Why I Love Dating Fit Milf In My Area


I absolutely love dating a fit milf. The ones that work out like crazy and love to have fun. I get turned on thinking about milfs working out. Honestly, there’s not another type of woman that I would prefer to date other than a hot milf that likes to attend gym classes like it’s her job. Here’s a list of reasons why I love dating super fit milfs and why you should too!

Local fit milf taking a selfie

A fit milf is the best kind to date!

Reasons I Like To Date A Fit Milf

I’ll be as straight and to the point as possible here as to why I date fit mature women. Here goes nothing…

Hot Bodies

A fit milf has a better body than most women that you will ever meet. I’m taking the perfect physique! There’s something to be said about a smoking hot milf with curves, a gorgeous booty, and a flat stomach.

It makes me just want to find one to bang as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever gawked at the older cougar on the treadmill that looks like she could kick the shit out of you and you’d still be attracted to her then you know who I’m referring to.

Fit Milfs They Have Energy

Fitness moms have energy and lots of it. There’s no reason why they can’t accomplish everything because they have so much of it. It can be a bit much sometimes but the energy that one can feed off of them is incredible. I love mature women with energy and a fit milf is one that can contend with the likes of many.

They Love Sex
Women in shape love to have sex. Funny thing is, so do I! I always read individuals’ profiles online before I message them and I do this to find out if they’re in shape.

If they are, there’s a good chance that they will get things done in the bedroom that you’ve never had done to you before. I met a fitness chick on a dating website and she could do things with her mouth and body that I thought was impossible.

They Fuck For Days

This reason kind of goes with the reason mentioned above but when it comes to banging, women can fuck for days, literally. I’m not joking either.

Especially those in their mid to late 30s and 40s. They love banging and will basically do anything they can to keep you in the bed getting after it. At least, that’s my experience with things.

They Are Flexible

What’s better than having sex with someone that can bend themselves into a pretzel? Guess what, fit milfs can do this and they do so on a daily basis. I’ve seen it in my yoga classes even.

Fun To Be Seen With

Last but not least, the final reason I like dating a milf that’s into fitness is that they are fun to be seen in public with. I got out on dates with these milfs and a lot of these women that work out, especially where I live will turn heads because they are so damn hot.

Most of them are not only hot but they are in fact actually fun to be around even if I only make it through the first date with them. However, chances are that I will have sex with them. That’s just how I roll.

Conclusion: Fit Milfs Are The Best Of Them All

Look, there is absolutely no other way to state this other than coming out and saying – fit milfs are better than unfit ones. Simple as that. They are all-around better and more enjoyable. You’ll never find a horny mom out of shape who is more fun to hook up with versus a super fit horny mom. If you think otherwise, I’d love to hear why.

Overcoming The First Date Jitters


First date jitters can be a problem for a lot of people. Whether it’s a serious relationship you’re looking for or just good old fashioned sex, it’s still something we all have to deal with. Fear not, though, I have a few tips on how one can overcome the first date jitters that most have!

first date jitters

Devoid Yourself From The First Date Jitters

Pay close attention to this list and do as I say because it does make a huge difference. I get the first date jitters every single time I go out on a date with a hot milf and you will too. You just need to know what to do to overcome them.

Tell Yourself
Step one is talking to yourself. So many of else tell ourselves that we can’t do things and what a shocker, we end up not being able to do things. If you want to overcome the fear, you’ve got to tell yourself that you can do it. Simple as that really! Just tell yourself in the mirror that you are going to have a great first date and maybe even bang this naughty mature milf you’re set to meet in a few hours.

Take Ownership
Another great way to get rid of the jitters is to take ownership of it. Be truthful with yourself and realize that you have the jitters. Don’t try and act like a badass and make it seem like you’re not nervous. Just own up to being nervous so you can get to the root of the issue and actually solve it.

This one is super important. The most successful people I know are focusers. They have the ability to focus on something and make so many things happen while doing so that it’s insane. You’ll want to find a way to focus on the upcoming date and things will be fine.

Be Real
This tip is more helpful during the date versus in preparation but it’s still important. Don’t try and be fake. You must be real if you want to lose the jitters. Showing some hot milf something that you’re not is only going to make it more difficult for you in the future. You’ll constantly be digging yourself a hole taking that approach that you will eventually have to worry about having it cave in.

Keep It Fun
Don’t be uptight at all. Just keep things fun and you’ll be fine. The reason we go on dates is to have fun and get laid. Simple as that really. If you keep it fun you’ll have fun! Plain and simple!

I hope these tips help you and please don’t forget who shared them with you when you’re going deep in some hot milf! LOL

Places To Take Milfs On A Casual Date


If you’re just now getting a start at dating milfs in your local area and you’re used to dating much younger women then you have some adjustments to make when planning a casual date. The same rules do not apply. You need to know where to take a milf if you want to get laid at the end of the evening.

milf casual date spots

Places To Go On A Casual Date With A Milf

Forget everything you know about going on dates with college girls. The rules have changed and if you want to get laid on a date with a hot milf, you should choose one of the following types of places to take her.

A Martini Bar
This is probably the best place to take a local MILF on a casual date if you want to get laid. Women love dressing up sexy and going out for martini’s. It’s no secret and the little effort and money spent at the martini bar can get her loose enough to want to bang.  Work on impressing her, and the rest will fall into suit.

