How To Meet Milfs At A Local Coffee Shop


I’ve been known to hang around the coffee shops from time to time. Picking up milfs at them is basically my specialty. There are tons of local milfs that hang around Starbucks and the local coffee shops in my neighborhood. I’m sure that if you live in a metropolitan or large suburban area that you’re coffee shops are packed as well. I’ve met over a dozen women using this exact tactic and I think you’ll find my tips rather helpful.

meet milfs at a coffee shop

Tips To Meet Milfs At Coffee Shop In Town

This list is by no means complete. It’s just a few of the basic tips that I’ve got time to share with you. I’m sure you’ll have questions about them, but I suggest you just read them, understand everything there is to know about each tip, and take some action to connect with these horny naughty women.

Visit During Non-Busy Hours

You’re not going to have much luck swinging by the local coffee shop at 7am when everyone if running around trying to get to work. Instead, you’ve got to try and connect with some hot milfs that are hanging out at 10AM to 11AM or sometime in the afternoon. These women likely don’t have a job to run off to and they’re just hanging out at the coffee shop after hitting the gym, looking for some social opportunities. Take advantage of that opportunity and attempt to connect with these naughty mature women.

Dress Nicely

If you want to attract a horny milf at the coffee shop then you need to dress nicer than everyone else. Rolling in wearing your sweatpants isn’t going to get you anywhere. I’ve been there and done that. It’s a lost cause taking that approach. Instead, wear something that’s halfway decent that will get her looking at you and wanting you more. Try wearing a nice expensive watch or something like that. It’s bound to have a positive impact on your chances of connecting with some hot woman.

Start A Conversation

Don’t be shy about starting a conversation with one of the women hanging out at the coffee shop. Milfs love a younger man that has the confidence to just walk up and start a conversation. Life is too short to not take chances like this. You never know what type of results it can lead to. Just go for it and I’m sure you’ll have a ball doing so! What’s the worst thing that can happen, she ignores you and doesn’t give you the time of day?

Offer Them Something

Be a fucking gentleman and offer these women something from the coffee shop. If you’re in line with a hot milf and she happens to be speaking with you and you go to order, you best offer to buy her something. If you can’t go out of your way to do that then you’re not ever getting laid by her.

Use The Phone

You have a smartphone in your hand while in line. You better be logging into your milfplay account to check and see if any women are members at the coffee shop. In the event that they are, you best be planning on sending a message to them. Don’t wait too long. Send the message right away and let them know you’re all about getting in that ass! No just kidding, but definitely, let them know you’re there.




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