How To Last In Bed Without Pills


Did you know that most men have problems ejaculating too early? It’s so true and that’s actually why milfs enjoy having sex with younger guys. Most of them can last longer in bed without coming. The people that can’t help ejaculating early obviously haven’t tried everything. They may have tried pills but that’s just one possible solution. I’ve better options for those that don’t want to take pills. Last a long time in bed with a mature woman and she’ll want more sex from you, I promise that much! Check out these tips.

Last in bed without pills

Last In Bed (Without Pills) By Doing These Things

Here are simple steps that you need to take to last longer in bed. Don’t be afraid, just give them a try and let me know if you have any questions.

Urinate First

Before having sex, you’ll want to go to the bathroom. Make sure you pee before penetrating the woman you’re on a date with. I always make it a point to use the restroom before getting intimate with a woman. It definitely helps!


You’ll want to incorporate lots of foreplay into your intimate encounter. The milf you’re hooking up with may even orgasm during foreplay and then you’ll be more confident moving forward with things. Lick her pussy, make her cum and she’ll love you forever.


Since you’re dating some strange woman that you’ve just met, I suggest you wear a condom anyway. Condoms can help decrease the sensation and it typically makes you last in bed.

Focus On Her

You’ll want to focus on that mature woman in your hotel bed. Spend almost no time focusing on yourself. That’s just going to ruin your night for good. Focusing on pleasing a woman can help drastically reduce the amount of anxiety and pressure that you’re putting on yourself. It shifts the focus onto her versus you.

Stay In The Zone

Get your head in the game and stay in the zone if you want to be successful. I can almost guarantee that once you’re in the zone, you will feel so much better and the pressure of performing will be lifted.

These are by far the easiest “pill free” forms of avoiding premature ejaculation. I strongly suggest that you try these tactics out next time you’re with a hot milf on a sex date. Oh, I’d like to add one other thing to the list. It’s complimentary I guess. You better be working out every single day if you want to be able to fuck like a champ. I find that going to the gym helps with stamina and lasting longer in bed. Chances are you’ll have the same results.

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