Six Reasons To Avoid Escort Review Sites


If you hear your buddies talking about escort review sites, I want you to completely block them out. I get it, you’re anxious to hook up with local milfs and you’re willing to pay for it. However, I’m telling you that you should most definitely NOT pay any escorts and therefore you should also stay away from escort review websites. Please trust me on this. Read what I’ve got to say and take the appropriate action accordingly.

avoid escort review sites at all costs

Avoid Escort Review Websites For All The Reasons Below

I typically don’t mess around and get straight down to business. Since I believe in keeping things simple that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. I’ve got a list of reasons why you should not rely on sites that publish reviews of escorts. There are plenty more reasons but I’ve stuck to these main reasons here…

Most Aren’t Legit

You heard that 100% correctly. Most of these escort review sites are not legit at all. In fact, they’re nothing but sites with a bunch of unverified information. It’s very difficult to confirm the legitimacy of any of these escort reviews.

Think about it, most are free to use and with “free” often comes scammers.

Your Data Isn’t Safe

Assuming that you come across one of the review sites that charge consumers for using the site, then you need to realize that your data is not safe. Sure, it might be encrypted, but if the site gets shut down, seized or raided, then you better believe that any law enforcement agencies will have your name and information on file.

Should you be worried? HELL YES, BE VERY WORRIED. You have no idea what they are going to do with this information. So, instead of connecting with milf escorts, you end up getting a knock on your door from some police officer. All because you paid for access to hooker reviews.

No Proof They’re Real Girls

Some of these reviews listed are not even real girls that are being reviewed. I’m dead serious. There have been occasions where people comb these escort review sites and they end up relying on some stellar review of a mature escort only to be let down when they realize it’s someone trying to rob them blind, not have sex for money.

Risk Of Diseases

Your risk of catching a disease increases tenfold when you use an escort review site. Think about it, if 8,000 guys are reviewing a girl, that means she’s slept with all of them. If she’s allowing them to go in raw then you better believe that she has diseases, even deadly ones.

They Aren’t Exactly Legal

Sure, freedom of speech exists but admitting that you’re partaking in illegal activity is just foolish. Hiring women to have sex with you in exchange for money is completely illegal. That said, I think you’re a fool if you admit to doing any of that and even more of a fool if you do it, period.

They Want Money

The escort review sites exist because they want to make money. They are not here to help you out or just make your life easier. There’s always financial gain involved and if you do believe me, then you’re in denial. You think these sites are posting reviews for their health? Hahaha, Don’t be a sheep!


The bottom line is quite simple, avoid any and all escort review websites. There are plenty more reasons to avoid sites like Erotic Monkey and The Erotic Review and many other sites. Whatever you do, just take my advice based on the info above and steer clear of all of them.

Want to meet with an escort still? Then you better go with a high-end girl like Jenna Shea. However, if you just want to bang some local loose milf, then join a casual dating site – perhaps this.

How Milf Cougar Dating Websites Help Young Men Find Dates


Most young men wish they could find a milf or cougar in their hometown. Some may just want to hook up with local cougars while others may want to have a real relationship with one. The sad part about it is that most young guys like myself have no idea how or where to find a decent milf in town. The local dating community is likely washed up and that’s part of the reason why.

If you happen to be a young guy on the hunt for some cougar ladies, then I’ve got some good news. The good news is that you aren’t up shits creek just yet. There are actually quite a few sites that milfs use to meet young men to play with. Most of the milf dating sites provide that extra edge that you need to successfully connect. Using one of these milf websites will give you the chance to find and meet older women to either start an NSA relationship or even something more serious but still casual.

Why I Use Milf Cougar Dating Websites

Reasons Milf Cougar Dating Sites Help Men Find Sex

One of the main reasons why online dating sites work is due to the sheer size of them. The databases of milfs or cougars are literally unfathomable. If your intentions are to find and fuck mature women, then you will definitely have better luck doing this online. Every milf dating community is better than simply hitting a local bar. Lots of people using sites to meet people are more open-minded about hooking up.

Believe it or not, a lot of milfs and cougars don’t like to play games. They understand that they young men using these sex sites are not looking to play games (other than in the bedroom). That’s something that truly comforts a milf and its part of the reason that many turn to these types of sites. So if you have ever thought that you’ve been cut short as far as dating chances are concerned, then you should rethink things. The milf dating site that I now use literally makes me a more productive and efficient online┬ádater. My experiences have become far more pleasurable too.

Basically, what I am trying to say to you is this…if you want to know the easiest and most efficient way to catch a cougar then I suggest you join a milf cougar dating website. If you are in search of the perfect milf or even the filthiest cougar in the area, then a dating site will help you sniff them out.

The reason that Internet dating communities are more beneficial than going to the bar or local gym to meet women is because the motive is synonymous. Young men want to bang and milfs want their pussies fucked. Simple as that really. It’s not rocket science, just join a dating site and thank me later.