Things To Text A Milf You Want To Bang


So you have finally found a hot milf you really want to get to know and she has also given you her number. This is a clear indication that she’s somewhat interested in you and that the ball is in your court to text here. I’m going to share some tips with you that should help you determine what you should and should text a milf. It’s important that you take the right steps here to really keep things going in the right direction when you’re texting her.

text a milf

Tips On How To Text A Milf

Now the hard work is done, you’ve gotten her number but now what do you do next? It’s very simple, make her laugh or smile as much as you can over the text messages that you send. Doing so will give the hot milf more of a reason to so-called “fall for you” or even just want to have sex with you. Before you know it, you’ll be fucking her in a hotel room in no time. But let’s get down to brass tacks before we get ahead of ourselves here.

The key to winning any milf over is to text her funny things in moderation. But by funny things, don’t settle for pre-made pickup lines or text message examples that are already online. Copy-pasting these text messages is a no-go because there is a huge chance someone else has already messaged her that particular funny text before. If you send the same stupid line, you’re not getting laid. I can promise you that.

If you really want to score big with the hot milf you’re trying to bang, be original. You can alter the pre-made funny texts found all over the internet and give them a personal touch of your own. However, you should never use the same boring shit that’s all over the internet.

It is very important to keep her interested but also not show her that you are desperate. So whenever you are about to start a conversation with her, go for a funny text altered with your own personality and that should do the job. Trust me, looking in need is the worst thing you can possibly do!

You should also occasionally flirt with her in a funny way. For example, find the cheapest and cheesiest pick up line on the internet and send it to her but then immediately come back telling her that you knew how cheesy that was. You can also send her funny pics and emojis if you think it’s safe to take that route. You don’t want to seem like all you do is surf online though so don’t send too many pics or memes.

Another approach is to share a funny story you have experienced and if you have pics of it feel free to send them her way. You can also make up a funny story but we don’t recommend doing that because there is always a chance she might find the truth later.

If you go to work every day, you can message her something funny that happened that day that will cheer her day. If you do it well, she will be into you and will appropriately respond. If she starts responding to your text messages every time you text her, you will know that you have won the texting battle. Your job at that point is to line up a time and place to go on a date.

From there on out it’s a matter of trying to get her to fuck you! One final thing I want to stress is that you should never text a milf a picture of your dick unless she asks for it! Things can go really south if you do and she doesn’t welcome it.

Verdict: Texting A Milf Is Easy

See, texting a milf is pretty much simple. If you’re looking to text and connect in hopes of eventually meeting in person, then these tips are all that you need. Don’t be afraid to bust out a funny story or two as I’ve suggested above. Things are likely to go well if you simply take my advice.