Review: Can You Really Bang Cheating Milfs?

There’s something that you need to know about me. For starters, I love milfs and I also love cheating! However, just like everyone else, I absolutely hate being cheated out of anything. When I came across the site, I was super intrigued by what I saw. The only problem is that looks can definitely be deceiving, especially when it comes to dating milfs or at least meeting them online for sex. The good news for you is that I’ve done a bit of homework and went out of my way to review Take a few moments to learn everything there is to know about this site.

Screenshot of Milf Cheaters Site Site Review After Using It For 10 Days

I only spent about ten days using the website. It didn’t take me long at all to learn the ins and outs of this site. I’ll tell you right now that this is one of probably fifty or a hundred milf dating membership sites out there. In fact, there’s gotta be more than that. Here’s a rundown of everything that I know about it…

First The Foolish Questions

The first thing that this site tries to throw at you is silly questions in a typical landing page. They want you to think that these answers mean a lot but in actuality, the answers that you provide mean nothing at all. It’s a simple stupid questionnaire that calculates nothing at all. What they really want you to do is answer them and be super excited to be eligible to become a member. Unfortunately, everyone is eligible. This is just a sales tactic that they know works, so they do it. Simple as that really.

I also didn’t like how the girls in the background were repeated over and over. That tells me the number of girls is low and they don’t have as large of a dating database as they should.

Is The Site Legit?

I think if you have to ask this question, then chances are it’s not legit. I can tell you right away that the site is not legit at all. In fact, the way that I was able to determine this was due to the number of internal messages that I received after signing up for the site.

I must have received close to two dozen messages from so-called horny milfs that literally didn’t exist. I’ll get into the details of all that as well. Basically, all they want you to do is subscribe and upgrade your membership from free to paid.

Speaking of paying, it’s going to cost you quite a bit of money if you do decide to join While they claim to be 100% free, that’s a crock of dog poop and nothing less than that. The site will absolutely drain your bank account.

Remember that you joined this site under the impression that the site was 100% free. I hate to burst your bubble but Milf Cheaters is definitely not free. In fact, it’s WAY overpriced and I’ll tell you why. It’s because they try to get you to join three other sites when you upgrade your account.

The total charge is rough, it’s about $110 because you get signed up for MilfCheaters, VideoVibe, and VideoErotic. A normal adult dating site costs about $35 per month and that’s those that are very effective.

Love Stars All Over The Place

Here is how really cheats all the users. When you join and begin to receive emails from the many milf profiles on the site, that’s when you start interacting with Love Stars. These “Love Stars” are literally user profiles that have been fictiously put together to keep you entertained. You’ll never get to have sex with any of the people.

You’re probably wondering how they get away with this type of activity. Well, when you joined, you agreed to very specific terms and conditions. Unfortunately, those conditions state that they are able to use fake profiles and incorporate them in the member’s area.

They Have You By The Balls

Something else really bothered me about the Milf Cheaters website. In their terms, they state that you’ve given them permission to use your personal information in any manner that they choose to do so.

Basically, they have the right to repurpose your profile across every single dating site within their network. This is bullshit considering you’re not even a member of these other sites.

Conclusion: Milf Cheaters Is Terrible, End of Story.

I’ve used so many mature dating sites over the years and it’s possible that Milfcheaters might be one of the worst of all time. If you’re looking to cheat with milfs, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Milf Cheaters is nothing but a huge scam set to drain your wallet, nut your gonads. If you want to meet real milfs then I suggest doing so right here, right now.

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