Why Hiring An Escort Is A Horrible Idea


If you’re thinking of hiring an escort because you’re looking to connect with a sexy mature woman to have sex, I’m going to stop you! There’s a reason why I never hire escorts to have sex with and I suggest you avoid them at all costs. Here are a few reasons why I suggest staying away from escorts and using a mature sex date service instead.

avoid hiring an escort

Why Not To Hire An Escort

Here are a couple reasons you should avoid hiring an escort. Take my advice!

Legal Trouble
When you hire an escort, you’re putting yourself at serious legal risk. I mean real serious risk. Have you ever been to jail? If you haven’t then I suggest you not hire an escort. They’ve been known to be trouble and can often times lead to getting arrested if you hire the wrong woman. If you’ve seen police TV shows then you know what I’m talking about. Using a website that’s dedicated to dating is going to instead connect you with someone that wants to fuck and it’s a much better way to avoid getting arrested.

Too Expensive
Escorts aren’t cheap, especially those that are more mature. Once you start trying to hire milfs to fuck you, then you’re getting into a payment scale that you’re wallet isn’t going to like one bit. Save your money for a real date or drinks with a woman that just wants a good dicking.

Hiring an escort is really unsafe. I mean, extremely unsafe. Every time you hire an escort, you’re putting yourself at risk. Some working girls aren’t as friendly as they may seem and they will do almost anything they need to in order to get your money. Not too mention, these escorts are not screened. Now, when you join a dating site, most of these members are verified. It’s much safer versus meeting up with someone that you’ll never ever truly know about.

Not That Good
Having sex with an escort isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some of these women, especially those that are more experienced, don’t care about giving you the best sexual experience. They only care about the money. That’s why I’ve chosen to connect with milfs and other mature women on MilfPlay because unlike hiring a woman, these women are genuinely interested in meeting people to have sex with and for no money too.

I hope I’ve just saved you some money and headaches by sharing why I don’t hire escorts. I’d suggest you not hire them too.