What To Do After A Break up


what to do after a break up

The reason we get back into the dating game most likely is because we break up with someone right? Of course it is. Either that of you plan on simply cheating on your partner and you just want to find someone to hookup with on the side. Anyway, if you’ve just ended a relationship, then there are certain steps to take.

A List Of Things To Do After A Break up

Here’s a list of things that you absolutely must do after you break up with someone. These things are not optional as far as I’m concerned.

Get Off Of Social Media
For starters, step the fuck back from Facebook and Twitter. I know you want to play stalker online through the social media channels but that’s not an option. Instead, you need to stay away from it all. No one gives a shit what you’re doing on social media and you shouldn’t care what they’re doing either. It just causes headaches if you’re focusing too much on what your ex is up to these days. Just back the heck off!

Erase The Number
This one is painful but you need to do it. You need to erase your ex’s number from your phone immediately. It allows you to detach from them for good. Don’t worry, if you ever get back together and you need the number you can come up with an excuse for losing it. For now, erase it. Out of sight, out of mind now!

Start Dating Again
This one is easy, you’ve got to start playing the field again. Get back out there and start dating immediately. I’m not saying to get setup either. I’m talking about you joining a dating site, putting yourself out there and going on dates with new people. Heck, you may even meet someone that just wants to fuck on the regular if you’re lucky!

Focus On Getting In Shape
Breakups are perfect reasons to focus on getting in the best shape of your life. It’s a chance to get in shape and start living again. There’s a number of reasons why you would want to get in shape but it’s about sparking that mind-body balance that makes a difference. Just go for a run, join a gym or do something every single day to physically better yourself. Who knows, you may even meet some horny fit milf at the gym that’s just looking to smash.

Doing all of this will allow you to start living again and that means that you’re going to finally start getting laid again! Enjoy and go get
’em tiger!

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