Why Do So Many Guys Like Banging Cougars?


Are you a fan of banging cougars? Well, if not then you’re the odd man out. I’ll tell you why! For starters, guys are not complicated creatures. They are much easier to figure out than women, especially when it comes to who they are attracted to. The phenomenon of younger guys wanting to bang cougars is more widespread than ever. The number of milfaholics in this world has doubled over the years. You can tell by the sheer number of niche porn sites and dating sites dedicated to milfs and cougars all over the internet. I for one are a huge fan of most of them and as you know I love fucking local fit milfs.

banging cougars

I Love Banging Cougars: Here’s Why…

There is not a whole list of reasons that guys like banging cougars. The TWO reasons that I will outline below should help you understand the motivation of a young man who seeks the company of an older lady. Any reason you can think of will probably fall into these two categories.

1. They Have Experience – Cougars have lived and experienced life more than you have. That means that they have learned things along the way that are going to benefit you, both in and out of the bedroom. They don’t play the games that many younger girls play. They have already played the games before and they know the ones that have backfired on them.

Once you get them in bed, you benefit from their sexual experience that allows them to take you to higher states of arousal while a younger girl is more likely to lie there and wait for you to arouse her. Their life experience makes the time you spend with them more satisfying and their sexual experience makes your time in the bedroom more enjoyable and unforgettable.

2. They Try Harder – One of the magical things about cougars is that they try harder to please you in and out of the bedroom, but they somehow do it with very little effort. They don’t have to think about what pleases you the most or experiment. They have done all the experimenting before and have tested their sexual theories.

They know how to turn you on and they know how to elevate your arousal and keep it elevated until your release. Just remember that trying harder works both ways. If she is making an effort to please you, you have to make an effort to please her. Whether your sexual partner is old or young; giving her one or more orgasms every time will ensure that you will get the best possible effort from her.

Hopefully this article helped you better understand why many men cannot resist the urge to bang a cougar. If more girls banged like cougars, there would be a lot more happy guys out there. Now, I suggest you find yourself a mature woman to fuck tonight and make your day more exciting.

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