NFL Sunday Sex And Why Hot Milfs Love It!


It should come as no surprise that most America men love NFL football. They love it so much that they would give up almost anything to watch NFL football. Would they give up sex, though? Yes, some of them will give up sex to watch football all day long. However, the smart guys use this to their advantage and actually fuck more milfs than usual during the football season. It’s not because they have some super-human power during the season that they lack in the offseason, it’s something much simpler than that (which I’m going to share with you).

Hot Milf Ready For NFL Sunday Sex

This hot milf looks ready for an NFL Sunday Sex Showdown!

Hot Milfs Love Having NFL Sunday Sex

I’m going to share a little secret that you might be able to work to your advantage this football season. All you need to do is put forth a little bit of effort and play your cards right. You might find yourself getting fucked by some horny milf every Sunday and Monday night of the entire NFL football season.

Here’s how I got lucky on the regular and why...

Let me start off by saying that there are a couple of things that can happen here. Either you can meet up with a milf that loves NFL football just as much if not more than you, or you can just find a hot one that likes to be the center of attention and win all the time. I’ll explain why it matter more below. Here’s something to keep in mind, for the most part, it’s the physically fit milfs that love football.

Let me start with the football loving milf first. In the event that you can find a hot milf that loves watching NFL games on TV or better yet, attending the games, then you’re in luck. All you need to do is place a wager with her that if a team wins you get something out of it and if they lose she gets something out of it. This will keep her horny enough to make the game super exciting and want to fuck regardless after the game. I’ve literally one bet with milfs that I take on dates to games and they lost the bet. As a result, I’ve had anal sex with a mature horny lady in my car in a post-game celebration.

Now, for those that don’t like NFL Sunday or Monday Night Football, you need to find a girl that likes to win. Ask her to come to your house and hang out during the game. Make her feel like your more interested in the game than sticking your dick inside her. You know, the whole reverse psychology move there. As a result, she’ll be throwing herself at you and spreading her legs just to get your attention.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re prepared with the right accessories (condoms, and some alcoholic drinks) at any moment throughout your date. Also, you should only be trying to meet women to date using Milfplay or a specific milf dating app that is for casual sex and not serious relationships. I’m confident you will get laid during the season and NFL Sunday sex will be your new favorite physical activity.

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