Video Chat Rules For Chatting With Mature Women


Mature women aren’t like the crazy college girls you normally chat on video with. I’ve had naked chats with both young girls and older women. I’m telling you that different rules apply when chatting with mature women on video. I’m going to give you all the pointers that I know to help increase your chances of seeing mature pussy on cam using a dating site.

video chat rules

Rules For Mature Video Chat Sessions

Here are the most important mature video rules that you need to completely understand if you want to get them to show their pussies and perhaps even have video sex with you. I always obey these rules when I’m chatting on video with mature women.

Don’t Be Vulgar
Most mature women like gentlemen¬†and they absolutely can’t stand vulgarity. You’re not going to pick up cougars by swearing at them. If you’re young then you should know that being vulgar is okay with girls that go to college. However, mature women don’t like explicit and being talked to in any type of vulgar display. I can’t say for certain that this always holds true but most of the older women I’ve met online prefer gentlemen versus vulgar immature people.

Don’t Beg
I can’t stress how important it is that you not beg to mature women when you have them on video. If they like begging and they request it then that’s completely fine. However, if you’re simply begging in hopes of getting what you want then you’re going to sound like a fucking baby. Mature women don’t like babies, they like men that know how to fuck like real men.

Don’t Demand
I’ve been on a video chat and demanded that a mature woman do something. She wasn’t having any of it and actually hung up on me because I was too demanding. Being demanding and having someone enjoy that requires a slight fetish to exist. Most mature women like to be in charge so they don’t want some young guy demanding that they get naked on video.

Clear Your Room
If you want to see more pussy then you better clean your room. There’s nothing more disappointing than a messy room. It’s such a turnoff for a milf to get on a chat and see some young guy on cam in a messy room. They absolutely hate that to the core. I’m a neat freak so I don’t have that problem but I promise that it’s one of the biggest pet peeves of most mature ladies.

Groom Yourself
Lastly, you’ve got to groom and take care of yourself. If you get on cam with an older lady, she wants to know that you take pride in your looks and that you’re not a slob. Shave your pubes and stay groomed.

These are the most important rules for those that want to chat with a mature woman. I’ve had sex with a lot milfs on video chat and if you want to do the same then you better follow the rules I’ve written.