Best Places To Meet Cougars and Milfs in New York City


I recently took a trip to NYC all the way from La Jolla aka my comfort zone and it was one of the best trips of my life. I went on a searching frenzy looking for cougars in New York City. One of the wildest times a young man can have is hooking up with a cougar. The concept of older women hooking up with younger men has always been around, but it’s a trend that has been steadily growing in recent years.

The question is: Where can you find a cougar? There are many cougar and MILF dating sites, but some still like to meet them face to face. The best place to do that is at a bar, especially in the major cities. It doesn’t get any more major than New York City.

Tips For Meeting Cougars In New York City

Places To Meet Cougars In New York City (Personal Research During My NYC Trip)

Here is a list of the best bars to meet Cougars in NYC. I’ve done extensive research on all locations and can attest to each of them being solid milf hangout spots. Whether you’re in the city for business or play, take full advantage of these spots injunction with a mature dating app and you’re golden.


This spot is actually located at the Bowery Hotel, which is a cool as heck spot. This is an especially popular hangout for cougars in the Summer. Most of the clientele here are high end and there are a lot of them, so you are not going to be the only one circling these cougars. Bring your A-game because you’re going to need it!


Located at the Carlyle Hotel, this elegantly decorated bar with a live piano has a bit of an expensive cover charge, but it’s worth it for the quality of the cougars that hang out here. You know the ones that I’m referring to right? Basically, all those older Instagram milfs that you’ve been stalking for months, that’s the type that hangout here.

Bryant Park Grill

The Bryant Park Grill is located in the heart of New York with a Parisian-style garden setting, an extensive whiskey selection, and classic cocktails. This happening spot always has a lot of women of all ages, but especially cougars. Just be sure not to drink too much as they’ll creep up on you here!


Located on Park Avenue South with another location in Midtown, this bar and restaurant serve sushi, steaks, salads, and sandwiches with a California-focused wine list featuring premium and boutique selections that the cougars love.

Ava Lounge

Located in the penthouse of the Dream Hotel, this rooftop bar has an amazing view of the city from the Hudson River to Times Square. Hook up with one of the many cougars here with city lights and starry skies as the backdrop.

230 Fifth

This phenomenal bar with a rooftop deck is located at 230 Fifth Avenue with expensive drinks, but breathtaking views of the city. The crowd is mostly in their twenties but there are also plenty of cougars looking for younger men here. Sure, you’ll have some competition at this joint but just be sure to use the Milfplay app while there and you’ll up your chances for sure.

Madame X

Located in Downtown, this red velvet lounge and bar is often called the sexiest bar in New York City and they certainly have some of the finest cougars in the area. Take a cougar to one of their private party rooms and enjoy good food, drinks, and a party atmosphere. It’s not surprising that New York milfs hang here.

Penthouse 808

Located on the rooftop of the Ravel Hotel, this classy bar has live music and cougars who demand the best. If you want to impress these high-end cougars, you better bring plenty of cash. I don’t necessarily like to spend all my money so this isn’t the best place for me. However, the mature women are absolute fire here!


Located on Waverly Place in the West Village, this Italian trattoria and bar is a great place to find a cougar to wine and dine. Many cougars in NYC love Italian food. Hit this spot and get there today.


Located at the Gansevoort Hotel, you better arrive early if you want to get in this beautiful bar frequented by the hottest cougars in the city. I took the Plunge and ended up plunging balls deep into a well to do cougar. It was an experience I most certainly will never forget.

Trust me when I say that these spots are all places where you can meet a mature woman that is totally DTF. NYC milfs will put out too. I know it can be tough, but given that most of these spots are located in nice hotels, it makes it that much easier to seal the deal. Now, you better be able to last in bed if you get one sexually energetic cougar in bed.

How To Successfully Date Cougars (Updated In 2022)


I love to date cougars and I’m going to tell you how to date them like a pro. Now that I’ve told you exactly what this article is about, let me dive right in here! If the drama and inexperience that comes with dating women your age is a bit much for you, you might benefit from setting your sights on a Cougar. In case you are unclear on exactly what a Cougar is, it’s a woman in her late 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s who is still very sexy with a nice body and the experience that a lot of younger men crave. If you are considering dating one of these lovely ladies, you could benefit from knowing as much about them as possible and have a clearer understanding of why they appeal to you.

Dating Cougars

If you have dated younger women, you know that they tend to come with a lot of drama because they haven’t matured yet. They play a lot of games while trying to figure out what they want out of a relationship. Cougars have grown tired of those games. Younger men love the idea of a relationship free of immature games and crave the sexual experience that gives Cougars the tools to satisfy them sexually.

What is it about younger men that makes Cougars desire them?  You’re going to find out if you spend enough time browsing my website or if you decide to join my favorite dating site.

To successfully date a cougar, it helps to know why they desire younger men. It’s simple. Men lose their testosterone as they age and a loss of testosterone comes with a loss of energy, muscle mass, and can result in a less than stellar performance in the bedroom.

