Reasons To Avoid Milfs In Massage Parlors!


Some people make really stupid decisions, especially when it comes to massage parlors. Most of these people are the same people that have been watching way too much free porn online! They spend hours watching all those milf massage clips and sure enough, at some point, they start to think that it would be a good idea to hit the streets and have the real thing.

Do NOT do it.

I will be the first to tell you that they are the absolute worst and I’m laying out all the reasons why right here below.

But first, before I do that I want you to know that I undoubtedly trust only one network when it comes to hooking up with local milfs and that’s this one right here – click here.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s what you need to know about these massage parlors and why I avoid them.

Reasons To Avoid Milf Massage Parlors

Reasons To Avoid Milf Massage Parlors

All the reasons are listed below, just read them and understand them all…

Way To Pricey

The first reason that I typically avoid these massage parlors is that they are way too expensive. For what you’re essentially trying to get out of it, you’re going to be paying an arm and a leg. There’s no way I’m paying $200 for a massage and then an extra $50 for a rub down from a clothed lady. Hell no! What a waste of time and money.

Secret Cameras

Did you know that most of these milf massage parlors set up secret cameras to keep track of your every move? Think about that for a second. You’re literally on cam being videotaped or possibly streamed live without even knowing it.

You wouldn’t know the difference but I’m telling you right now it happens more than people think. It most definitely happens in the shady joints for sure.

Sting Operations

Have you been watching the news? If so, then chances are you’ve seen all the busts taking place in establishments like this. Massage parlors are not to be run like brothels and neither is Backpage (which is why the Feds shut that down).

Local government officials set up sting operations on a regular basis and they arrest people for trying to get extra services from massage therapists. Unless you want to go to jail or be put on the raided list, I suggest you stay away.

Zero Hot Milfs

If you do choose to get services, they will be given by ugly women. There are no hot milfs working in these massage parlors. If anything, they are fat and ugly women looking to make a quick buck. Heck, they’re not even licensed most of the time!

Bad Massages

Did I mention the massages are downright awful too? Seriously, they are horrible as can be and getting a bad massage can lead to more harm than good. I’ve heard some real horror stories about these massages guys go in for. I’m all set, seriously!

So, the bottom line is quite simple. You’ll have no fun, possibly get arrested, and get the worst massage of your life if you’re lucky for way too much money. How’s that sound for fun?

Don’t waste your time, seriously. If you’re going to go out of your way to hire someone for sex services, make sure it’s someone that’s as hot as Jenna Shea. Either that or do not do it, please!