Places To Take Milfs On A Casual Date


If you’re just now getting a start at dating milfs in your local area and you’re used to dating much younger women then you have some adjustments to make when planning a casual date. The same rules do not apply. You need to know where to take a milf if you want to get laid at the end of the evening.

milf casual date spots

Places To Go On A Casual Date With A Milf

Forget everything you know about going on dates with college girls. The rules have changed and if you want to get laid on a date with a hot milf, you should choose one of the following types of places to take her.

A Martini Bar
This is probably the best place to take a local MILF on a casual date if you want to get laid. Women love dressing up sexy and going out for martini’s. It’s no secret and the little effort and money spent at the martini bar can get her loose enough to want to bang.  Work on impressing her, and the rest will fall into suit.

A Steakhouse
If you’re looking to really impress a sexy milf, then I suggest looking into a high-end steakhouse as a dating option. She’ll really appreciate this and see that you’re not afraid to spend your money. Just make sure she doesn’t eat too much.

Comedy Show
A comedy show is a great option for those that want to loosen up and laugh. You can really see what drives someone by taking them on a date to a comedy show. Just be sure not to sit too close to the front or you’ll be the joke of the show.

Hotel Lobby Bar
If you live close by a high-class hotel then the lobby bar is a fantastic choice if you’re looking both have some drinks and perhaps have some fun up in a hotel room as well.

Avoid The Movies
I wanted to be sure to add this one to make sure that you avoid it. It’s perhaps the worst thing you can possibly do in terms of taking a milf on a casual date. You’re not getting laid after the movies. I can guarantee it. Stay the F away from the theater. It’s too quite and you’re not in high school so you won’t be getting to third base with a local hot milf.

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