Younger men represent a more virile and sexually satisfying male specimen who has not yet been hardened by age and emotional baggage. Young men dating Cougars. The good and the bad.

The Good: They have the sexual experience that has caused them to let go of their inhibitions and an overall maturity that means less maintenance than women their age. They are more likely to know what they want and they don’t need to play around with emotional games trying to figure it out.

The Bad: Many cougars are not a good prospect for a long relationship because they are not as likely to want kids. Also, the advantage of having a woman who doesn’t play games can also be a disadvantage because she’s not going to be willing to play your games either and she is very good at recognizing them.
Cougars dating young men. The good and the bad.

The Good: A lot of younger men these days are more liberal and they don’t believe that they are the boss like previous generations. They have a more open mind and are more likely to let the woman take the lead emotionally and in the bedroom, or at least consider themselves equal.

The Bad: Just as maturity is attractive to younger men, immaturity can be a turn-off for a Cougar. Also, an older woman may feel uncomfortable around a young man’s family and friends who may look down on her because she is dating him. If an older woman has kids, they are not likely to approve of him either.

Well, that’s all you need to know if you want to date cougars like a champion! I promise if you put in the right work and effort, you’ll be getting laid in no time.

How Milf Cougar Dating Websites Help Young Men Find Dates


Most young men wish they could find a milf or cougar in their hometown. Some may just want to hook up with local cougars while others may want to have a real relationship with one. The sad part about it is that most young guys like myself have no idea how or where to find a decent milf in town. The local dating community is likely washed up and that’s part of the reason why.

If you happen to be a young guy on the hunt for some cougar ladies, then I’ve got some good news. The good news is that you aren’t up shits creek just yet. There are actually quite a few sites that milfs use to meet young men to play with. Most of the milf dating sites provide that extra edge that you need to successfully connect. Using one of these milf websites will give you the chance to find and meet older women to either start an NSA relationship or even something more serious but still casual.

Why I Use Milf Cougar Dating Websites

Reasons Milf Cougar Dating Sites Help Men Find Sex

One of the main reasons why online dating sites work is due to the sheer size of them. The databases of milfs or cougars are literally unfathomable. If your intentions are to find and fuck mature women, then you will definitely have better luck doing this online. Every milf dating community is better than simply hitting a local bar. Lots of people using sites to meet people are more open-minded about hooking up.

Believe it or not, a lot of milfs and cougars don’t like to play games. They understand that they young men using these sex sites are not looking to play games (other than in the bedroom). That’s something that truly comforts a milf and its part of the reason that many turn to these types of sites. So if you have ever thought that you’ve been cut short as far as dating chances are concerned, then you should rethink things. The milf dating site that I now use literally makes me a more productive and efficient online dater. My experiences have become far more pleasurable too.

Basically, what I am trying to say to you is this…if you want to know the easiest and most efficient way to catch a cougar then I suggest you join a milf cougar dating website. If you are in search of the perfect milf or even the filthiest cougar in the area, then a dating site will help you sniff them out.

The reason that Internet dating communities are more beneficial than going to the bar or local gym to meet women is because the motive is synonymous. Young men want to bang and milfs want their pussies fucked. Simple as that really. It’s not rocket science, just join a dating site and thank me later.

Cool Science: Facts About Sex And Exercise


I completely understand that the title of this article does not sound like something you’d read on a milf blog. I get it, I really do. However, one thing you need to understand is that most milfs absolutely love to exercise. In fact, it often becomes an obsession with some of these older women. Guess what, they also love to have sex! I’ve decided to mashup the two topics and investigate whether or not sex is considered to be a fat burning activity. Sweating and getting your heart rate up has never been more exciting.

facts about sex and exercise

Does Sex Equal Exercise Or No?

Let me lay out some facts about having sex and what it does to your body. Then you can be the judge as to whether or not it constitutes are exercise.

Let me start by sharing some evidence that was published way back in the 60s. There was a study that confirms when someone has sex, their heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate all tend to increase. Guess what, the same thing happens to someone as they exercise. Does that mean that if you increase all those things mentioned while doing it doggy style means that you can skip the gym? I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

For all the people that like to watch those fit milfs burn calories in the gym, now you can watch them burn calories in your bedroom. All you have to do is share this one fact with them…

Back in 2013, a study was conducted and that study proved that sex qualifies as being a moderately intense activity. It’s basically equivalent to walking uphill. It doesn’t quite burn as many calories as running or exercising on a treadmill does but it does help.

Having sex isn’t going to get you ripped. However, if you put forth some effort in connecting with any one of the hot milfs at your gym I guarantee they’ll want to fuck once aware of the health benefits.

