How To Hookup With Your Friend’s Mom


We’ve all wanted to bang someone’s busty hot mom at one point or another. If you tell me otherwise, then I know you’re a liar! You might think that hooking up with your friend’s mom is breaking everything about bro code, but some moms are MILFs of the highest caliber and you’ll regret it if you don’t try. If you approach things properly, you end up with the affair of a lifetime. I’ll tell you everything that I know and believe to be true about this crazy banging accomplishment. Here is how to achieve it.

Bang Your Friend's Hot Mom

Steps To Bang Your Friend’s Hot Mom (Without Getting Caught)

There are a few key steps to all of this. You need to pay damn close attention to everything that I’m about to share with you. Why? Because I’ve done my share of hot mature women in my day. Learn from a pro or fail miserably. The choice is crystal clear. Keep reading for the tips…

Find A Friend (With A Hot Mom)

This step is pretty damn obvious but a necessary part of the equation. The first thing you need to do is find a friend with a mom hot enough to pursue. It should be a person that you are close enough to that your relationship can handle such an awkward situation. Otherwise, things could get more complicated than it’s worth. Pro tip, be sure to focus on the tasks at hand one at a time. Your only objective right now is to find a friend or two with a hot mom, that’s it.

Be Ready To Put Time In

Once you find your MILF, be prepared to go the long haul. This is not something you can rush. You may have to get to know her over a few weeks, months, even years at times. You’ll have to get comfortable with her before you start trying to get her in bed. Trust me, if not things can backfire in a big way.

Don’t Ask For Approval

You might start feeling guilty and feel the need to talk to your friend about it, but he’s going to say no. Don’t even think about asking him or mentioning anything about this. It will make it very hard to pursue any further. Keep your plans to yourself and don’t let him know about it until he has to. In fact, best to never let him find out, ever!

Show Her That You’re Super Mature

While you’re getting to know your friend’s mom, you should start showing her that you are not a kid anymore. She needs to start seeing you as a man, so you should speak to her as a fellow adult and start some playful flirting. Acting like the typical immature tool isn’t going to help you get deep in her. In fact, any other approach is definitely going to hurt you. I promise you that acting like a grown man will make her super horny and wet, definitely enough to even want to have an affair with you.

Classic Rock Jams

Seize any chance to relate to her. Listen to some classic rock and start talking about it around her. If you find out specific music she is into, make an effort to listen to it and bring it up casually or play it while she’s around.

Pay Close Attention To Her

Something as simple as paying attention to what she has to say or how her day went can go a long way toward endearing yourself to her. She will appreciate that you took an interest in her as a person and she will start to open up to you.

Surprise Her…Pleasantly

If she responds well to flirting, keep things casual and friendly for a long period of time. Surprise her when you make your move, but only after you have noticed her reacting favorably to your flirting. Don’t give her a chance to think about it and overthink it.

Own It If Caught

If anyone finds out, own it. Say that you initiated the whole thing. It will be the truth and you should be the bigger man and don’t let her take the fall for it. You want it to seem as if she gave in to the charms of a young man rather than being a woman who seduced a young man.

That’s about all it takes if you want to hook up with your friend’s hot mom. I can almost guarantee that you’ll have the time of your life if you end up doing so. Oh, one thing that I should mention, it would be in your best interest to see if any of your friend’s moms are on That would make it almost a hundred times easier if they are on the site. That means they want dick and are willing to do just about whatever it takes to get some. Do your due diligence in that respect for sure.

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