How To Successfully Date Cougars (Updated In 2022)


I love to date cougars and I’m going to tell you how to date them like a pro. Now that I’ve told you exactly what this article is about, let me dive right in here! If the drama and inexperience that comes with dating women your age is a bit much for you, you might benefit from setting your sights on a Cougar. In case you are unclear on exactly what a Cougar is, it’s a woman in her late 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s who is still very sexy with a nice body and the experience that a lot of younger men crave. If you are considering dating one of these lovely ladies, you could benefit from knowing as much about them as possible and have a clearer understanding of why they appeal to you.

Dating Cougars

If you have dated younger women, you know that they tend to come with a lot of drama because they haven’t matured yet. They play a lot of games while trying to figure out what they want out of a relationship. Cougars have grown tired of those games. Younger men love the idea of a relationship free of immature games and crave the sexual experience that gives Cougars the tools to satisfy them sexually.

What is it about younger men that makes Cougars desire them?  You’re going to find out if you spend enough time browsing my website or if you decide to join my favorite dating site.

To successfully date a cougar, it helps to know why they desire younger men. It’s simple. Men lose their testosterone as they age and a loss of testosterone comes with a loss of energy, muscle mass, and can result in a less than stellar performance in the bedroom.

Younger men represent a more virile and sexually satisfying male specimen who has not yet been hardened by age and emotional baggage. Young men dating Cougars. The good and the bad.

The Good: They have the sexual experience that has caused them to let go of their inhibitions and an overall maturity that means less maintenance than women their age. They are more likely to know what they want and they don’t need to play around with emotional games trying to figure it out.

The Bad: Many cougars are not a good prospect for a long relationship because they are not as likely to want kids. Also, the advantage of having a woman who doesn’t play games can also be a disadvantage because she’s not going to be willing to play your games either and she is very good at recognizing them.
Cougars dating young men. The good and the bad.

The Good: A lot of younger men these days are more liberal and they don’t believe that they are the boss like previous generations. They have a more open mind and are more likely to let the woman take the lead emotionally and in the bedroom, or at least consider themselves equal.

The Bad: Just as maturity is attractive to younger men, immaturity can be a turn-off for a Cougar. Also, an older woman may feel uncomfortable around a young man’s family and friends who may look down on her because she is dating him. If an older woman has kids, they are not likely to approve of him either.

Well, that’s all you need to know if you want to date cougars like a champion! I promise if you put in the right work and effort, you’ll be getting laid in no time.

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