because you want to be able to escalate things even further if you kick things off nicely. Make sure you dress nicely but don’t make it seem like you are trying too much.

Step 4) Make her feel sexy.

Mature women love to feel sexy. If you want to get in her pants, then you need to make her feel sexy enough to want to allow that to happen. Don’t just say too many nice things to her, though. Taking that approach can sometimes lead to utter failure as well. Just focus on her eyes, mind, and beauty. Whatever you do, don’t think about eye fucking her perfect tits.

Step 5) Make a connection.

Connect with her how ever you need to in order to really build up or form some sort of trusting relationship. This part is crucial to you getting lucky and fucking this hot milf you’ve been chatting with.

Step 6) Leave together.

You must always leave with your older date. You want to leave at the same time to take things elsewhere. I’d suggest leaving with her and asking if she wants to either come over your house or hit a hotel lobby for another drink.

Step 7) Bang each other.

By now, you should either be at a hotel or one of your houses. Now it’s time to really kick things into high gear. Do whatever you need to in order to turn her on. Fuck her like crazy and make sure she cums before you do. It’s always important to wear protection as well. Some older women won’t want you to use them but you should.

Well, that’s my quick approach to help you get laid. Start by logging into Milf play tonight and connect with some mature horny ladies today.

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