I don’t personally recommend replacing daily exercise with sex. Instead, I suggest you start including it in your daily routine. Heck, it’s for your health! In the event that you do not have time to workout then I think you’re a fucking liar. Everyone has time to workout. It’s a known fact that everyone has the same amount of hours in the day. It’s just a matter of using your time wisely and accomplishing goals you’ve set. For example,  I’ve set a goal to fuck 30 new cougars before the year is over. That means I have just shy of 4 months to make that happen. I’m pretty confident that I can reach my goal too. If I didn’t workout my body and mind, I would never be able to do so.

Why Do So Many Guys Like Banging Cougars?


Are you a fan of banging cougars? Well, if not then you’re the odd man out. I’ll tell you why! For starters, guys are not complicated creatures. They are much easier to figure out than women, especially when it comes to who they are attracted to. The phenomenon of younger guys wanting to bang cougars is more widespread than ever. The number of milfaholics in this world has doubled over the years. You can tell by the sheer number of niche porn sites and dating sites dedicated to milfs and cougars all over the internet. I for one are a huge fan of most of them and as you know I love fucking local fit milfs.

banging cougars

I Love Banging Cougars: Here’s Why…

There is not a whole list of reasons that guys like banging cougars. The TWO reasons that I will outline below should help you understand the motivation of a young man who seeks the company of an older lady. Any reason you can think of will probably fall into these two categories.

1. They Have Experience – Cougars have lived and experienced life more than you have. That means that they have learned things along the way that are going to benefit you, both in and out of the bedroom. They don’t play the games that many younger girls play. They have already played the games before and they know the ones that have backfired on them.

Once you get them in bed, you benefit from their sexual experience that allows them to take you to higher states of arousal while a younger girl is more likely to lie there and wait for you to arouse her. Their life experience makes the time you spend with them more satisfying and their sexual experience makes your time in the bedroom more enjoyable and unforgettable.

2. They Try Harder – One of the magical things about cougars is that they try harder to please you in and out of the bedroom, but they somehow do it with very little effort. They don’t have to think about what pleases you the most or experiment. They have done all the experimenting before and have tested their sexual theories.

They know how to turn you on and they know how to elevate your arousal and keep it elevated until your release. Just remember that trying harder works both ways. If she is making an effort to please you, you have to make an effort to please her. Whether your sexual partner is old or young; giving her one or more orgasms every time will ensure that you will get the best possible effort from her.

Hopefully this article helped you better understand why many men cannot resist the urge to bang a cougar. If more girls banged like cougars, there would be a lot more happy guys out there. Now, I suggest you find yourself a mature woman to fuck tonight and make your day more exciting.

How To Find And Pick Up Cougars


It’s common for younger guys to find and pick up cougars much older than them. It’s popular in the dating game today and there’s nothing better than dating a sexy cougar. In fact, it’s much better than dealing with stuck up young girls that don’t even like to fuck.

Dating a cougar is the answer to all your hook up problems. I love cougars for a few reasons listed below.

Most cougars are very sophisticated women and they know exactly what they want. They typically present themselves with nothing but class and sexiness. There’s nothing better than fucking a sophisticated horny mature woman.

Most cougars are realists. What I mean by that is that they don’t play any dating games. They are looking for some prime young guys to bang and that’s it. They typically don’t come with any baggage or issues that most younger women have. You won’t find them messing around with their phones on dates. Instead, you’ll find them focused on their drink and getting you in bed. By the way, mature women love martinis.

They Are Mature
Cougars are mature and they don’t come with the typical bullshit that you have to put up with when dating younger girls. Younger college girls always come with drama. Older women have clear initiatives that are mature and desireable.

Find And Pick Up Cougars

So how do you find and pick up cougars?

First off, you need to know where cougars hang out. I can tell you right now that you’re definitely not going to find them hanging out at the local watering hole in your neighborhood. Why? Because they have families and most of them don’t get wasted during the week by hanging out at a bar.

You can find local cougars in a few places in your local area. You’ll find a ton of them in upper-class neighborhoods. Take a walk through a rich neighborhood and I guarantee that you’ll run into a hot cougar. If you’re in shape then run with your shirt off and you’ll attract them for sure.

If you live near a park of some sort, you might find a few cougars exercising or walking in your neighborhood park. They put forth lots of effort to stay in shape and they love being noticed!

Lastly, you’ll find some smoking hot and healthy cougars at your local health food store. I’m talking smoking hot milfs and cougars! If you live by a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or any type of organic shop then just hang out there for a bit. You won’t believe the women that shop there.

Picking Her Up
Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with any of the cougars that you run into in public. They love it when young guys talk to them. It makes them feel good. I suggest that you do a couple of things. For starters, you’ve got to log into your mature hookup site if you want to up your chances of getting laid. Next, you want to walk up to the cougar you’re attracted to and nicely compliment her on something. Be sure to ask her a question to keep the conversation going. Try and make her laugh if possible. Lastly, you’ll want to ask her for her number or out on a date before you walk away.

Try this out a few times and let me know how it works!