Things That Happen When You Date Older Ladies


Guess what, there are things that happen when you date older ladies and yes, they most definitely are good things. Most of the are things that will happen are totally positive. In fact, they couldn’t be more positive if you ask me. Something about dating an older woman just puts a warm smile on my face. Here are some of the main things that you’ll likely experience should you go out on a limb and try to date some hot milf.

Things Learned Dating Older Women

Dating Older Ladies – Things That Happen When You Do

Trust me, the results are incredibly rewarding. I’ve been hooking up with milfs for the last year using¬†this dating app and my social sex life can’t get any better. Here’s what’s likely to happen for you when you do the same.

#1 You’ll Be Exposed To A New World

There’s a good chance that you’ll experience a world of wise women and have a much better sense of life in general. Trust me, these women have been around the block and they typically hold nothing back when it comes to sharing wisdom and knowledge.

The world that I’ve been exposed to since joining the Milfplay is something euphoric. I just can’t get enough of mature women, even just having a simple conversation with one is enough to make me happy at times.

#2 Incredible Sex Always

Older women know how to fuck. She’s a professional in this department and is seasoned more so than you can ever imagine. I’m telling you right now, a mature tight body and seasoned hole is nothing to joke about. It’s incredible sex that you’ll have to look forward to for days to come.

#3 Less Money Spent On Drinks

For the most part, older women don’t need to get absolutely polluted at the bar. Instead, they have a martini or two and then you’re on your merry way to bang. Simple as that and your wallet is in much better shape as a result. What’s not to love about that really!

#4 Mature Women Inspire You

Unlike crabby college girls, mature women say things that are very insightful and inspiring. Having conversations with them isn’t like holding a gun to your head. Instead, they may actually inspire you to do some good in this world and achieve your goals. For example, if you date a milf that’s fit or in shape, then she’ll inspire you to achieve that six-pack for sure! Most of the time these older women are financially stable and are of sound mind. Two things that younger girls know nothing about.

#5 People May Think You’re Her Kid

Don’t be offended if you’re out and about and all of the sudden, you get mistaken for her kid. Trust me, some older ladies find this as a turn on and it makes them want you even more. I’ve been on a date at a nice steakhouse (on her) and I’ve been referred to as a “son” by the waitress and that set the woman’s panties on fire. Trust me, it’s something that you have to experience first hand.

Those five simple reasons alone are enough of a reason for you to date older ladies. I’m telling you right now, they will, in fact, change your life for the better.

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