Mistakes Young Guys Make Dating Milfs


I know this sounds crazy and it’s far and few between but some young guys make mistakes when it comes to dating mature women. It’s not uncommon for young guys to fuck up their chances with milfs that their dating or trying to date. It has everything to do with the fact that they are doing things wrong. That’s about all that’s wrong with things for the most part. These young studs think their shit doesn’t stink and they can’t take any advice from another player in the game. If you’re one of the guys that I’m referring to then I want you to read this article. Chances are you’ll read something that will increase your chances of getting laid.

Dating milf mistakes

Young Guys Make These Mistakes Dating Milfs And Older Women

This is a quick rundown of the most basic things that I can think of that most guys in their 20s do when they’re trying to connect with a smoking hot milf.

Ignore The Basics

I hate that I even have to mention this one. It truly pisses me off but I’ve got no other choice but to cover this stuff. You young guys, you think you can bypass all the basics and go right to the upper-level shit. That’s where you make a huge mistake. I’m sick and tired of guys ignoring the fundamentals when they are so damn important. You know what I’m talking about. Your looks, acting right, dressing the part etc. All the basics that can have a dramatic impact on your sex life. Don’t ignore the basics!

Not Approaching Women

I also hate it when people don’t approach women. If you’re a young guy and you want to fuck a hot milf then you need to put your work in. I’m not saying you should bow down to them, but you’ve got to show them that you truly care about them or have some sort of interest in getting to know them. Approach a mature woman that you think is attractive. I can guarantee that she’s not going to approach you!

Not Flirting

Some young guys are too shy to flirt. They think it’s as simple as joining a milf sex site, messaging some mature hooker and fucking her. Yes, in a round about way it is that easy, but you want to put in some work before you just ask her to fuck, lol. Flirting is so crucial and it’s one of those things that most women want to have happen to them. It makes them feel sexy and wanted.

Not Being A Closer

Some guys can’t close a date for the life of them. If you can’t close then you’re not getting any sex. Unless she’s all about the D and is willing to fuck you regardless, then you’re not getting a shot at it. Having spent thousands of hours on dates with horny mature women, I know that you need to be able to close a deal with older women if you want to bang.

Not Making A Move

Guys, make a fucking move for gosh sakes! That pussy isn’t going to lick itself! Many men don’t make moves that they should in order to succeed. If you’re not making moves with women then you’ve not fucking any older women. Simple as that really.