A Steakhouse
If you’re looking to really impress a sexy milf, then I suggest looking into a high-end steakhouse as a dating option. She’ll really appreciate this and see that you’re not afraid to spend your money. Just make sure she doesn’t eat too much.

Comedy Show
A comedy show is a great option for those that want to loosen up and laugh. You can really see what drives someone by taking them on a date to a comedy show. Just be sure not to sit too close to the front or you’ll be the joke of the show.

Hotel Lobby Bar
If you live close by a high-class hotel then the lobby bar is a fantastic choice if you’re looking both have some drinks and perhaps have some fun up in a hotel room as well.

Avoid The Movies
I wanted to be sure to add this one to make sure that you avoid it. It’s perhaps the worst thing you can possibly do in terms of taking a milf on a casual date. You’re not getting laid after the movies. I can guarantee it. Stay the F away from the theater. It’s too quite and you’re not in high school so you won’t be getting to third base with a local hot milf.

How To Impress A Woman You Want


So you started dating and you want to know how to impress a woman, right? Sure you do! Impressing a mature woman is not as difficult as it seems. If you want to get laid then you absolutely have to know how to impress a woman in order to get her to have sex with you. It’s as simple as that really. I’ve been with so many of them that I’ve learned a thing or two and I’m going to get straight down to business here by sharing only the most important tips when it comes to impressing mature women.

how to impress a woman

Here’s How To Impress A Woman You Want To Bang

I’ll keep this short but sweet. Here are four things you must know when it comes to impressing a milf or woman that’s older than you. Read carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

Make The First Move
make the first move
Most women like men that aren’t afraid to make the first move. Whether you’re trying to date a local milf or a cougar that you’ve just happened to run into, you need to make the first move. Mature women love young men that aren’t afraid to make moves and get what they want. This also applies if you are using a dating site to meet women.

Don’t Ever Chase Too Hard
dont chase women
Meeting a milf and establishing a connection is one thing. On the other hand, if you try to hard you’re going to look like a fool. Chasing is perhaps the most unimpressive thing that anyone can do if they want to attract someone. When you meet someone online and they don’t counter you then leave it be. I must stress that chasing a woman will not impress her at all. Don’t even try it!

Leave Her Guessing
keep her guessing
Another thing that I learned about dating milfs and trying to impress an older woman is to always keep them guessing. Don’t play too many games but never lay your cards on the table. Doing so is likely to cost you to lose the hand if you know what I mean. A woman likes to be intrigued and she doesn’t want to know everything even if she tells you she does. It takes the excitement out of dating and sparks go dull. You must feed her information slowly and leave her wondering what else is there about you that she likes.

Be A Polite Respectful Guy
be a gentleman
My mother always taught me to be respectful to women. I’m always conscientious about being as polite and respectful to all women, even those that I meet on milf dating sites that just want sex. There’s nothing more impressive to a woman than meeting a polite guy that can really fuck their brains out. They absolutely love it.

Stay In Control
be in control
A surefire way to not impress a woman is getting ridiculously out of control. If you’re trying to impress a mature woman, your best bet would be to stay in control and not get too wasted on a date or anything of that nature. She is more willing to hook up with a guy that she knows will be in the best shape to drive her to orgasm.

Honestly, I kept his article relatively short because I don’t want you to think too much. Just focus on following the rules that I’ve provided and you should have no trouble impressing a girl. Try my approach to impressing one on this milf dating site and like yourself up some milf sex before the weekend.

Also, if you missed my first tip for success in dating older women, make sure you read it on this page.  It’s a good read and may change your mindset.

My First Tip for Dating Older Women


Great memories are often made by either really enjoying an experience together or by not enjoying it at all. This is what most men should keep in mind while they start planning for the much dreaded and for that reason, highly expected, first date. Behind really successful first dates is actually incredible creativity or incredible spontaneity or simplicity. Remember the goal of the first date; you must engage with your date in a meaningful conversation, getting to know them, showing that you are thoughtful and at the same time keeping it fun and casual, something that both parties might enjoy and not expect much out of it. But, if your plan is to impress the woman, then going for something unique is what you require.

Tip #1 – Be Spontaneous

For one of the above mentioned options, spontaneity, there is something rather unique that you can do. For example, take the day’s newspaper and see what band is playing in town that day or what show is on the theater. Don’t worry about who or what is playing, just get tickets and take your date. It could go either way, really; you would either have a great time and love what’s playing or you will hate it and remember the first date as something funny and memorable. Later, you can bond over the experience of the first date. And hey, if it goes bad, it gives you a chance to make up for it.

While keeping in mind spontaneity, you should remember that doing things that you have already done before might turn out to be not such a good experience. Talk to your date before the big day and ask about things that she hasn’t ever tried. Tango? Salsa classes? Cooking class? Think about what you haven’t done ever before and sign up for something like this for the first date. It’s a good experience where both of you will be equally inexperienced and will let your competitiveness and inhibitions down. It would also make for a really fun day doing something completely outrageous. It is a good bonding experience to do something with another person that is a new thing for the both you, and your older female date.  Who knows, you guys could end up making some of the best memories together.

The key to keeping it spontaneous is to be open to new experiences and new relationships, very much like your first date.