How To Last Longer In Bed


If you’re dating a milf or any mature woman, then you have no other choice but to understand how to last longer in bed. A lot of men fear pre-ejaculation and their overall performance in bed. They often feel under confident, especially when it comes to lasting longer in bed and having a decent sized penis. While you cannot do anything about your natural size, you can improve your timing in the bed. I know, it’s a subject that doesn’t get talked about all that frequently but one that I feel is a must to discuss when it comes to dating older women.

Once you learn how to control yourself in the bed, size won’t ever matter again. Trust me when I say it is more important to learn how to control your ejaculation and last longer than having a big unit.

Sex can be great for both you and the smoking hot milf that you’re banging if you can delay ejaculating. Learning how to control yourself in bed is great for both of you. Guys who find it hard to keep from coming early are usually unable to satisfy their partners. This results in less sex appeal from the opposite sex. That goes double for mature women.

Last Longer In Bed

Here’s Now To Last Longer In Bed With A Hot Milf

Remember, women need more time to reach orgasm than men. If you have trouble keeping up with your woman, try the following tips to last longer in bed.

Change Your Diet

Did you know that a guy on a vegetarian diet has more chances of lasting longer in bed than other guys who are not on the diet? Your diet plays an important part in making you last a bit longer in bed.

If you are having trouble, try going for a “vegetables only” diet. People on the diet are known to focus more intake of fruit content that provides more stable energy than any other food type. Eating fruit and vegetables mean that your body will be consistently taking energy from them while giving you the much-needed boost. Stay away from any kind of food that gets digested easily and doesn’t offer a sustainable energy source. That means candy bars and other junk food. That stuff is absolute shit for your body and does nothing to help you.  I also recommend that you workout a lot!

Natural Supplements

There are tons of natural supplements available that can help you better control your ejaculation. You can also try Viagra, which is known to help men last longer in bed if you really have a bad problem with E.D. as well. I suggest sticking with the diet change first before jumping into any supplement usage.


Last but not the least, practice…a lot. If you find a hot mature woman that is willing to help out, try practicing by having sex every single night just to try and learn to control your time. If you do not have a partner, a good idea would be to masturbate using adult sex toys to control your time. This may sound funny but it actually works pretty good.

Well, those are my tips for trying to last longer in bed. It should be pretty easy for you to control your orgasms after about a week or two.

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